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05-26-18 04:13:08 PM

Jul - Gaming - What're you playing right now? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 04-16-18 05:25:45 AM Link | Quote
Coup is really fun. Also a bit frustrating to me because I usually don't have a plan playing it and just go through doing any action that makes sense at any particular time, which can end up poorly. I'm bad at coming up with strategies though.
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Posted on 04-16-18 08:48:06 AM Link | Quote
One thing that I discovered is that the strategy to play Coup depends a lot on how many players are in the game.

With the max number of players (six), it's usually better to play honestly, because when you want to fake a card, the chance that someone has seen this card, thinks the probability that you have it is low and challenges you is high.

Also, it seems it's better to play defensively, mostly because this way you see more player actions and it becomes easier to guess the opponent's card. I think some research suggests that humans are terrible at doing "random" actions, so trying to read them is worth it almost every time.

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Posted on 04-16-18 10:06:05 AM Link | Quote
Seems like a very interesting game.
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Posted on 04-25-18 01:20:00 AM Link | Quote
god, yakuza is just

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Posted on 05-05-18 05:37:05 AM Link | Quote
I've been playing Phantasy Star Online 2 lately with my team lately. It's still been slow however but I've made some progress on my gear.

I played and finished Monster Hunter World a while back. The Kulve Taroth siege mode was exciting but I used my only Playstation Plus trial for the duration and I don't think I'll play more to warrant the payment.

I resubscribed to a month of Final Fantasy XIV but I'm still finding it hard to ease into it as healer. I am in a free company but it's hard for me to get into the savage raids so the only thing I can do for them is craft items to help them out and that's really it.
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Posted on 05-06-18 11:53:26 AM Link | Quote
I finally started playing The Stick of Truth yesterday. I wasn't expecting anything resembling good from South Park, and yet, here I am, the day after, having just beaten it.

So, yeah, shockingly good. Minus one part that I honestly wish the EU censor had hit a little harder. Guess I'll move on to The Fractured But Whole. Also trying to play Morrowind for the first time, which is interesting given that my entire TES experience is Skyrim and a little ESO.


16/3/1: KvSG #479 is up!

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Posted on 05-06-18 02:19:18 PM Link | Quote
For the past few months, I have been sporadically playing Wrecking Crew whenever I need to pass the time. The game is... frustrating. I had a longer post written up, but my computer crashed and I lost it, so here is a much shorter version.

One complaint I have with the game is that the mechanics are not intuitive or require a lot of experimenting to figure out. Time stops when all enemies go inside a door? Letters appear behind certain walls but only if you break them in a specific order? Santa Claus?

My biggest complaint is the very limited abilities available to the player, which leads to scenarios in which the player is doomed or stuck. There are a surprising number of ways for the player to get stuck in ways that the only way out is to press the Select button and exit to the main menu. Mario can't jump, so if Mario falls on top of a barrel that had dropped from the floor above, he has no way to get out of the knee-high pit. If a barrel drops on top of Mario, you can't do anything to escape from it and nothing can hurt you. It's a good thing the game includes a level select, or else it would be very difficult for anyone to see most of the game's 99 levels.

I think there is potential here to make a better game, and I would be happy to see a sequel that fixes the game's flaws, even if it is just a little eShop title or something.
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Posted on 05-06-18 03:59:26 PM Link | Quote
Just started playing Fable II.

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Posted on 05-09-18 07:51:01 PM Link | Quote
Undercards. It's like Hearthstone, but everything is UnderTale.
Also, Pokémon Showdown! battle simulator. It's pretty fun.
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Posted on 05-10-18 07:38:38 PM Link | Quote
Picked up Destiny 2 again the other day, now that I've got somebody to play it with, and it holds up a lot better as a group game than trying to solo everything!

Also, DK: Tropical Freeze, since I never did finish it when it came out on the WiiU.
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Posted on 05-11-18 12:47:34 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Xenesis
I bought into the breach, after nudging by about a dozen people I know independently in different places.

It IS fun.

So I'm still playing this. Outside of Overwatch team-ups with my wife this is all I've been playing for the past month+. I'm getting quite good at it, I finally got a perfect run on Hard difficulty today.

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Posted on 05-20-18 07:41:06 AM Link | Quote
just beat bionic commando for the NES a couple days ago. dunno if it qualifies as an underrated gem anymore (certainly not round these parts prolly) but it was fucken good

also beat mega man 2 on its intended difficulty for the first time recently (i know i know lol). really good and way more satisfying than easy ("normal") difficulty. but holy shit is that one boss you have to use crash bombers on fucken stupid. the 8 robot master stages are GREAT but the wily's fortress parts in general aren't great and they kinda drag the game down (though alien wily's a fun lil moment/twist lol). i still prefer mm4 & mm5 over 2

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Posted on 05-26-18 02:36:31 PM Link | Quote
update: i'm playing ragnarok online with my friends again

you can feel free to double-check the post date but it won't ever change the fact that i authored this post in 2018

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Posted on 05-26-18 03:04:54 PM (last edited by lion at 05-26-18 03:05:25 PM) Link | Quote
illusion of gaia, ffx and the occasional play of no one can stop mr domino

also started mmx7 so i can experience just how shit the game is and it's a beautiful disaster (beat stonekong and tonion)

popcorn enemies Do Not Exist in this one

upgrading axl's firepower to power plus beta right after the first maverick stage is mandatory to make the game playable which is both hilarious and terrifying because imagine having to slog through the entire game with every enemy taking 50 shots to kill unless you used zero (spoilers you do not want to use zero ever, his swings and general movement are slow as molasses, making dodging harder than in the previous three games; depth perception is also non-existant in 3d, combined with worthless fixed camera angles, his close range combat is worthless)

power plus beta at least makes enemies take like 5 shots to kill? which is what a non-upgraded buster should take in the good x games and also x6 🥁

Originally posted by Rambly
i still prefer mm4 & mm5 over 2

mm7 and mm&b here
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