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03-24-18 10:39:27 PM
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Jul - Gaming - What're you playing right now?
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Posts: 4/4
I went back into Skyrim. Again. I'm never going to get to my backlog.....
Posts: 4/23
Lunar: The Silver Star for the Sega CD. Been enjoying it so far despite the fact that I still don't feel like I'm in the main plot yet.
Posts: 107/107
Started playing Kirby Star Allies.
Posts: 2839/2840
I've been playing Caves of Qud a lot lately. It's a really interesting roguelike with a lot of nice features that make it a lot more accessible than, say, NetHack while still having a lot of depth, both in story and in gameplay.

Unfortunately, it still has a bit of a learning curve to it, and it took me a while to really learn how to play. Once I did, though, I've been enjoying it.
Posts: 2467/2471
I bought into the breach, after nudging by about a dozen people I know independently in different places.

It IS fun.
Posts: 2/4
Yesterday I beat Mario Tennis: Power Tour for the GBA, which I lovingly refer to as Golden Sun Tennis due to its general stylistic similarity to its proper JRPG cousin.

I feel like your doubles partner plays way too defensively for my tastes, a lot of times he could have just scored but he didn't. Otherwise it was a blast.
Posts: 81/87
ive been playing breath of the wild and replaying pokemon heart gold, taking my sweet time on both!
Posts: 104/107
Beaten 4 Goddesses Online twice (PS4 and PC).
Posts: 24/26
Posts: 9795/9800
Various Pokemon games; Pokemon Moon, Silver, Crystal, Picross, Shuffle, X, Pearl, Platinum...

Trying to 100% Shuffle so I can move on already. I am closing in. I also am totally lost in Silver and have no idea where to go now I've beaten Misty. I mean, I know WHERE, but how do?
Posts: 2466/2471
I've started playing Radiant Historia.

I guess I'm sorta just going through and finishing every Atlus title I own but haven't finished yet, but not deliberately?
Posts: 22/26
Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Not very good series, but it and Soul Reaver 2 have a kind of interesting story
Posts: 2941/2941
Originally posted by Robbie Rage
Currently working with a Vegeta/Piccolo/Beerus team.

Wait, is that Vegeta on point? That's pretty daring, most use him purely for the assist it seems like.

I'm running Hit/16/Tien myself, though I am thinking about dropping Tien, lvl-7 super is fun and all that, but he really isn't doing that much for me as an anchor.
Robbie Rage
Posts: 99/100
Dragonball FighterZ.

Currently working with a Vegeta/Piccolo/Beerus team.
Posts: 3776/3788
put aside Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure aside, probably for good

now playing Pokémon Gold

now what should i make my team? interesting to see how my approach to this game has changed as i got older. before, i'd get the easiest, fastest strategies to win, such as just using Quilava using Ember to sweep Bugsy, for example. but now i feel like i find other ways to make do.

this time, despite having Quilava with Ember, i beat their Scyther by sending out Gastly, using Lick until their Scyther became paralyzed and then depleted Fury Cutter's PP with Spite, effectively walling Scyther. then i just slowly licked it to defeat. this is not a strategy i would have ever done as a kid, but it made it a little more fun.

but now i have the mid-game team planning blues. what pokes should i use? i guess i'll figure it out soon.
Posts: 23358/23358
I am a firm believer that T-Spins and SRS in general are terrible, terrible things to have happened to Tetris.
Posts: 6/6
I've been playing PuyoTet. Blitzed through story mode and tried my hand at online.

I did pretty well, though that's probably because you start at the bottom and get pit up against others also at the bottom. However, I did end up fighting some super-high ranked players (and somehow won against a few).

Also, real talk, the T-spin mechanic can eat me. :T
Posts: 33/49
At Chapter 3 in Paper Mario.
Got everyone except Parakarry to Super rank.

Made it to Blue Resort in Bomberman 64.
Using savestates for the cheaper gold cards because no.

At the City World in the Wonderswan Color remake of Makai Toushi SaGa.
Accidentally made my espers OP so I just went and min/maxed my human anyway lol

At the Iron Golem boss in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.
It's no Symphony or Rondo, but it's good.

At Djose Highroad in Final Fantasy X International.
Grinding a bit every now and then because I wanna do the optional bosses too.

At Chapter 3 in Bravely Default.
Currently grinding the Chapter 2 sidequest jobs (Ranger, Summoner, Valkyrie, Red Mage) to Lv7.

Playing Fatal Fury 2 as Terry.
At the 7th of the first 8 battles in 1P mode (order was Terry -> Raiden -> Andy -> Kim -> Cheng -> Mai -> Joe).
Put down a savestate to continue later. Edit: The timer couldn't initialize on the save state, whomp whomp~ Now I know lol

Beat Jumping Flash! 2's main story.
Thinking of starting GitS PS1 and Robbit Mon Dieu later.

Also beat a replay of Final Fantasy I (GBA version).
Party was Knight, Master, White Wizard, Red Wizard.

Edit: Also forgot to mention I'm in World 3 of 4 in Clockwork Knight 2 (the bathroom).
Savescummed at Origami, the second boss.
The leopard phase is cheap in the western versions because he can injure you while charging and Pepperouchau's physics are hella janky.
According to Tongara from Retro and (he lurks CK tweets on Twitter lol), this wasn't a thing in the Japanese version, which doesn't surprise me.

I will not lie, Pepper is super cute~
I'd pinch his rose cheeks >:3

Also started replaying The Second Reality Project Reloaded (at World 4).
One of the first SMW hacks I ever played, it's really special to me even with its age.
Posts: 736/736

I've been playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp ever since it had its world-wide release, and I'm still playing! As a long-time fan of the AC series it's... definitely a different type of game, but it's cute enough that I still enjoy playing it. Main thing I'm aiming towards is 100% completion (of course), which means growing 145 of every flower! I've already collected all the flower seeds though so at this point it's just patience until they're all grown, then I can trade them in for flower-themed items.

Meanwhile, after hearing a group of friends gush about and have fun with Monster Hunter World for a week at launch, I caved in and got it for the PS4! ...despite not owning one myself, thus having to play on a family member's console, and only when family isn't watching Netflix and taking the main TV. It's super fun but I feel like it might be kinda short as a MonHun game, which I guess isn't too surprising given it doesn't have G-rank [yet], and the endgame decoration grind doesn't sound too appealing... but for now I'm just working towards making weapons and armor sets that I want. Maybe eventually I'll craft every single armor piece...?
Posts: 11064/11075
I picked up Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Dragonball FighterZ last week, so I'm alternating between those two and Bayonetta, now that it's out on Switch.

XC2 is good, but god damn every game system is about as convoluted as it gets. I was hoping for the easy mode patch to drop so I can ignore most of it and just enjoy the game, but that's been delayed to March 2nd, so for now I'm just pushing through it.
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Jul - Gaming - What're you playing right now?

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