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12-17-18 09:14:24 AM

Jul - Posts by Slamhound
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Posted on 03-27-13 06:36:36 PM, in Weird Discoveries Link
Originally posted by TomGuycott

Dark Souls has a LOT of unused content. There is unused voice clips, unused or unobtainable items, unused quests (though I believe most of the quests have no data beyond the voice clips suggesting there was a quest involved). I'm not sure on the original sources, though, lots of them can be found by searching for unused content for Dark Souls on youtube.

Yeah, there's a lot of unused Dark Souls content. Probably enough to launch a page for it. It's apparently all in the game data files (.bdt archives, which I've been stumped in opening), with quite a lot of it floating around on the internet and on YouTube.

Off the top of my head, here's what I know was cut.

Unused Items/Spells
Aside from Shiva's Black Eye Orb, there's two sets of armour, a "talisman", and a spell that's inaccessible in-game.

The first set of armour is the Elite Cleric's Set, all of which save the helmet is worn by Petrus of Thorolund in-game. It's fully-statted, balanced, and looks awesome for what is essentially a reskin of the regular Cleric set. The second set is the Mage Smith set, likewise worn by Rickert of Vinheim. I haven't bothered hacking this onto a character myself, but it seems like an upgrade/upweight and a simple reskin of the Black Sorcerer Set.

The spell is "Escape Death", again I'm working on second-hand knowledge here, but it's essentially a Ring of Sacrifice in Miracle form: You cast it, and your next death is essentially "protected" as if you were wearing a Ring of Sacrifice in that you won't lose any souls, humanity, or leave a bloodstain on death. Probably dropped in production because it was pretty overpowered.

Then you have the "Talisman". Item ID 14D020 is an equippable weapon that's completely unstatted (It has a durability of 50/0, but that might be because I hack-replaced a regular Talisman for it and never adjusted its durability bit.) and doesn't even have an item portrait: It just uses the portrait of a nearby item in memory. It has no name on most menu pages except the item description page, where it's identified as "Gwynevere's Talisman" with a description of "Dragon Talismans" (sic). Equipping it shows a blank item on your item menu cross, as well as a smaller slot beneath that displays what bolt/arrow a ranged weapon has equipped (Again, it was empty on my fooling about with it, but I didn't have any bolts/arrows equipped) and the Talisman will not actually cast any Miracles: R1 just does a weak barehanded swing, R2 a more powerful swing assuming it's equipped in the right hand. I might go through it's moveset later.

Unused Dialogue
I do apologise; most of this is, again, second-hand knowledge. Quite a few characters have dialogue that was cut when various plotlines were dropped. I'll try and provide YouTube links where I can.

Sir Artorias
Artorias was supposed to talk to you throughout his battle: YT Link.
"Whatever thou art, stay away!"
"Soon, I will be consumed..."
" them, by the dark..."
"Thou art strong, human."
"Truly, mankind are more than pure dark."
"I beg of thee; the spread of the abyss... must be stopped!"
*COUGHS* "Ah, Sif... there you are!"
*COUGHS* "All of you, forgive me... For I have availed nothing..."

I'm fairly sure several of the grunts and roars are actually used, but the dialogue is completely absent.

Solaire of Astora
Not much extra here; a subtle rewording of his explanation on how to use the White Summoning Soapstone (initially suggesting that it required Humanity or a human state to use, but this is not the case in the final game) and... Well, the first line isn't used at all. YT Link
Unusued lines (Relying on my memory)

Unknown location
"He has the key, the choice is yours."
"Ah, hello. I knew you would come. Call it intuition."

First meeting, Undead Burg
(After "Our fates appear to be intertwined" and before "...In a land brimming with Hollows") "Both Undead, both imprisoned in the Asylum, and now we both end up here..."
"Now, I know hardly of your designs, but I sense something singular about you." (Followed by "So what do you say?" in game)
"Oh yes, wonderful!" (Followed by "This pleases me greatly.")
"But whittle a bit of your Humanity..." (Original line would be "But whittle a bit of your Humanity and use this [White Summon Soapstone]", but in game this is "But use this.")

Sunlight Altar, when Solaire is available to induct you into the Warriors of Sunlight Covenant
Note: It appears that the altar was originally supposed to be in Anor Londo rather than the Undead Burg

"And there we are. Now you need only pray at the Altar of Sunlight in Anor Londo." (Replaced with "And there we are. Now just say a prayer at the Altar of Sunlight, right there.")
"Then you shall know our radiance, our duty. (Replaced with "Then you shall know the brilliance of our Sun.")
"Oh, hello there. Still here? You have praying to do at the Shrine of Sunlight in Anor Londo."
"I did not find my own sun, not even in Anor Londo." (Expanded into "I did not find my own sun, not in Anor Londo, nor in Twilight Blighttown." Which makes less sense from the PoV of the player, since Solaire is not met in Blighttown.)

Chaos Witch Quelaag
The whole damn thing. Quelaag was supposed to have an elaborate monologue when fighting her. There seems to be a few different variations here, one for a standard attack on her, and another suggesting that Maneater Mildred (An optional summon for the boss) is actively working with her to bring adventurers into her domain. YT Link

Shiva of the East
A questline relating to Shiva was supposed to be included in the game, but ultimately dropped for some reason. It mirrored a similar plot in Demon's Souls, so that might have been a reason why. As a collector of fine weapons, Shiva's main interest is a special katana known as the Chaos Blade; which can be crafted by ascending any +10 katana with Quelaag's Soul (Which may explain his presence in Blighttown of all places). If you have it and refused to hand it over, he would have killed you for it leaving you to hunt him down to reclaim the Chaos Blade via his Black Eye Orb. Still, if you had given it to him willingly you'd still get shanked for your efforts.

His invasion point is still in the game, in the Painted World of Ariamis near the Phalanx statue. Accessing this invasion event doesn't play any of the unused lines however and nor does it reward you with a Chaos Blade. Note also that Shiva's description of the Chaos Blade doesn't match anything regarding the game's version of the blade. YT Link
"Have you heard of Chaos Blade? The legendary sword of the ancient Undead master Makoto. It's blade a swirling vortex."
"I've heard it's somewhere around here, but I can't find it."
"It's all I could ever wish for. I'd do anything to have it."
"Why, look at you! Just wait, will you? Your sword, is it not the Chaos Blade? I've been searching for her for ages."
"I beg of you, and I promise I'll repay you, will you give the sword to me?"
"Excellent! Much gratitude! As promised, this is for you. Go ahead; take it."
"Ah, splendid! The Chaos Blade! Look into the vortex... Wonderful, simply wonderful!"
"Oh my, oh my! But... the sword's true value can't be learnt without a good killing!"
"Yes, quite alright. I cannot blame you, the blade is yours after all. So, I would do the honorable thing... And kill you for it!"
"Don't you run away! Be still, you rat! Taste my blade, taste it you devil!" *Insane laughter, about a 9.8 on the crazy scale*
"This is what you get for crossing me. Have a look at my sword, for it's the last thing you will see."
"Red! The color of blood!"
"By the devils, you won't be able to run far enough!"
"What a wonderful specimen, like slicing through butter!"
*More crazy laughter. Now my ringtone*
"Your ambitions have sealed your fate, but who'd have thought I'd be the traitor? Sometimes, you never know, do you?"
*More insane laughter*

10/10, would reimplement in a Director's Cut.

Oscar of Astora
Oscar is the internal name of the first NPC your character sees; the knight wearing the Elite Knight Set and carrying the Crest Shield. The knight that appears on the box art of the console versions of the game, as well as all the marketing, and the preview trailers and pretty much everything to do with the game.

So naturally he dies unnamed in five minutes of starting a new game.

Oscar's plot was originally going to be expanded on even more. He would survive and escape the Asylum, and meet up with you further down the line. Dialogue suggests that he would help you through the Darkroot Garden (Probably the area beyond the crest door). Eventually, he would side with whichever Primordial Serpent you didn't side with (Kaathe or Frampt) and try to stop you at some point down the line, probably in the Kiln of the First Flame or Firelink Altar. That said, even the short dialogue you have with him in the beginning has alternative lines. YT Link

Sorry, running a little short on time, but I can't transcribe the missing lines myself.

Laurentius of the Great Swamp
Again, more alternative lines but nothing too groundbreaking. His initial "begging" lines mentions that he's trapped in an urn rather than a barrel. I'm afraid I haven't spoken to him much to tell the difference between what lines made it into the game and what didn't. YT Link

One oddity is the death cry at 2:20. It sure as hell doesn't sound like Laurentius.

Lautrec of Carim
Very little different here, a few alternative/unused lines here and there: The most obvious being the "powerless knight" lines used when he's trapped in the Parish cathedral's cell and "Your voice!" There's also an additional 'attacked' line where he refers to himself as "Lautrec the Embraced". YT Link

Again, running low on time; but a lot of other characters have unused lines and it'll take me some time to peel them apart from the used lines. This includes Lord's Blade Ciaran, The Fair Lady, Kaathe, Frampt, Siegmeyer, Petrus of Thorolund, Rickert of Vinheim, Vamos, and Ingward.


This Reddit thread shows a few things that were cut from the game completely but still able to be seen in the game's debug mode: An alternate version of the Bed of Chaos (Which would have been less of a puzzle boss than it is now), Undead King Jar-Eel (Which is assumed to be related to the Four Kings of New Londo in some way, given how stylistically similar he is), Young Witch Beatrice, early versions of Marvellous Chester, Kalameet, Sanctuary Guardian, a Claw-Hollow enemy (Which may end up being recycled in DaS2), a Brain Bug Enemy, an early version of the Chained Prisoner enemy, Demon's Souls Crystal Lizard, and a Horned Maggot that uses the same animations as the Burrowing Rockworm. I'm however convinced that the crow model is actually used in game in the Painted World of Ariamis.

I've also learned in the making of this post that several more items exist to the ones I listed above. The Affadavit and Lift Chamber Key I knew about but also forgot about, but everything else is new to me.

I hope this was helpful, and maybe someone with better hacking skills can crack open the archive files and extract the individual files in a way that's worthy of submission. Thank you all for your time.
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Posted on 03-28-13 06:08:55 PM, in Weird Discoveries Link
Originally posted by Slamhound
I might go through it's moveset later.

Just went through the moveset, and it was interesting to say the least.

The Talisman's moveset is identical to most basic straight swords in the right hand and the moveset is complete: R1, R2, backstep strike, F+R1 = Kick, F+R2 = Jumping attack. Switching to two hands brings an odd graphical glitch where your character briefly holds it in both hands for a second before lowering both arms to a rest, but otherwise has a complete 2H straight sword set. Equipping in the left hand just has two flavours of punching basic punching.

L1 shield blocking works too, but the real oddity is when you try to L2 shield parry: Nothing typically happens with a single tap, your character just stands there. Repeated presses of L2 will, very briefly, make your character assume the standard T-pose, and even further repeated pressings will create possibly the best damn hummingbird impression in a video game.

Guess what? It's utterly useless in combat. The only way you can actively hit an opponent with it is with a backstab. You can't shield parry, and swinging at an enemy will not result in any contact. Even if you do hit with a backstab, it lands for no damage.
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Posted on 04-09-14 09:48:51 AM, in Weird Discoveries Link
Hi all; I've got something to share, though it may have already been submitted. I can't find any trace of it on the wiki though.

Back during the launch period for the SNES Nintendo used to include marketing posters with most UK games. I must've had a dozen of these things before they stopped including them, but I've only just recently found one of them. The poster advertised six games: F-Zero, Super Tennis, Super Soccer, Super R-Type, SimCity SNES, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I am completely unfamiliar with all of these games save for ALttP, but back even then I noticed that the promo screenshots were different to the final game's.

The possibility that these four screenshots may be composited bullshots hasn't escaped me, but it is possible that they are from an early prototype version. There's significant differences in the HUD and the layout of the areas featured. By far the most obvious changes are that the magic meter is actually a bottle, and a different Master Sword pedestal.

Here's a link to an album with all four screenshots, as well as my observations. I may get around to uploading the screenshots for the other five games on the poster when I'm not surrounded by folks complaining about a loud scanner, but as I mentioned I'm completely unfamiliar with the games in question.
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Posted on 04-09-14 02:34:26 PM, in Weird Discoveries Link
Originally posted by xdaniel

That sound a lot like a poster packaged with the SNES in Germany, although yours seems to have different ALttP screenshots. GlitterBerri has those from my German poster, and a few others, on her website... even though some of the images seem to be dead, for some reason.

And here's a photo of the whole poster, by the way.

Yep, the Hyrule Castle is the only screenshot I've never seen.

Most of the screenshots on that German poster feature on my UK one. The DE poster only has three shots per game while the UK one has four. Neither poster has any of the F-Zero screenshots in common, all three Super Tennis, Super Soccer, and Super R-Type are shared, and the first and third SimCity screenshots appear.
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Posted on 03-18-18 12:59:55 PM, in Final Fantasy 1 (HTML5) Link
My Japanese is non-existent, and I'm not incredibly familiar with the NES version of FF1 (Which this game is based on) but I can tell that the cheat changes the first character in the party (and only the first character, it doesn't work for any of the three other slots) into the main character of Final Fantasy Record Keeper, whose Japanese name is Deshi.

Judging by the Status screen, Deshi is just a Red Mage reskin given that they have identical starting stats (30HP, 2 Lv1 MP)

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