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02-22-18 10:41:17 AM

Jul - Posts by Xkeeper
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Posted on 01-10-18 12:37:53 PM, in Old data Link
I'll see if I can extract it along with all the other stuff. It looks like that PC might also have had some data relating to my old attempt to put Marin in Link's Awakening.

It's weird to think that OpenCanvas is just... gone? That used to be a thing that saw a lot of use, iirc, and now it feels like it's just missing.

Posted on 01-10-18 02:23:22 PM, in I still draw things, sometimes. Link
So you can either airbrush it, or airbrush it off.


Posted on 01-10-18 05:33:46 PM, in What's your favourite thing millennials are ruining? Link
Buffalo Wild Wings, because they definitely deserve it. In the last few months they've removed all the good stuff from the menu and their "specials" insert is literally just random shit from the real menu.

Posted on 01-10-18 07:40:05 PM, in Morning rituals and routines Link
7:50: okay fine i'm awake, christ
8:00: okay now i'm actually awake, time to not get out of bed and read twitter
8:20: shit. i should probably shower, huh. i'll do that
8:40: ok shower done and i'm about to be late, better run
8:45: go to work

On the weekends this is mostly just "whenever: wake up and not get out of bed for hours". I am a very boring person

Posted on 01-10-18 07:40:50 PM, in Old data Link
CD-Rs full of anime I remember when I had to mail someone some of those because they were on dialup, heh.

Posted on 01-10-18 07:41:22 PM, in Jul Pub Link
Lazy = not spending enough money. Not having money in the first place is no excuse

Posted on 01-10-18 07:42:22 PM, in What's your favourite thing millennials are ruining? Link
Originally posted by Zeether
Addendum to the Buffalo Wild Wings thing, we're also ruining Applebee's and those are part of the same company

Applebee's has mostly killed itself; they were actual garbage, as opposed to BWW's mostly-garbage.

Originally posted by BMF54123
not killing enough

I hope soon we can move on to killing abstract concepts, that'll be exciting.

Posted on 01-10-18 07:42:54 PM, in Books and stuff Link
Well, which ones?

Posted on 01-11-18 12:16:27 AM, in Old data Link
Originally posted by Tarale
I am super curious to see this too!!


Posted on 01-11-18 12:31:12 AM, in Jul Pub Link
What the hell happened there? Other than fire.

Posted on 01-11-18 12:40:37 AM, in Old data Link
Oh, doi. It was. My mistake!

Going through my current stuff and I've found some things I wasn't quite expecting to see; I'll have to figure out what to upload later.

Posted on 01-11-18 01:54:29 AM, in New stuff you got Link


Posted on 01-11-18 01:55:13 AM, in What do you sleep on? Link
A queen size, though I wish we had a king. A queen is just a bit too small for two people who like lots of room

Posted on 01-11-18 03:46:21 AM, in Surveillance Capitalism Link
I have an Echo Dot, but I mostly use it to make turning the lights here on and off easier. And for adding things to a shopping list so we stop forgetting them.

Posted on 01-11-18 03:48:59 AM, in Probably the first appearance of X ever..? Link


Posted on 01-11-18 11:20:30 AM, in Old data Link
I'm guessing that's a Toshiba Satellite of some flavor, because it looks like a slightly more modern version of the ancient laptop I have

Posted on 01-11-18 12:25:50 PM, in 'Old Websites' Link
Here's one I stumbled across for Las Vegas weather. I miss these kinds of layouts.
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Posted on 01-11-18 03:06:14 PM, in Old data Link
They were damn good computers! Especially as mine is still working

Posted on 01-11-18 03:35:49 PM, in I've been keeping a journal lately Link
I actually wrote a new entry based on what I found for another thread.

It's nice having a place to put thoughts that isn't Twitter...
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Jul - Posts by Xkeeper

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