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12-14-18 04:58:10 PM

Jul - General Chat - Dreams New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 09-19-18 07:57:25 AM Link | Quote
This is sort of an offshoot of a conversation that's going on in the Jul Pub already; I just figured it'd be nice to have a thread we can come back to to post silly/dumb/interesting/cool/funny dreams we have sometimes. Digging back a couple pages it doesn't seem like there's a thread for this already -- I'm actually a little surprised considering how popular dreams seemingly are as a conversation topic around here...

Anyway, I guess I'll open with a goofy dream I had last night:

I dreamt I got hired to work at the same pizza store that my girlfriend works at as a delivery driver. I ended up going on my first delivery, but I forgot that I don't actually know how to drive so I had to wing it completely. It surprisingly went okay until I happened upon this F-Zero ass part of the road that floated over a giant ass river and did a loop. I ended up losing control of the car (cuz there were no guard rails) and it ended up crashing and exploding (with me still in it, of course). That ended in me respawning at the pizza store and having to start over cuz of course it did. I was pretty frustrated; losing that much time was probably terrible for my variance.

Okay!!!!!!!!!!!! Your turn!!!!!!!
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Posted on 09-19-18 10:44:07 PM Link | Quote
It's kind of depressing to think just how many vivid dreams I've forgotten. As for ones I do remember... there was one particularly odd one where I went to an electronics show in China. I don't remember how I got hold of it, but I had some Thinkpad prototype gear with pink glitter all over it. A few kids asked to borrow it, and it disappeared with them. Eventually they came back and prodded me to come with them to go get it -- I went through a side door out of the auditorium with them and down a tunnel with windows on both sides, sort of like the ones you see connecting medical buildings across a road. The tunnel was packed full of old garishly-painted home decor -- stuff with sunflowers all over it, that sort of thing. They started running gradually faster, and gravity seemed to lighten, to the point each step we took was a huge bound, and I noticed we were all chanting "ninety-nine" with each step. I also remember seeing a manmade lake out the window to the right. The last bit is hazy, but we got to a bend in the tunnel, and it opened up to some kind of raised square astroturf/rubber area with flowers painted on the floor. At this point, I realized the kids were all possessed by a clown that had forced them to steal the laptop. The dream ended with me noticing the clown, who charged at me like some kind of video game boss just before I woke up. I think I had started hearing disembodied voices that sounded like they were coming from a subway terminal or something similar before that, though I'm not sure what they were saying.
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Posted on 09-21-18 06:03:15 AM Link | Quote
One of the absolutely strangest dreams I ever had was one where I went back in time to assassinate myself. I succeeded and then all of time broke.

Like it makes sense via various science fiction but the experience was utterly bizarre and nearly impossible to articulate.
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Posted on 09-21-18 06:41:57 PM Link | Quote
I was going to write a bit about my dreams in general but then the post got too long and I'm not sure whether to post it here or not.

Well, for the time being anyway, I can say that today's dream was about me visiting some relative's house, which falls in line with how I spent the weekend like, two weeks ago. But why I did only dream about it now?

The last dream I had yesterday was a very short one about me waking up and telling everyone else at home that I would be tired the entire rest of the day since I slept at midnight (which is understandable since I actually did stay up until midnight last night). I noticed some things looked different around the house, but that was about it. I don't remember the rest of them unfortunately.

It's a bit weird when you know you're in a dream but you want to wake up. It's like, I need to move my legs to get out of bed, but when I move them, am I actually moving them or do I just think that I'm moving them? Because if I don't make sure that I'm actually getting out of bed, I could just have a false awakening. This happened yesterday too as I was trying to wake up from the dream.
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Posted on 09-24-18 02:46:49 AM Link | Quote
Last night I dreamed I was in a crowded settlement on an alien world. Sometime in the past, a big swath of land on Earth and all the cities on it had suddenly been teleported to the new planet without warning, so everyone had to pick up the pieces and put their lives and society back together. They weren't doing a great job, what with the totalitarian military government and rampant drug use. There was some hope of reconnecting with other teleported societies, but no one knew if there were any or not.

In this dream, my name is Hana. For whatever reason, I have psychic abilities like energy attacks, defensive barriers, and supernatural self-healing, so the military/government has me on a tight leash (sometimes literally) and makes me scout this alien world. One such place is a desert with constant lightning strikes. The desert is full of green pumpkin-like gourds that attract lightning. Each "pumpkin" glows with blue energy shortly before lightning strikes and explodes it, scattering its seeds across the desert. Since the lightning makes it impossible for soldiers to cross, I'm tasked with crossing the desert, finding a path to any points of interest on the other side. Then the military can build a path of lightning rods for safe travel.

Well, I get into trouble during the scouting mission. Badly injured, low on psychic energy, and lying low in a large glowing cave system. As luck has it, while I can't heal myself psychically, the cave has a weird alien fungus/slime mold that can be applied like a sludgy bandage for decent healing. Problem is, I'm still in trouble and stuck, so as much as I dislike the military, I have to ask them to send support (probably supplies, something they can do despite not being able to send soldiers or most vehicles).

I have a communications device, but it isn't working at this range. Well, shoot. I'd wanted to hide my telepathy ability from the military, but well, no choice. So, rather weakly, I reach out with my mind and... that moment, a red-head government scientist, the kind of guy who wears his labcoat everywhere including parties, is, well, at a party. Totally drugged out of his mind and drooling half-concious on the floor... as it turns out, the perfect mental state to receive a telepathic demand from a stranded scout.

I mentally tell him who I am, order his drugged-up ass to contact his superiors when he sobers up, tell him what to say, tell him my ID number as proof of my identity to the higher-ups, and tell him to NOT FORGET. Of course he forgets, at least until he sees a flower and remembers my name. He gets interrogated by the military, and when they ask why he thinks I contacted him of all people, he thinks back to his drooling drug trip... and instead says "I dunno, maybe she likes me."

(Also, at some point the military discovers and recruits/kidnaps another psychic and starts training him. Despite us being in the same boat, I get the feeling we won't get along very well...)
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Posted on 09-27-18 05:57:11 AM Link | Quote
I've got a txt file for dreams that I haven't properly updated in a while. Maybe I should share some.

Tonight was largely about education stuff? I vaguely recall a part taking place in some random city somewhere. Then a fragment where we were at a large table in front of a large oldish-looking building. The place was called "Bridges College". I don't think anything here calls itself a college. We sat around the thing and someone went something like "So you're all going to college - oh except for you {my name}. Actually there's also {other name I don't remember if it came up even}." The other person was an Islamic girl.

Then there was a weird Minecraft-ish styled game thing where there were 3 or so levels of "education" and I wondered if that meant having to play the thing for years. It just came down to boss battles, two of which I saw. The second was a golem thing coming from the sea, and with some creature trapped inside happy that we (or, the person playing) were trying to destroy the golem.

A bunch of my dreams are anxiety-ridden affairs, but I don't think I had any capitalize on my higher education attempts being shambles before.

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Posted on 10-21-18 08:06:04 PM Link | Quote
I keep dreaming about even-toed ungulates. A couple of nights ago I dreamt that I had a pet goat (also I got pizza delivered in that dream and the goat kept harassing the pizza delivery guy), and last night I dreamt about llamas. It's distressing. I don't understand why this is happening. Please help me
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Posted on 10-22-18 04:08:08 AM Link | Quote
I dreamed that I was in London and taking the tube

I have never done so in real life

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Posted on 11-04-18 03:10:56 AM Link | Quote
I rarely remember what dreams I have. Even when I do remember them, it's typically only bits and pieces.

Lots of times I dream about computers, and I've had several dreams this year alone specifically involving Acmlmboard software...
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Posted on 11-04-18 10:53:32 PM Link | Quote
I can't remember any vivid dreams right now, but
I do know I've had a lot of where I'm an actual girl and everyone's fine with it and those dreams are always fun ;~;

ooh there was one I had a couple years ago where I was playing like a multiplayer FPS sorta game,
like an old arena shooter (before I had even played the original UT or Quake) and I can still
somewhat remember one or two areas of the map I was playing on, heh.

Moon Bunny! :3
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Posted on 11-05-18 05:37:08 AM Link | Quote
*Lunaria hugs Scooblee

You are a girl though! :3
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Posted on 11-05-18 06:11:16 AM Link | Quote
I don't remember much of tonight's dream, but it was about running out of time preparing this morning.

Those happen more often.
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Posted on 11-13-18 02:36:38 AM Link | Quote
The news said it was going to be a high of 179 degrees the next day and a thunderbolt came down, exploding the entirety of me and my partner's bedroom. A work crew came by and restored it just like new by the time I got home from buying a wall of ice from walmart to prepare for the heat wave.
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Posted on 11-13-18 11:07:40 AM Link | Quote
I think I had a dream this morning which was an AU of real life where I was, like, a goddess sealed away in a box or something and had accidentally been let out? And I managed to escape by floating through the earth to the one of my few remaining 'followers' who was on the complete other side of the planet - and turned out to have no idea who I was. And then I cooked them a meal.
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Posted on 11-15-18 02:24:22 AM Link | Quote
There's one dream I had a few days ago about a game that existed between Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. It was called GC Super Mario 2002. The graphics were inferior than SMS and the game had a bunch of fake (unfinished) floors, there was no music and there was a lot of water. Some objects like coins or stars were hidden underwater and you had to swim for them. Some penguin NPCs were there and you could talk to them but that's about it. It actually looked kinda neat, like a mid-step between N64 and GameCube graphics, I wish I remembered more about its levels.

There was another one on someone breaking the camera on what looked like an alternative version of Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and finding a bunch of stuff offscreen like placeholders and HUD icons.

And another one where I played what looked like a DOS version of Pac-Mania, except you were free to roam around pretty much everywhere, the world was more like a box instead of a maze. The ground was blue and the walls were grey. All graphics were drawn using text/ASCII.

I guess even during my dreams I think of TCRF stuff.
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Posted on 11-17-18 03:56:25 AM Link | Quote
I dreamed of helping my best friend and his girlfriend moving in in a new flat. I was asking them questions about where they were using their laptops, so that I can add some CSS to prevent flares on their screens. Yup, basically I was setting up CSS/Sass in real life to customize a home.

There were concerns about Webpack stuff, since my brain seems to still understand modern JavaScript is the worst ecosystem.

I really hope there will never ever be any startup that tries to make IoT houses customizable with CSS...
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Posted on 11-18-18 11:41:19 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Lucidiot
I really hope there will never ever be any startup that tries to make IoT houses customizable with CSS...

They'll go JavaScript or bust. Hopefully bust.
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Posted on 11-24-18 04:55:41 AM Link | Quote
I remember once thinking about CSSing the Isle of Wight and I have no idea why LOL
Common spammer
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Posted on 11-24-18 05:05:56 AM Link | Quote
I had a dream where Nintendo announced the Wii 2.

One of the major features: it can play Wii games.

Red Koopa
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Posted on 11-24-18 06:48:19 PM Link | Quote
Last night's dream involved me slipping between different levels of consciousness, in one I was aware that I was dreaming but it still felt different than reality.
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