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02-22-18 10:59:23 AM

Jul - Posts by Xkeeper
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Posted on 01-11-18 05:31:03 PM, in Surveillance Capitalism Link
I've just kind of given up. I used to think it was weird, but I've eased into Alexa, turn the living room lights on.

I think my hard-stop is video. Voice I don't care about any more. Tracking is already everywhere (including all over the internet, now) and it's just... not worth it to fight.

Posted on 01-11-18 06:38:30 PM, in What's on YOUR mind? Link
There are some replies to that that provide a nice counter-example. Sometimes stuff is just finished. Nobody's going back to Super Mario Bros. and demanding it be updated.

Software doesn't get old and grungy because it gets used. It only really needs that sort of care if the environment around it keeps changing.

Posted on 01-11-18 10:38:06 PM, in I've been keeping a journal lately Link
Ah man. I used to have a dream journal too, but I think it's truly gone; I haven't found it anywhere, at least.

Posted on 01-12-18 01:17:01 PM, in I've been keeping a journal lately Link
Originally posted by sofi
Originally posted by Xkeeper
I actually found some old LJ entries I wrote well over 14 years ago and I think my sentiment is quite different from yours. My old entries are ... yikes

that’s a good thing, isn’t it? the important thing is you get to see yourself evolve.

Maybe, but I don't need to look at that to know that I'm better now. The old stuff is just cringe-inducing.

Posted on 01-12-18 01:27:56 PM, in 'Old Websites' Link
A demoscene site going ~web 3.0~ would just feel wrong.

I'm honestly more surprised that VGMusic still gets updates in the day and age of no-MIDI and YouTube.

Posted on 01-12-18 02:35:03 PM, in Re-make it again! Link
I was about to say, she seems to get more angry with every iteration.


Posted on 01-12-18 03:33:32 PM, in 'Old Websites' Link
I guess; I'm just surprised, as it seems like there's not really anything out there that plays them any more other than legacy software. (Remember when MIDs were something you could just embed into a webpage and it'd work out of the box?)

Posted on 01-12-18 03:35:32 PM, in What do you sleep on? Link
Sleeping in general just gives me gas, but that might because I tend to have dinner right before bed and also I sleep with a CPAP

Posted on 01-12-18 03:36:47 PM, in 'Old Websites' Link
Yeah, but those are both programs you have to install separately, and I don't think my phone can do MIDI either.

I really miss Acmlm's mid2wav, though. I wish he'd port it to foobar2k.

Posted on 01-12-18 04:18:22 PM, in Jul Pub Link
Originally posted by Tarale
EDIT: another theory has emerged, which is that the plumber did it, a few hours earlier. He would have used a grinder when he installed a tap in our back yard. It would have sent sparks flying. They would have smouldered for hours in the heat before… yeah.

Goddamn Mario and his fire flowers.

Posted on 01-12-18 04:32:09 PM, in Windows 10 Discussion Link
Having bought a new laptop that had Windows 10 on it:

- The lack of customization really sucks. I want more than just a single goddamn color, and you can't even change inactive title bars. So if you're like me and you have 50 windows open, there's a bunch of blinding white everywhere

- I am really, really tired of not being able to update when I want. I'm sick of taking a nap to find all of my programs closed and my work lost because Windows thinks it knows better than I do.

- I am sick of the patronizing "we're hip now!" language. Rather than "5 updates ready to install" it's "We need your help to kick off some updates! Just a few more steps and we're done!" or "Hi, we've got lots of great new features to get excited about". It reminds me of some over-eager father figure and it sucks

- It's still completely fucked w/r/t the two different paradigms. If I want to change my keyboard repeat rate, now I have to dig through five menus to find the old control panel applet to do it, because the shiny new one won't let me. Half of the shit is spread out.

- The Metro interface is still a disgrace to UX. Whitespace, flat, it's all trash.

- Did you know Chrome is bad? Try Edge. Please. Love us.

- I can't just set what opens with what. Now Windows bundles a few specific file types in the menu, and trying to set those automatically (when I want to) fails and Windows helpfully reports there was a "problem" and resets it to its default.

- Scroll wheels are fucked up somehow. I don't know what they did, but everything either feels sluggish or way too fast.

- The constant reminders that it isn't my computer. "This PC". "Windows is a service". "We'll let you turn this option off for now, but it will turn on again tomorrow." No. Let me do what I fucking want and leave me alone. I feel like I'm using a goddamn "We'll turn off Wifi for a little while, but our stuff that requires it will still have access" iPhone.

- The Start menu sucks now; I don't want "tiles", I want a list like before, without huge letter headings taking up half the space. I can't even add my own programs to it! I can add them as a tile, but not to the list. What the fuck?

I feel like I have to fight the OS at every turn and I honestly miss Windows XP and Windows 7.

Posted on 01-12-18 04:42:40 PM, in Puzzles! Link
I've had this goofy collection of web-playable puzzle games in my bookmarks forever. I think Raspberry linked them to me at first.

My favorite out of this collection is probably Net; solving even a gigantic 30×25 puzzle is fun, if a little slow. But there's a nice method to the madness in it.

Lately I've been trying to give Signpost a try, and it's a lot more complicated and... not quite as much fun for me, but still pretty good.

Posted on 01-12-18 06:23:07 PM, in 'Old Websites' Link
I actually DO have DOSBox, but nothing to really use it with, not to mention how much of a huge pain in the ass it is to use mobile keyboards for DOS stuff.
(post in restricted forum)

Posted on 01-13-18 04:31:44 AM, in Puzzles! Link
Flood is usually pretty easy, if you just look at what the most-present color is at the perimeter. I've managed to win every game, usually with one or two moves left over.

Posted on 01-13-18 05:45:59 PM, in Puzzles! Link
Untangle is fun, if a bit easy.

I don't know how you could improve the signage (heh) in Signpost; it works fine enough for me, other than sometimes it's a little difficult to tell which squares are complete versus those that still need attention.

Posted on 01-13-18 05:49:29 PM, in Jul Pub (last edited by Xkeeper at 01-13-18 05:52:26 PM) Link
There was a tweet a while ago about how "lazy" is a terrible and loaded term, and "demotivated" is a lot better in almost every case.

As for that, don't forget also that productivity has actually been increasing greatly, at least for the last several years. There is also a lot of fun in monitoring; 10-15 years ago nobody would care if you made a hamburger slightly slower than someone else, but now there's a bunch of monitoring and analytics and ~data driven bullshit~ forcing people to work as fast as they possibly can. And of course, most of these systems are automated, so there's no room for leniency. Doesn't matter if the last 20 items you had to scan and bag were awkwardly packaged or had the barcodes in difficult to scan parts; do it faster, peon.

Technology has largely made the job experience worse.

edit: a is not em

Posted on 01-13-18 05:51:11 PM, in New stuff you got Link
Darkdata got me a holiday card:

Okay, several cards. Still...

Posted on 01-13-18 07:18:11 PM, in Surveillance Capitalism Link
Sometimes not even that; I have some stuff I got as part of a box-of-assorted-crap that flatly no longer works because the home server is dead and there's no way to bring it back.

See also: Pebble. Great news! Cool new super great watch, the Pebble 2! It's gonna be gre— oops we got bought by FitBit and they're killing our product, bye

Posted on 01-13-18 08:08:10 PM, in Jul Pub Link
That has been a growing trend ever since IVRs became popular.
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Jul - Posts by Xkeeper

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