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12-13-18 03:42:51 PM

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What is this site for?
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Posted on 11-27-18 04:35:25 AM Link | Quote
SMF is horrid for local mods, you can't even give access to staff boards if you assign them.

Plus it hasn't been updated in a year or so...

I'm starting to like MyBB more, however, again.
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Posted on 11-28-18 04:42:19 AM Link | Quote
I don't think I ever got to use any forum that used phpBB unfortunately (and I'm too inexperienced to just set up a test one just to see how it works). MyBB is also kinda nice I guess, shame the only experience I had with it was with a terrible forum. Something I still stand by is that vBulletin sucks.

Anyone have any opinions on Xenforo? I kinda liked its interface, but I didn't get to use it for very long before the forum that I went to that used it closed down for good.

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Posted on 11-28-18 11:22:45 PM Link | Quote
I only got to play around with Xenforo briefly maybe 5 years ago, but I didn't like it. I don't know if it's as social media-y and bloated as I'm remembering or if I'm just kneejerk reacting

vBulletin does suck. I don't even know if the latest versions even work with a modern PHP setup or what's going on there because I tried messing around recently and I just could not get it to install no matter what. I think you might need to use some ancient PHP version from 10 years ago to even run it
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Posted on 11-29-18 02:25:09 AM (last edited by headache booth at 11-29-18 05:57:07 AM) Link | Quote
i don't really like xenforo from just a user perspective, but that really might just be because all of the xenforo forums i've used had shitty users and/or staff.
it kind of seems like a lot of forums nowadays have shitty users (not jul though, otherwise i wouldn't be here!)
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Posted on 12-02-18 04:04:10 AM Link | Quote
GBATemp is a good example of shitty XenForo site... also IPS is bloated as fuck, using about 20-30MB on a fresh install for the DB...

As well, vB was good until they were bought out by some other company and the good devs left for XenForo
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Posted on 12-05-18 10:25:33 PM Link | Quote
Whoa, when did GBATemp switch to XenForo? Jeez, they were one of the last IPB holdouts.

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Posted on 12-06-18 02:09:05 PM Link | Quote
BZPower still uses IPBoard :V
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Posted on 12-11-18 08:01:40 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Xkeeper
I never really got the hate phpBB got. I mean it's not great, sure, but it was a pretty solid forum system for a long time, even if it had its fair share of security oopsies.

been moderating RVLution for a while, including when it was still a phpBB, and eventually built that little list of gripes I had with it. of course that was with RVLution's setup, might have been different elsewhere.

• ban lists are presented in tiny, non-resizable list boxes. When your board has been running for a few months, they become a pain to use.
• trashing a thread requires 8 clicks.
• when a post is deleted, it is permanently destroyed, and no indication is given that it ever existed. Bad bad bad, what if your board gets hacked? Thread deletion seems to work the same way, too.
• relatedly, banning a user provides no visual indication that the user is banned. More generally, phpBB seems geared towards opaque moderation; I believe transparent moderation is more efficient.
• the permission system is a giant pain. There are several levels of permissions waiting to backbite you if you haven't configured them right.
• making a phpBB skin is a giant pain because there are tons of elements to customize
• similarly, phpBB's codebase is a huge mess, making it a pain to customize at code level
• no way to detect users with similar IPs or other kinds of potential duplicate accounts
• vanilla phpBB is spammer-friendly (although that's the fate of any popular board software)

the general sentiment was shared with Treeki, too, which is why it was eventually switched to Blargboard. (and lord was that whole affair a mistake)

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Posted on 12-11-18 02:25:24 PM Link | Quote
I mean, if I wanted to, I could formulate a list of gripes not terribly unlike that. You get little gripes any time you deal with software that you can't (or won't) fix
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