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04-24-18 01:35:17 AM

Jul - Posts by Cerebus

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Posted on 05-23-08 02:15:02 PM, in What're you playing right now? Link
I just got Disgaea (spelt right?) II for the PSP and I'm currently stuck at the Gagantuon battle with Kurtis. Trying to get my Ninja 1000 SPD before I go back there, since thats the only thing that can hit him..

My characters are weirdly leveled. Laharl is 70, then my Ninja at 59, then it goes to my priest who is 17. Is there anyway to level a character quickly without having to go back to low level maps? My priest can't exactly kill anything, I just want to progress with the story currently.

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Jul - Posts by Cerebus

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