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10-21-18 08:38:33 AM

Jul - Posts by VIIchan7
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Posted on 02-12-18 07:41:27 PM, in Silent hill psx resort area content Link
I found something interesting using the walk through walls code of silent hill 1,if you get around the trigger for the nightmare world it has it's own music(you can hear it for a second when crossing the bridge without cheats) and if you head towards the amusement park,it actually has a area transition camera and several camera angles further inside almost like at one point it was accessible but cut,it crashes if you stop moving strangely and if you follow it in a straight line there's a working pitfall at the end,even though all other pitfall don't work in the game,I was wondering if someone tech savvy could look into the code if there's any areas with no textures graphics that match the area I found
Jul - Posts by VIIchan7

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