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11-12-18 10:29:05 PM

Jul - General Game/ROM Hacking - Disgaea 1 Switch research stuffs New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 08-16-18 01:59:30 PM (last edited by xdaniel at 08-16-18 02:06:11 PM) Link | Quote
Because why am I even doing this. Anyway, stuff that I know! All little-endian unless otherwise stated? Various sample files, at least some of those referenced in the post, can be found here.

PS_FS_V1 archives (namely DATA.DAT and SUBDATA.DAT, I guess):

Main header:
- 0x00: Magic number, "PS_FS_V1" in ASCII (8 bytes)
- 0x08: Number of file entries (uint / 4 bytes)
- 0x0C: Unknown (zero? padding? number of entries is actually ulong / 8b? dunno; anyway: uint / 4 bytes)
- 0x10: Start of file entries (number of entries * 0x40 bytes)

File entry:
- 0x00: Filename, zero-terminated and padded (0x30 bytes)
- 0x30: File size (ulong / 8 bytes)
- 0x38: Data offset, absolute (ulong / 8 bytes)

Working unpacking code from Scarlet here (C#).

tx2 images:

Well, they're similar in structure to those on PS2, where I believe the format originated, but don't contain the same data. A couple convert (ex. the credits from Disgaea PC...?), some of those with bad palettes (since certain groups of colors in 256-color palettes aren't swapped anymore like they were on PS2), but some seem to have compressed pixel data in them instead of indexed pixel data and palette...

C# code for converting PS2 tx2's here, hence incompatible with ex. save001.tx2.

nltx images(?):

Magic number "NMPLTEX1" in ASCII at the start, rest of the header not yet known. At offset 0x80 starts a block of YKCMP_V1 compressed data, which, once ripped out of there, won't decompress with Xkeeper's PHP script - ex. "Asked to get byte at position 0xFFFFFFC4 (max range 0x140000)" it complains at the first not-"direct copy" step for new_bg051.nltx, trying to go way too far back in the data.

nlsd ...somethings:

No magic numbers, nothing. Wonder if that's sound files, not least considering there's 8 files named song(001:008).nlsd? Two files in the sample archive.

Other files:

There's more, like maps - three files each; mp(xxxxx).mpd, mp(xxxxx).mpp and new_mp(xxxxx).mpp -, a "font1.arc" with a "DSARCIDX" magic at the top (Disgaea DS?), a "anmdat.fad" that might contain all the UI animations(?) and whatnot - judging from apparent filenames in there (ui_load, ui_save, ui_title, etc.); also has a ton more YKCMP_V1 blocks -, and a couple other types.
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Jul - General Game/ROM Hacking - Disgaea 1 Switch research stuffs New poll - New thread - New reply

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