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12-18-18 07:54:31 AM

Jul - Projects and Creations - WaGa 2 [demo ver: 0.35] New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 02-03-18 02:59:11 AM Link | Quote
Hi I'm an old guy who made things in the past, and currently am making a new thing.

This will be a devlog thread where i just dump stuff and rant and talk about how I solved some issues sometimes.

What is WaGa 2?
It's the sequel to WaGa, which was a Pico8 RPG I made that was heavily influenced from SaGa.

WaGa 2 will carry on a similar race and durability system, add some fancy 3d map movement like Wizardry, weapon skills and magic, and Other Stuff.

Currently it's being developed with Three.js and being designed for web distribution. I also want to release it on android because the whole reason I'm making it is I wanted a dungeon crawler rpg on androind.

Sounds cool can I try it
Sure. I periodically upload demos at this url. At the time of writing it's at 0.35. I'll upload the title if I have a new demo.

What are some asspains you've already had to deal with?
Three.js is definitely a 3d framework and not at all an engine suited for what I want to do. A lot of the examples I've found detailing how to do things I want to do (like sprites based off screen position instead of scene coordinates) were apparently taken out of the library years ago.

Instead of placing sprites by screen coordinates, I had to make a seperate scene, with a seperate orthographic camera, and then render that scene ontop of my current scene to get HUD type stuff. But even then, placing objects on that scene had really, really weird coordinates. I kind of had to hack up the cameras top/left/etc coordinates, and then write my own translation function to place things accordingly.. but hey, it works now.

I have no idea how to 3d model, so I spent too much time trying to make a cube with different textures on it in blender, and eventually gave up and now I am just making all the geometry in the game with code. It's much, much easier for me this way.

afaik three.js doesn't seem to have any kind of input handling helpers. So I had to write my own stuff there.

Creating 2d sprites from canvas textures was a huge pain to get set up but now it works and let me make my own dynamically sized textboxes. That was a big hurdle in a game that's going to be almost entirely menubased.

Ok cool show me screenshots

Basic maze navigation with overlay.

in-engine mockup on how the battle backdrops might look.
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Posted on 02-04-18 02:59:05 PM Link | Quote
Cool new things
Polished up my textbox generation routines, added functions for multiline text since threejs doesn't support that out of the box.
Cleaned up some textures, made some other new ones.
Did some tweaks to the room generation so I can have more than just walls or not walls. Added a nonfunctional door. This worked out in the end but there have been some really fuckin weird javascript things happening that I don't get at all. Collision is broken until I can figure out why an array of ints is getting turned into an array of meshbasictextures.

Next biggie to work on
Definitely figuring out what the fucks up with that meshbasictexture thing and fix collision.
I'm currently in the middle of writing functions to manage grid menus across the game
After grid menu setup is done - Battle Flow, Pause Menu/Party management

Bonus media
theres a video this time
just showing off the new textures, and the start of a menu system

also heres one of the human enemies
a tiny fairy

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Posted on 02-05-18 09:12:06 PM Link | Quote
There's very little "delay" on the turn keys so sometimes I accidentally turn multiple times before I can unpress the key. You might want to slow down the animation a little?

The maze it made also had some 0 thickness walls, I'm not sure if that's something you want to keep since it could make mapping confusing?

Overall it looks really nice though!
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Posted on 02-09-18 08:34:31 AM (last edited by setz at 02-09-18 08:35:18 AM) Link | Quote
The wall thickness was something that always bothered me, but only recently got around to addressing (though it was ugly, it was pretty low priority to fix).

The keyboard controls are currently kinda only there for debugging (considering making the game entirely mouse driven, so theres no issues where you have to grab the mouse just to do one simple thing). I am planning this as an android game, but it's not the first time I've heard this complaint, so I'm going to add it to my notes to refuckulate input sensitivity and all that.

Got some good stuff done since the last update but no new demo because I'm in the middle of making the battle scenes.

Cool new things
completely gutted the map loading routines. Now room properties are auto-generated based off the colors in a tile map, I'm going to need around 50 floors of maze, so this is a big help.

completely gutted the map drawing routines. Now instead of drawing a cube for each room, i'm just drawing 6 planes. I'm drawing the walls offset from the edge, and made corner tiles so that things are less ugly.

wrote some stuff so i can render a scene on a texture. I could have just used a plain 2d backdrop for battles, but I really wanted to be able to do some camera and 3d effects during battle, and have the battle area itself be able to have 3d effects, so this is the only way I could think to make that happen.

made art more pretty.

Next biggie to work on
i need to make a universal menu system
currently working on the battle flow (how turns get decided, how actions get processed, win/lose conditions, etc)

new wall thickness

battle scene

I just started a new job, so work on this is probably going to slow to a crawl for awhile.

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Posted on 02-17-18 05:59:39 PM Link | Quote
Looks pretty cool, good luck with the project!
SaGa 4lyfe

the human enemies are cute too btw
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Jul - Projects and Creations - WaGa 2 [demo ver: 0.35] New poll - New thread - New reply

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