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11-18-18 02:52:55 AM

Jul - OTP22 Resources - MOD / "AS54" voice system New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 07-22-18 08:26:57 PM (last edited by bobdamnit at 08-11-18 01:51:25 PM) Link | Quote
Originally posted by Message 20

AS54 node conversion test.

Originally posted by Message 21

Please note, AS54 is currently being migrated to node B at the customers request. Digital to analogue is now integrated into node cards, and should incur a significant signal to noise ratio increase. Additionally, the software port should now incur significantly less processor overhead. Thank you for choosing Emtanon.

Originally posted by Message 22

Cute guys, real cute. The next time you put a new generic on the system, do us all a favor and BACK IT UP! The WORM people are freaking out. This is going to go on our heads. So, I dunno, just... Just an idea, but maybe, just maybe... Try to not make us all look stupid.

Originally posted by Message 23

I totally understand what you're saying here. One of us screwed up. We've admitted that already. So stop being such a smartass about it. You know good and well that the WORM people haven't done anything for months. And they're not getting anywhere. At this point, all we're being paid to do is sit around and shoot the shit. So just get used to it.

Originally posted by Message 24

Look out the cat guy is coming alive. And they're talking to the gerbils. A conspiracy. Keep saying: IAB IAB IAB

Originally posted by Message 25

Beep, followed by a short jingle. Robotic female voice says "Emtanon". Male voice says RSP R1 AB. Female voice says "Network verified. Do not activate warhead." Long beep.

Originally posted by Message 26

(Laughing while saying) Ok, seriously. The both of you. Thanks, I needed that. I don't mean to be a pain in the ass here, but I just heard the rumors. The ones about the new dev team. From engineering. A talk of a shakeup. For all I know he started this rumor too. But even Josh is sweating bullets on that little bald head of his. Just keep your ear to the ground, OK? This rumor smells like a lot of things but I seriously doubt gerbils or cacti or any of them.

Originally posted by Message 27

Our people: How are the WORM agents able to keep in contact with each other?

Originally posted by Message 28

Beats me, I just get the tapes. By the way, is there something wrong with the phones over there? I'm going to check your node cards later this week. It sounds like you guys are underwater or something.

Originally posted by Message 29

Our people: So you're in charge of the tape system, huh? Is that the 308-225 number?

Originally posted by Message 30

Beep, followed by encoded data. Beep. Voice from message 23: So I went ahead and took a look at that node card and there was definitely something wrong with the converter on it. Uh, you could hardly even hear people on it. I mean, its ridiculous. I'm calling over the old AB unit because its actually working at the moment and this is going to take over for the time being. But I mean this is going to be like a multi-hour job and I'm not looking forward to it. Sigh. Multi-tone beep.

Originally posted by Message 31

Wait, are you sure? I see the card you yanked, but that last guy was coming in from the outside. I looked real good at the (unintelligible) and I don't see any problem there, so: Other person... Few questions. Where or for the matter or who are you and whats the 387-225 number?

Originally posted by Message 32

Our people: I was looking for Ai. Um, the number is how the WORM agents were checking tapes. And uh, Ai's not available right now.

Originally posted by Message 33

Unintelligible. Sounds as though someone called and left a message, didn't speak, and was driving with their window down. Can hear muffled car radio in the background.

Originally posted by Message 34

Encoded data. Sounds similar to a modem or a fax line.

Originally posted by Message 35

Female British voice: Please adjust the timeout value for the alert harmonious SSK generator. Thank you.

Originally posted by Message 36

Our people: Hey, yeah uh... This is field agent ?D?. I was... Listen I haven't been in contact with anybody in a couple years. Uh... I mean, the last time I was in contact with anyone from WORM was three years ago when the petrol ship picked me up from Bear Island. Almost three years to the date, actually. I think it was, what? March 2015. And the last time I saw anyone from Emtanon was... Oh Jesus, I dunno a year after that. Maybe February or March of 2016 I saw Steven in Alaska and he was saying that AS36 was going to be replaced in a year but he didn't know any details at that point. Ya know I've been in the dark ever since. I have no way to contact anybody. I really need to give a field report ya know. I've been out in the field since the last time I saw Steven. And ya know, I'm at a train station right now. I don't know where exactly I should be going from here or who I should talk to but I mean, what I think I'm going to have to do is give a field report to either Angela or Jay. Ya know every number that I've tried, that I used to use is dead. Ya know I generally use my agent code on AS36 but its dead and our material order or what used to be our material order desk is apparently now your guys's internal messaging system. So I dunno. This is... I know this is a really fucked up situation. Its very unorthadox. We ourselves have had issues even before I went dark we had issues with counter operations and people trying to fuck with us. I'm gonna either have to speak with Angela or Jay. If one of them, or anybody from WORM seriously send me some kind of message on how to get into the new system that Steven was telling me about I'd really appreciate it. Whatever replacement AS36, whatever the replacement is for AS36 or the internal messaging system for WORM I would be very greatly appreciated. I do, fortunately, have the Black OTP so feel free to send me an encrypted message that would be totally fine. I know this is really weird calling Emtanon for this kind of stuff. I know you guys dont really like to uh... Ya know. There's too many cooks in the kitchen so to speak. But anyway, thank you very much. Please, please get back to me on this.

Originally posted by Message 37

(Angela?): Mmkay, what you need to do, is contact your WORM representative. I had my engineers turn on the SSK receiver, but you've given me no way to authenticate you so I can't give you the access code. WORM is the only one who can do that.

Originally posted by Message 38

Our people?: When I called the messageboard on Saturday, I got someone who actually answered and explained that they've had this number for six months. It's working again, but was there some sort of interruption of service? As well, a few messages ago there was a transmission that I'm having trouble decoding properly. My decoder isn't picking up on the auto setting and I'm not sure what is the matter. Do you think you could confirm that? That'd be great.

Originally posted by Message 39


Originally posted by Message 40

Yeah, one of our interns was just playing around with the phone switch. Don't worry he... Won't be a problem anymore. As for the data though, that should be our standard PSK format. I'll check the levels and all that, but I decoded it and it seems fine.

Originally posted by Message 41

(Made by user Gwraspe, spoken in Russian)
I am bloknot 29, I am bloknot 29, (number redacted) i repeat (repeats whole sequence) I am bloknot.... 29 end of transmission, over.
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Posted on 08-12-18 02:43:23 PM Link | Quote
message #42 was also left from us.

Data in message #30 uses BPSK250, and is character mode terminal session. Decoding it is bit difficult and following is my best guess over several recordings. Also note, that asterisks in login and password are what the server is sending back to whoever is running the session.

// AS54 //

*.* 3-B *.*

LOGIN: ******

PASSWORD: ********


/initl nk -aux R1AB

OK! . . . GOODBYE.

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Jul - OTP22 Resources - MOD / "AS54" voice system New poll - New thread - New reply

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