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12-14-18 09:45:22 AM

Jul - General Chat - Winter is great but New poll - New thread - New reply
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Actually a Doctor
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Posted on 02-12-18 07:29:21 PM Link | Quote
Winter is just that part of year where Australia is officially designated Not on Fire™

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Posted on 02-12-18 08:23:51 PM Link | Quote
Environment Canada said it could snow tomorrow night.

It's goddamn February, can we please be done with this shit ._.
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Posted on 02-12-18 08:31:21 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Kazinsal
It's goddamn February, can we please be done with this shit ._.

This is the coldest time of the year, though.
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Posted on 02-12-18 09:54:08 PM Link | Quote
Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, we'd be happy if the heat would end. But it's the hottest time of the year here too.

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Posted on 02-14-18 02:21:18 PM Link | Quote
It's getting to be that part of the year though, right? Where it starts to cool off.

I know the days here have been getting longer, which I can appreciate, if only because I had to spend the entire light part of the day at work... It's no fun when you leave and it's dark already :/
Harassment campaign contributor

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Posted on 02-14-18 06:34:54 PM (last edited by eifie at 02-14-18 06:36:50 PM) Link | Quote
i dont like winter, or the cold im really looking forward to spring since its my favourite season! that said i kind of enjoy shoveling snow. i think its something about clearing off the surface of the ground and being able to see it again..? i like this about rinsing dishes too.

i actually just remembered i used to play in mud as a kid and i would purposefully get plastic toys dirty and then rinse them off in our blowup pool lol. it feels refreshing to see just how the dirt comes off. i dont know! i cant explain it.
Harassment campaign contributor (w/eifie)

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Posted on 02-14-18 09:49:34 PM Link | Quote
In the southwest, winter is a bit nicer. More mild, but can still get kind of cold.
I'm fine with not seeing snow. If I really wanted to, I could just go to flagstaff but its not that important.
Summers are really shitty here though.

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Posted on 02-16-18 04:01:34 PM Link | Quote
No real snow *clap clap clap clap* ♪ deep in the heart of Texas ♪

However, we did have freezing rain suddenly for a while, and now it's rapidly alternating drizzly rain and half-hearted sun which is playing merry havoc with my mood baseline. Gyahhh.
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Jul - General Chat - Winter is great but New poll - New thread - New reply

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