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07-16-18 06:10:02 PM

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Posted on 04-10-18 04:55:12 AM Link | Quote

I have managed to avoid every and all instances of this meme. I have no idea what it's about. I'm doing well.
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Posted on 04-10-18 08:32:46 AM Link | Quote
huh, fun

speaking of avoiding memes, this reminds me that I don't get the lore behind the loss-free zone
figured I'd say that
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Posted on 04-10-18 10:17:20 PM Link | Quote
Steamed hams is a meme about steamed cheeseburgers and is a reference to a scene from the famous American sitcom, Family Matters. In the 21st episode of season 7 "The Bottle Deposit," Will Smith's character complains about the taste of a steamed cheeseburger he took a bite of, and Matt LeBlanc's character explains that he wasn't really sure on the recipe, and that he made it with "steamed hams." Most of the meme focuses on Will Smith's reaction and the bizarre accompanying laugh track.

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Posted on 04-13-18 03:27:35 AM Link | Quote
Simultaneous congratulations and condolences.
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Jul - Innocent Town - Some things, I just won't open New poll - New thread - New reply

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