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12-14-18 07:52:45 AM

Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Duke Nukem: Time To Kill (Early Prototype) New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 08-10-18 12:27:54 PM Link | Quote
This discovery dates back to 2010 or so, but the release of this prototype was quite overlooked for some reason. The source of the file was lost soon after and all links were down, thus the prototype became unavailable until earlier this year.

The prototype contains a HUGE, HUGE amount of differences from the final version. From enemy placement, level architecture, even the amount of levels differs (you get to use the 'unused' 'Commando Duke' costume from Multiplayer here). The game's dump seems to have been a lazy one, for sound jumps and skips whenever it wants. It's either that, or the sound files are corrupt, for they play whenever they want. Oddly enough, the SFX works perfectly okay, just the voice lines and the music seems broken.

The game has a Level Select enabled by default, whereas you have to activate it by yourself in the final version. All Level names are different from the final version, though the level select uses a very primitive naming system (like: "Present 1" or "Wild West 2").

Several weapons are missing. A level that is supposed to be called "Gold and Guns" in the final version gives you access to ALL weapons in this prototype, and some are missing. I could go on and on describing all differences so far in the first 5 levels (Gold and Guns seems impossible to complete because the switch to make the 'rail cart (?)' move isn't working on its way back). However, if any of you could find a table with all in-game items and weapons, that could help us all to investigate the game with much more depth.

I am suspecting the Jetpack wasn't planned yet...!lgMhGS6D!tB3D60xMU79UESl7TB1utf7pV4SeAyBSTC0woTJIyOg
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Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Duke Nukem: Time To Kill (Early Prototype) New poll - New thread - New reply

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