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12-18-18 08:10:19 PM

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Posted on 09-18-18 11:28:16 PM (last edited by Peardian at 09-19-18 12:18:27 AM) Link | Quote

What is "KC Mario"? It's a manga series based on various Super Mario and other Nintendo games, kinda like Super Mario-kun but completely separate.

You can find a whole bunch here. The post also has a better description of what the manga's history. Oh, and these scans are all Japanese.

I don't really read manga, and I certainly can't read Japanese. So, why am I posting this? Because this manga series is completely ridiculous. It takes various games (starting with Super Mario Land) and either modifies their plot or makes up a completely new one. The humor can be quite ridiculous at times, with pop culture references and even some visuals that probably wouldn't fly in a modern manga. Yes, this is the manga that GoNintendo featured for showing Mario's bare, uncensored thingy.

Even if you can't read Japanese, you can still get a pretty good idea of what goes on in the story. Plus, some of the facial expressions are hilarious. Below are some spoiler-free summaries of the first few volumes and the wackiness within.

Volume 1 encompasses the entire plot of Super Mario Land. The evil alien Tatanga arrives and kidnaps Princess Daisy. Mario sets off across the four kingdoms of Sarasaland, accompanied by a robot partner that is actually Princess Peach in disguise. Some new characters are introduced, including the adorable Suu-chan.

Volume 2 is dedicated to Tetris. Mario, Luigi, and Peach travel to a jungle, befriend a dinosaur, and end up in an ancient temple where Tetris is played with stone blocks falling from a large waterfall. Mario & friends face off against Tetris-playing warriors and the powerful King Tetris, who turns out to be a familiar foe... Also, Tetris superheroes.

Volume 3 is dedicated to sports. The first chapters have Mario and friends play golf against a bizarre golf robot and King Koopa in a ridiculous golf outfit. Later, there is a rematch with King Tetris... as ice hockey? Also, a baseball game featuring Super Mario Bros. 3 characters.

Volume 4 is mostly dedicated to Qix. When Princess Daisy gets kidnapped by King Koopa, Mario and friends play increasingly intense rounds of real-world Qix using pegs and rope. There's also a chapter for Solar Striker.

Volume 5 is dedicated to Dr. Mario. King Koopa is spreading a disease that causes people to laugh, so it's up to Mario to cure everyone. At one point, Luigi gets infected, so Mario and Peach shrink down and travel inside him with the Sub Pop.

I could go on, but I haven't read all that many of them yet. I just finished the Super Mario World volumes (that were available) and they were certainly something.

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Jul - Entertainment - KC Mario New poll - New thread - New reply

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