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12-09-18 03:37:25 PM

Jul - Entertainment - How do you listen to your music? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 02-02-18 11:47:52 PM Link | Quote
With big over-ear headphones or just with whatever speakers are around. (Or my car's speakers, via bluetooth. )

Seconds on the Game Boy as a portable music player

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Posted on 02-02-18 11:58:08 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by sofi
i listen in the following ways:
  • w/ headphones plugged into an iPhone or iPod

  • iPhone tuned into bluetooth plugged into an Onkyo amplifier, which plays music out of Danish JamoART speakers (a killer thrift store find)

  • (during a bath) eyes closed, partially submerged into a clawfoot tub, Japanese new age and/or “world” music playing on an iPod, iTrip plugged in and broadcasting at 101.1FM; a Sangean waterproof radio sits besides it tuned into 101.1FM playing the iPod music but giving it the good ol' warm radio edge.

  • sometimes YouTube i guess

a year later, this is still true, except for the second one which now plays music directly from an iPod connected to the amplifier.
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Posted on 02-03-18 02:47:00 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by sofi
plugged into an Onkyo amplifier

We recently bought an Onkyo receiver, as our old Denon one didn't support 4K, but other devices we have do. Pretty happy with it so far. HDMI behaviour seems to be a lot better in the 5 years since we got the Denon.
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Posted on 02-04-18 09:15:43 PM Link | Quote
I use MusicBee to jam out to Tally Hall from my cheap $20 Sony headphones that I replace every 1.5 years because one of the speakers goes out EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I also use Apple's EarPods wrapped around an earbud wrapper that I fit in my pocket when I'm going to work. I plug it into my iPhone 6s and I either use the Spotify app or the built-in Music app for that.
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Posted on 02-08-18 11:44:28 AM Link | Quote
Pretty much everything is either through over-ear headphones on the desktop, or earbuds with an older MP3 player elsewhere. I occasionally use CD's in cars when driving with other people, but otherwise those don't really see use.
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Posted on 02-08-18 02:31:05 PM Link | Quote
big. cans.

I actually don't have any audiophile gear. At home I use a pair of Logitech G430 headphones with the USB dongle functioning only as a DAC. When I'm walking or at work I have a pair of chinesium bluetooth headphones that cost $40 but definitely sound better than $40. My car has a nice bluetooth sound system stock as well.

I can't stand in-ears. I would probably have to have some expensive ear canal modelling done if I were going to use in-ear monitors, but that's way too much time and money for me.

I also have a Google Home Mini that gets some use as a speaker when I'm cleaning my apartment or working on hardware or anything where headphones won't work well or I need an ear free.

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Posted on 02-08-18 09:18:26 PM Link | Quote
Usually burn CDs or make cassettes for when I'm out and about, and sometimes I'll use old iPod or N2DS XL, but when at home I generally just play stuff off of a hard drive. Sometimes I'll listen to stuff on vinyl as well.

For MIDIs, I generally use my SC-88ST but I'll also use the SB Pro MIDI mapper in Windows 9x/3.1 if I'm on my Pentium II.

In the rarest of cases I'll load up my 286, insert a floppy, and load up the Adlib Jukebox.
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Posted on 02-14-18 02:37:48 PM Link | Quote
I use an astell&kern AK70 mk1 usually with shure se215s, a 64gb SD card loaded with flacs ripped from CDs. sometimes i'll stream spotify from my phone or laptop as well, but most of it comes from CD rips.
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Posted on 02-16-18 10:04:52 AM Link | Quote
I usually use the earpods I got with my phone. If I'm at home and nobody else is around, I'll just use my computer's speakers.

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Posted on 02-16-18 08:50:20 PM Link | Quote
Edifier's@home, and now, HD700's.

Still looking for a worthy amp to get for home, on the go using a little FiiO amp..

I might be going too hard into madness.
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Posted on 02-16-18 09:32:16 PM (last edited by prism at 02-16-18 09:32:46 PM) Link | Quote
Originally posted by prism
I usually use the earpods I got with my phone. If I'm at home and nobody else is around, I'll just use my computer's speakers.

Oh, and for what I listen on, I usually use spotify on my phone.
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Posted on 02-17-18 06:50:18 AM Link | Quote
Since my dedicated MP3 player, an older Philips GoGear Ariaz, is sadly on its way out - buttons not responding, diminishing battery life, etc. -, I started listening to music on my phone more, a Samsung Galaxy A3 2017. Headphones are just some foldable ones by Sony, MDR-ZX110 or similar, forgot the exact model.

At home, it's similarly simple: Just an early 2000s JVC RX-5032V A/V receiver that my PC, consoles, etc. are all hooked up to, driving some old, probably 1970s Rosita stereo speakers; IIRC a mail-order company's brand, or at least often sold via mail-order. No idea about the speaker's wattage or anything, but my subjective opinion is that they're pretty decent.

Software on the PC is mostly WinAmp (for 15+ years and counting), with a side of Spotify if I'm looking for a specific song I might not otherwise have. YouTube not so much, unless I'm not certain if I have something locally or if Spotify has it available, then I try looking on YT.
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Posted on 02-18-18 05:13:07 PM Link | Quote
I stream with Google Play Music for work/computer/car listening, and I have a record player at home for the physical media addiction.

The computer setup is a 5.1 Logitech set I got on clearance a few months ago, and it works well enough?

My record player is hooked up to a cheap 20W mini amp and a pair of 5-inch JBLs. Hoping to get a proper receiver in the near future?
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Posted on 02-22-18 02:45:08 PM Link | Quote
I listen to a CD or I let the music play in the background while I web browsing.
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Posted on 02-22-18 02:47:16 PM Link | Quote
Bought and installed a car radio that plays music through Bluetooth/USB.

Otherwise, just regular apple headphones.

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Posted on 02-22-18 05:55:53 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by shibs
Bought and installed a car radio that plays music through Bluetooth/USB.

Otherwise, just regular apple headphones.

And I got and installed a Minidisc changer for my car. It's Awesome!
My car radio still has USB, LineIn and SD-Card slot though.

Red Koopa
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Posted on 03-20-18 11:36:28 AM Link | Quote
Using my JVC HA-RX700 headphones. I generally don't like using speakers, even when other people aren't around.

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Posted on 03-24-18 06:15:55 AM Link | Quote
Sennheiser Game Zero are our current preferred headset, hardware-wise. In practice we often wind up connecting it to a handset so we can wander around with the both of them without interruption, and on that we use the JRT Studio music player for Android. Paid (once (“remove ads”)), offline, simple and traditional-style interface, though actually a little too simple for our liking. We'd like something with less clunky search/playlist features that's still very on-device-oriented rather than being mainly a risky Cloud Service thing, but we haven't found it yet.
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Jul - Entertainment - How do you listen to your music? New poll - New thread - New reply

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