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02-22-18 10:51:20 AM

Jul - Posts by Xkeeper
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Posted on 01-13-18 08:53:21 PM, in Internet of Shit Link
The main problem I see is that everything is locked into proprietary systems; things would be a lot better if you could open them up and make them use your own system, or anybody else's. As they are, they're almost always black boxes, and once the end shuts down it's game over. The problem is some of it is really nice (like the Hue bulbs we have, or the Nest) but even then there's no promise they will continue working.


Posted on 01-13-18 10:06:49 PM, in Internet of Shit Link
Nintendo Wifi Connection (and online services in general) are not terribly far from the main content of this thread, I think. There's just nothing you can do in those cases when the servers go offline, only because the people who created it can't or won't release the tools needed to keep it alive.

(Often because, who would buy the new shiny toy if they could keep using the old one?)

Posted on 01-13-18 10:12:49 PM, in Old data Link
I threw out the 4 PCs whose hard drives I yanked, so they're just gone forever now. It was a little easier than I had expected, but I'm still a little sad about it; maybe it was just because there wasn't much of my own on any of them...

Posted on 01-13-18 11:14:11 PM, in Internet of Shit (last edited by Xkeeper at 01-13-18 11:14:50 PM) Link
Originally posted by Tarale
Xkeeper was just saying in the Surveillance Capitalism thread about internet-connected devices that die for various reasons. ? gave the Pebble as an example.

Also, on the subject of the Pebble, if nothing else, they kept it going, if I recall correctly. There are no more updates for it any more, but all of the servers and stuff are working, or at least working enough to not break the watch.

Somewhat related: I fucking hate smart TVs. Ours runs Android and it crashes and does weird stuff that just makes it unreliable. We don't run Netflix or anything through it and it still manages to screw up.

Smart TVs are a huge mistake, and it's far better to just have a device that plugs into it to handle all the "smart" bullshit. The problem is that those are rapidly getting assimilated into the TVs themselves and sucking badly.

See also: sorry, you can't use your TV because it's updating, hope your WiFi works.

Posted on 01-13-18 11:46:04 PM, in Internet of Shit Link
TV we had here, while not smart, decided that the HDMI port was quite obviously putting out "13720 × q" resolution.

Technology is weird.

Posted on 01-14-18 12:05:53 AM, in Surveillance Capitalism Link
Speaking of this sort of thing, how about how every webpage on the planet wants to know your location now? It was bad enough when it was Geo-IP.

At least it's blockable.

Posted on 01-14-18 12:08:58 AM, in Surveillance Capitalism Link
In cases like that, I am quite able to put in the location details myself, thanks.

But I mean more like, news sites. Your shitty homepage doesn't need to know where I live.
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Posted on 01-14-18 04:44:16 AM, in Internet of Shit Link
can you not just... turn it off

Posted on 01-14-18 06:41:22 AM, in Internet of Shit Link
to be fair, an always-on TV is stuff out of my nightmares

Posted on 01-14-18 07:08:20 AM, in Daily Poll #4: Still use AIM? Link
Well, it's been a few weeks, but AIM is officially gone now. Kind of weird to think about, but I guess I should remove the AIM field from profiles (and maybe even the database) now.

Similarly, it's weird to think that my homepage and some other things still make mention of my screenname, even though I hadn't used AIM in years.
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Posted on 01-14-18 01:18:32 PM, in Internet of Shit Link
Originally posted by Tarale
Yeah, it does a kind of fake off thing, which means that turning it "off and on again" won't resolve any weird behaviour.

Worse, the sleep mode doesn’t even give you a faster start time. There's always loading lag, and it displays the manufacturer's logo while it loads.

It's an Android device, and you can add apps, but several of them just crash the TV. It's too underpowered to run 4k content natively too (without crashing). It's all really disappointing.

This honestly sounds like nothing but dealbreakers for me; there's no reason I'd ever get something like this over a decent "dumb" TV.

Posted on 01-14-18 01:22:16 PM, in Old data Link
I actually had a collection of a bunch of OCRs up to about 1300 or so on one of the drives, that I just deleted. Because I didn't really like most of them and I can get them elsewhere, anyway.

Taking backups is one of those smart things I wish I had done more often.

Posted on 01-14-18 01:37:59 PM, in Probably the first appearance of X ever..? (last edited by Xkeeper at 01-14-18 01:39:51 PM) Link

some of the sprite work pre-fairy animation.

it's weird to think that i made this. i based it off something else, of course, but there's still a lot of me in this.

Posted on 01-14-18 01:45:05 PM, in Old data Link

funny to see this now, back when it was still sort of a secret that it existed

Posted on 01-14-18 03:11:33 PM, in Internet of Shit Link
That honestly just reminds me of the old "wii have a problem" site/meme, where people were regularly launching their Wiimotes into TVs. Or walls.

Should make a thread about VR if we don't have one, I'm getting really curious about it these days.

Posted on 01-14-18 03:16:25 PM, in Daily Poll #4: Still use AIM? Link
Now think about how weird it is to have seen a copy of Windows Messenger. Not even MSN Messenger, the real one, but the horribly stripped-down one they shipped with some XP versions.

Does Trillian even still exist? Every one of the old protocols it used to support (barring IRC) is dead now, isn't it? Except for ICQ I guess.

Posted on 01-14-18 03:22:36 PM, in Old data Link
Sad fact, that board no longer works properly. If you can even manage to access it, which requires some hosts file fudgery, posts just aren't saved now.

It's almost poetic.

Posted on 01-14-18 03:33:06 PM, in Are you always logged in to websites? Link
The only time I log out of a website is when it forces me to (banks, etc) and even then I always use "remember me" and enable autocomplete. I tried to get out of that habit with a password manager, but it's just a huge pain in the ass, and if I can save a few seconds here and there not having to repeat things on the computers I always use, so be it.
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Jul - Posts by Xkeeper

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