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11-20-17 02:50:51 AM

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Posted on 11-13-17 09:15:43 PM, in Any Japanese text need translating? Link
Originally posted by GoldS

So late in the game, an illusion of Alys (Ryre) appears at the top of the Anger Tower (Which you can only get to if you have the Elsydeon sword equipped). Does this text imply some relation between the Elsydeon and the illusion? The text in the May script is "What? Ryre...You're here at Elsydeon..." which obviously isn't right but it seems close.

The rest of the text before the fight is just Chaz repeating her name and saying "Hey, answer me" and "Yikes" so that doesn't help.

You're close. Chaz's line is more like, "No way... Lyla was... inside Elsydeon." As in, her soul is contained inside the sword, just like the other heroes of the past.

Also, I think it's more proper to just call the sword Elsydeon (no "the") in the script, since AFAIK other named/legendary swords never use "the". We don't say "The Excalibur", "The Narsil", or "The Sting", for instance.

Jul - Posts by Paul Jensen

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