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02-19-18 08:52:57 PM

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Posted on 01-11-18 12:16:27 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Tarale
I am super curious to see this too!!

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Posted on 01-11-18 12:26:42 AM Link | Quote
One of my flash drives has M.U.G.E.N. with a HUGE roster of 800+ characters and a load of stages and custom music.
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Posted on 01-11-18 12:38:44 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Xkeeper
Originally posted by Tarale
I am super curious to see this too!!


Ahhhh, that's a different Final Fantasy forum! I vaguely remember them though? I wasn't ever a member. I wonder if that's how the connection was eventually made between the Citadel and Acmlm's Board?

Posted on 01-11-18 12:40:37 AM Link | Quote
Oh, doi. It was. My mistake!

Going through my current stuff and I've found some things I wasn't quite expecting to see; I'll have to figure out what to upload later.
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Posted on 01-11-18 10:25:09 AM Link | Quote
The oldest stuff I still have somewhere is probably burned CDs from around 2002, some (very) few C64 and Amiga disks from the mid-90s notwithstanding. These aside, I do have various backup data transplanted from HDD to HDD on one of the drives in my current main system; this stuff dating back to around 2006 and later.

From the latter set of data, a terrible photo of my first laptop - a Toshiba something-or-other running Windows 2000 I had pretty much exactly 10 years ago:


Posted on 01-11-18 11:20:30 AM Link | Quote
I'm guessing that's a Toshiba Satellite of some flavor, because it looks like a slightly more modern version of the ancient laptop I have
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Posted on 01-11-18 11:31:03 AM Link | Quote
Yep, I've been searching around some and it looks like it was a Satellite 40xxCDS or CDT, possibly a 4030 or similar since the specs of that one roughly match my memory; 4030 has a Celeron 300, I think mine was in the 266 to 333 MHz range as well.

Posted on 01-11-18 03:06:14 PM Link | Quote
They were damn good computers! Especially as mine is still working

Posted on 01-13-18 10:12:49 PM Link | Quote
I threw out the 4 PCs whose hard drives I yanked, so they're just gone forever now. It was a little easier than I had expected, but I'm still a little sad about it; maybe it was just because there wasn't much of my own on any of them...
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Posted on 01-14-18 11:37:02 AM Link | Quote
I'm not terribly attached to data, so I'm not too concerned about losing stuff. I'll back up what's really important, but for anything else, I don't particularly care. As a result, I don't have a long history of data on my current computer. I suppose the longest lasting thing is probably my music collection, built from long days of browsing OCRemix for some nice mixes, and whatever bands I may have been into at the time.

Posted on 01-14-18 01:22:16 PM Link | Quote
I actually had a collection of a bunch of OCRs up to about 1300 or so on one of the drives, that I just deleted. Because I didn't really like most of them and I can get them elsewhere, anyway.

Taking backups is one of those smart things I wish I had done more often.

Posted on 01-14-18 01:45:05 PM Link | Quote

funny to see this now, back when it was still sort of a secret that it existed

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Posted on 01-14-18 03:21:23 PM Link | Quote
I wonder if my terrible "snipe nonexistent threads by abusing the reply form" posts existed on there yet.

Posted on 01-14-18 03:22:36 PM Link | Quote
Sad fact, that board no longer works properly. If you can even manage to access it, which requires some hosts file fudgery, posts just aren't saved now.

It's almost poetic.

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Posted on 01-14-18 06:03:49 PM Link | Quote
you mean Acmlm's server *is* still somewhere?

I was under the impression that it became completely inaccessible once cbj dot net went down

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Posted on 01-14-18 06:59:05 PM Link | Quote
Perhaps it does exist.
Perhaps it doesn't.
We don't really know for sure.
For all we know, they're echoes in the depths of the web.
Old sounds trapped in the wires.
A hum the web doesn't yet wish to forget.

Posted on 01-14-18 08:34:08 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Kak
you mean Acmlm's server *is* still somewhere?

I was under the impression that it became completely inaccessible once cbj dot net went down

It's still there, but as far as I'm aware you have manually create a hosts file entry for with his IP, because there doesn't seem to be a default virtualhost.
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Posted on 01-15-18 11:14:12 PM Link | Quote
I've never been very well organized, so every time I had to switch computers, I would copy everything I thought could be relevant into a folder like "old junk" or the like, and then copy all that over along with the stuff I knew definitely was relevant. So I "accidentally" kept quite a lot of my data.

That only ended because when my previous computer was about to die, I couldn't guarantee keeping it stable very long, so to minimize the chance of something going horribly wrong, I copied only the stuff I could actually remember using.

Admittedly, that did include my entire My Pictures and writing folders. So I've still got some terrifying old junk in there, just a lot less of it than before.
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Posted on 01-17-18 12:20:19 AM Link | Quote
I have all my hard drives since like… the early 2000s I think? I haven't tried to get files off any of them in basically ever, so who knows what's there. I know I definitely have chat logs dating to 1997ish though, since I log everything and (used to) import the logs into whatever new computer or OS I get.

On the other hand, a year or so ago I went to my parents' house and raided the attic for old boxes and found a lot of probably best forgotten things from my childhood… including a box containing my baby teeth, in case anyone wanted a sympathetic connection to me :x

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Posted on 01-20-18 04:56:17 AM Link | Quote
I used to care a lot about archivism, but I've gotten worse at it over time, I guess... there's massive (years-long) gaps in my IRC/IM logs because I stopped caring about maintaining them -- partly that's just cuz certain protocols I used for IM didn't/don't really lend themselves to log portability (Skype's really bad about this, as is Discord), but also a lot of the reason I stopped caring as much is cuz reading over logs makes me pretty unhappy... I also got pretty comfy with the idea of deleting anything that didn't have value to me anymore. Anything that does have value, though, I tend to keep forever. I have photos I took from 2004 that are intact! I have old Zelda Classic quests I made with Last Modified dates from 2001, too... I also backed up all my phone text messages to XML and saved those, too.

I guess to answer the question, whether or not I keep stuff totally depends on if I think I'll want to look back on it or not. Generally I haven't had a lot of regrets about the stuff I haven't kept, but very occasionally I get to wanting some stuff I deleted...
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