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12-16-18 09:08:17 PM

Jul - Computers and Technology - Device naming schemes New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 03-21-18 09:09:50 PM Link | Quote
my devices are named after bjork songs/albums. Albums for larger devices, songs for smaller ones. Not everything I have has been renamed to fit thie scheme yet, but so far I have:
iMac: Biophilia
MacBook Pro: Vulnicura
iPhone: Vespertine
iPad: Medùlla
AK70 music player: Jóga
Music hard drive: Mutual Core

and now I need to come up with some for my PCs and the rest of my hard drives.

six legged drgn whomst build worlds
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Posted on 10-24-18 05:42:55 AM Link | Quote

My new laptop, being dark blue, is named Moonglow.

My external hard drive is named Highland, after a class of tender shuttle in the Loroi Imperial Fleet.

My next phone will, barring catastrophe, be Kirkland.
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Posted on 10-24-18 11:30:58 AM Link | Quote
Latest trend for me is to name stuff after songs by feeder
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Posted on 11-04-18 05:01:00 AM Link | Quote
Been naming all my devices after Pokemon.

My first two laptops, I believe, were "FLYGON-LAPTOP"s.
The third was a "BUIZEL-LAPTOP".
My current desktop is a "ZIGZAGOON-DSKTP".
And my current laptop is a "LANTURN-LAPTOP".
I believe my 98SE machine is "ZAPDOS-DESKTOP".

And I can't remember the rest.

Red Yoshi
don't underestimate me / you ain't seen nothin' yet
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Posted on 11-04-18 05:33:24 AM Link | Quote
my windows10 laptop, formerly my main machine but now only used for college stuff:
"shadow gate to love"
this is a remnant of my old naming scheme,
which was based on love live! songs
(see also: my broken iphone se being "angelic angel",
and the first nintendo switch i owned, which broke, being "step! zero to one")

the mac mini my roommate gave me, my current main machine:
"destination luna4"
ive used the name "luna4" as both my first town's name in animal crossing new leaf,
and my island's name in tomodachi life
there's nothing else special about this name,
it's just a song title that sticks in my head

my iphone 6s' name:
"cosmic eternity"
i cant for the life of me remember why i picked this name,
i guess i was just riding high on having played sonic mania plus recently,
and plus, it sounds quite pretty

my second, non-broken nintendo switch's name:
"great revival"
because it was the revival of me being able to play switch games, eheh

and last and kinda least, my new3ds's network name for microSD management,
"rude buster"
i changed it a couple of hours ago.
mostly to see if changing the name would fix microSD management over the network somehow,
it didn't
oh well
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Posted on 11-05-18 03:13:20 AM Link | Quote
I approve of the iPhone 6S's name, brilliant song :3

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Posted on 11-05-18 05:08:46 AM Link | Quote
my devices are usually just named "marrub" unless they're harddrives or computers, which I name various things about dreams in japanese (夢現 for my secondary hdd, 古い夢 for my old backup drive, 現実 for the main drive, etc (yes I realize how weeb-y that is)) and... homages to my late aunt, respectively

my current windows install is named "CR" (country road) and my laptop's arch install is "lane", though I don't really want to explain the significance of those. I haven't named my current windows drives accordingly since I partitioned them before I used windows as a primary OS, should probably do that now that I think about it
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Posted on 11-05-18 12:45:15 PM Link | Quote
Currently using rather simple names because I'm unoriginal. I decided to revert back to using 'Jamie-PC' and 'Jamie-NB' (Netbook) for the Windows 7 x86 install on both computers.
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Posted on 11-10-18 08:23:01 AM Link | Quote
I used to name my devices with a potato variety name and a suffix. One variety name for each kind of device.

My main computer had the suffix Bintje; therefore I had Bintje (some Packard Bell computer tower), Bintje2 (a MSI laptop), Bintje3 (some other PB tower I got for free, but more powerful), then I went back to use Bintje.
The hiking GPS I use for geocaching, a Magellan eXplorist 110, is Nevsky, and my PSP 3000 is Flourball.

After that, I just got bored of trying to find potato variety names that I like and just used the model names as device names; right now my ThinkPad is called "x201t" and the Bintje2 MSI laptop has been renamed to "msi" after a reinstall. I should probably try to come up with another naming scheme and properly name every device, they at least deserve that!
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Posted on 11-28-18 10:20:25 PM Link | Quote
I just give things human names. It's sort of boring but it works for me.

My phone is Marcie, my work laptops are Bonnie and Phoebe, my home laptops are Gordy and Simon, I have a VM on Vultr named Lilly, and my desktop is Alis-FX (Originally named Alis, then changed to Alis-FX when I put an AMD FX CPU in her).

Actually, now that I'm looking at it, my most recent devices are all named after Adventure Time characters. I didn't even intend to do that, except with Marcie and Bonnie, which I got at the same time. Simon and Phoebe are not named for their Adventure Time counterparts, they're just the names that I thought fit.

Red Koopa
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Posted on 12-03-18 09:18:11 AM Link | Quote
I decided to start naming devices after Sega arcade boards so now my T460 is named system16.
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Jul - Computers and Technology - Device naming schemes New poll - New thread - New reply

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