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12-14-18 01:30:24 AM

Jul - Gaming - E3 2018 Battle Royale New poll - New thread - New reply
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16/3/1: KvSG #479 is up!

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Posted on 06-12-18 07:47:54 PM Link | Quote
There's actually less Battle Royale than I was expecting, but then again, I've pretty much been ignoring everyone except Nintendo.

Some highlights off the top of my head:

  • Skyrim: Very Special Edition
  • Star Fox in Starlink
  • Super Mario Party actually looks fun
  • and of course SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE


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Posted on 06-12-18 07:49:58 PM Link | Quote
that halo infinite engine trailer looked sick! super excited for resident evil 2, smash bros. ultimate, and forza horizon 4

Red Koopa
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Posted on 06-12-18 07:51:28 PM Link | Quote
I'm just happy about Yakuza 0 on PC. Oh, and DMC 5.

Moon Bunny! :3
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Posted on 06-12-18 09:01:04 PM Link | Quote
New smash looks neat, brimming with content. Though, I don't have a switch and smash 4 mostly gathered dust rather than seeing any play here. So I doubt I will get either, and even if I get the switch I'll probably not get the game.

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Posted on 06-13-18 12:49:50 AM Link | Quote
Whew I haven't even looked at any of the E3 stuff, shows how much I keep up
Reverend Crush
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Posted on 06-14-18 12:56:46 PM Link | Quote
Smash Ultimate is going to be a must-buy from me. I haven't really played a whole lot of Smash on the account of not buying any of Nintendo's home consoles from N64 through WiiU, but what bits I've played of Melee and Brawl were really fun. That and I think Nintendo must have been paying attention to me, because one character that's been on my unrealistic dream roster, Sukapon from Joy Mech Fight, actually DID make it in as an assist (hey, I'll take it!) Fire Emblem Houses looks to be coming along pretty well, and I've yet to play an officially localized entry of Fire Emblem on the big screen.

Hard to say if Nintendo or Bethesda "won" E3 in my eyes, but Fallout 76 leaves me asking more questions than answers about how online play is going to work, and Elder Scrolls VI is still a long, LONG ways off (I'm calling it 2020 at the earliest before we at least get an idea of what the product is going to be like) so I'm giving it to Nintendo.

So I don't own an XB1 since most of their console exclusives run just as good on my laptop, but from what I saw of Microsoft presentation looks mighty impressive. Sony didn't show anything I was remotely interested in besides Spider-Man... which we saw last year right along with Death Stranding, which still baffles me as to what this game is all about. Square-Enix's show was really underwhelming. I'm not a Kingdom Hearts fan, and none of the new IPs really drew me in.

Cyberpunk 2077 was shown behind closed doors, but the buzz has me curious. I tend to get extremely lost in first person games (yet am able to keep my bearings straight in third person... I don't get it either), but given CD Projekt Red's work on The Witcher games, I really would like to give it a chance. If it's easier to approach than Deus Ex, then I may be on board for this. I've been wanting a good cyberpunk themed open world game for years now. If it's easy to find your way around in the first person view, I'll "git gud" if it's worth getting good about.
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Posted on 06-14-18 03:59:01 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by 2Tie
that halo infinite engine trailer looked sick!

This and Smash Bros. had me most excited. I'm ready for more Halo.

Sony's press conference was rad, but besides Spiderman nothing seemed close enough to get excited for yet. Same with Bethesda, Doom Eternal, Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield are great announcements, but there won't be much to show from them til next year at the earliest. Fallout 76 is intriguing and it may replace Destiny 2 as the date night co-op game, but otherwise I'm cautiously optimistic.
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Posted on 06-14-18 06:55:09 PM Link | Quote
Like basically every other post here, Smash Ultimate is lookin solid

oooh, and Super Mario Party! I don't have friends to play local co-op, and as far as we know the only part of the game you can play online are the minigames which is a bummer, but it looks like the good old Party games fans have been clamoring for, so I'm happy for that.
also reggie_says_fornite.mp4

Otherwise, this year felt.. weird, I guess. Microsoft and Bethesda had better conferences to me than Sony, despite not being into Xbox at all or anything besides Doom for Bethesda's side, and aside from the former mentions, Nintendo's felt lacking.
I'm interested to see what the Battletoads will be about though, and while Doom Eternal was hoped but not expected, (although what I really expected was for them the call it Doom 2, thank goodness they bucked that trend) I'm still glad to see it's a thing.

Sony's side? Ehhh.. Insomniac's Spider-Man was the only thing that really had my interested, but the other trailers looked pretty neat, I guess? And I never payed much attention to any of the other conferences so eh
oh and DMC5 and RE2 Remake- I've never played either franchise, but alongside Mega Man 11, it looks like Capcom has a pretty stellar lineup ahead. Nice to see them getting back into shape.

Moon Bunny! :3
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Posted on 06-14-18 07:11:06 PM Link | Quote
Oh yeah, on a weird note: I actually like a lot of the changes the made to the formula for pokemon let's go. I get that it's a spin off, but a lot of the changes are stuff I want to see in the next mainline game too:

No random encounters.
Passive pokemon encounters. (I don't want only these, but it makes sense that not all wild mons would attack you).
Pokemons are on scale on the field and you have them following you around again.
Co-op. (It looks a bit limited, but fleshing it out a bit and it would be a great feature!)
Actual pokemon related events you can choose to take part in in the world.

In fact, I would not have any problem getting the game if it weren't for just two big issues I have with it: Kanto again, and only the OG 151 mons in it.
I wouldn't mind a limited pokedex of already existing mons, but a new grab bag of mons would be nice, or at least a less overdone batch. I also don't want to go back to kanto again. It used to be that a bunch of genwunners were clamouring for kanto and the OG batch of mons, but honestly, it feels more like gamefreak are the ones who keep wanting to go back to it. I mean they keep referencing it a lot in most other games too that don't take place these.
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Jul - Gaming - E3 2018 Battle Royale New poll - New thread - New reply

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