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Posted on 11-12-17 04:47:15 PM (last edited by divingkataetheweirdo at 11-12-17 04:47:56 PM) Link | Quote
Real life is catching up to me very fast. There's been quite a bit added as of late, but here are some of the more notable additions to the site. The site already has 11,000 articles and is bound to have plenty more.

Super Mario Odyssey - No one has hacked into this game or even found more than one regional difference. Definitely an article to improve upon.

Sonic Forces - This game has many signs it was rushed and so it seems apt for an article to made for it. Expect more to be here soon.

Overgrowth - Humongous shout-outs to Constance for putting in the work for this article. It's got some unfinished sections, but it seems to be progressing quite well. There's still the debug and level editor stuff to do, which is quite extensive. Its predecessor, Lugaru, is in need of an article.

Dropsy - Some unused graphics here have been uncovered.

The Spirit Engine - This article doesn't have much love, which is a shame honestly. Someone want to help Aquellex out?

Cuphead - Plenty of things have been found so far, not the least of which being the debug menu.

PlayStation 2 games - Punk7890 has been digging through no small number of PS2 games for debug menus for some time now. It's surprising just how many of these were only found.

Adobe Flash games - Firefox now blocks Flash embeds by default, giving more reason to hurry up. Needless to say, Smoke has.

Atari 8-bit family games - Here are some old games. This isn't a popular category at all, so it took a while for something to be added here. A couple of these have been known for some time, but others are new like Dimension X.

Kuro-chan is adding several RPG titles for various Japanese computers. Athena is doing all sorts of titles, mainly geared toward niche audiences.

As for games to add...

Armored Core series - Yes, we are missing the whole series here.

Azure Dreams - The PlayStation game still needs to be added

Syphon Filter series - An article for the first game was made a long time ago, but deleted due to a lack of quality, images, and verifiability.

Colony Wars - No community here for looking into this title or its sequel.

Monster Rancher series - Aside from a battle card game on the GB, there's nothing for the series here.

There are countless more games from the 5th generation onward to add. To list them all would be an exhaustive task.

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Posted on 12-16-17 10:47:17 PM (last edited by divingkataetheweirdo at 12-16-17 11:26:31 PM) Link | Quote
The year is ending fast. Needless to say, I dug through whatever 8-bit and 16-bit computer games I could think of and even added many that were long missing from the site. DOS is finally catching up with the Mac OS Classic article-wise.

We now have a Discord channel up and running too.

Anyhow, what have our editors been up to recently?

Shadow Warrior (1997) - Teflon dig some serious digging this year and this is one big example. The prototype pages got an especially huge do-over, what with 3DR releasing many prototypes for this game this year.

Roblox - Loads of version differences coming soon.

Dragon Power - rabidabid has uploaded some more regional diffs here, giving this page some much-needed updating.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box - A translation comparison has had a massive undertaking by Mr. Kite.

Pokémon Ranger - SunakazeKun got a headstart on this game.

Tak and the Power of Juju - Most of what's been uncovered so far are unused audio clips. Anyone got an idea how to dig through anything else?

Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles - There are loads more regional differences to add here. An article has just begun here for this, so there's also plenty room to start digging.

Super Mario Odyssey - Nintendo patched an exploit in the Switch firmware, making dumps harder to do. It will take a while before proper data examination can happen.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - Iryito has just begun digging into this game, which really needs an article.

Mighty No. 9 - No article as of yet, but various people have tried to take a stab at making an article for this game.

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Posted on 01-14-18 05:58:30 PM (last edited by divingkataetheweirdo at 01-14-18 08:13:50 PM) Link | Quote
The new year is finally in swing, and boy, there is a lot to talk about.

Let's start with some of the last edits of 2017...

Dynamite Dux (Amiga, Atari ST) - This easter egg was only uncovered properly by Codetapper, nearly 30 years after its original release.

Nintendo Switch - A recently deleted easter egg of sorts was removed recently from the firmware, but its memory lives on here. That aside, there's a lot more to find here.

Shadow Man: 2econd Coming - This game was rushed horribly and this is only the very tip of the iceberg. If there are any more unused clips, be our guest and upload them.

SNES Classic Edition - My last big contribution of 2017 (to memory). The original article more or less was a copy from Wikipedia, but there was something found in the firmware and the regional differences are now up.

LameDuke - Ah yes, the prototype of Duke Nukem 3D from 1995 that is very common. We now have more info than ever than ever, and the article got a huge improvement just in time. Enormous thanks to Teflon for his undertaking.

Sordoth's Castle - A rather bewildering find by Daxeria. This happened to be the very last new article of 2017.

And now... What has 2018 brought us thus far?

Anachronox - Surprisingly, this game didn't even get an entry on the CTE page. However, there have been a few things found so far, thanks to Moof.

Karnov (NES) - I've gotten the intro up for this game, but the endings need to be added. Still, it's been on the CTE page for years now and it's about time it got some love too. We don't have the Arcade version still.

D/Generation (DOS) - Someone created a page to talk about some rooms they found a while back, but couldn't find these again. A prototype has been uncovered, and there's a slimmer of a page too. Here's a hidden gem to tear apart and it's relatively easy for a DOS game.

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Posted on 01-15-18 04:28:09 PM Link | Quote
Wait, they removed Golf from the Switch?
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Posted on 01-15-18 06:37:11 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Xkeeper
Wait, they removed Golf from the Switch?

Yes, they did that in a recent system update.

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Posted on 02-25-18 03:23:27 PM (last edited by divingkataetheweirdo at 02-25-18 03:23:45 PM) Link | Quote
Oh my goodness, where to begin. There's been a lot going on over at the wiki.

PlayStation games - There are now fewer of these than there are for PlayStation 2.

PlayStation 2 games - Thanks to PCSX2 and its awesome debugging abilities, Punk7890 and Athena have been hacking into games and finding debug stuff like crazy, particularly in the many niche titles the system has.

Sega CD games - A few mildly interesting abstract/bibliography/copyright files and hidden cheats are added, but nothing much besides that yet. 30% of the library is up so far. Who wants to do the remaining 70%?

Windows games - A new user named AdamP is now going through several of MS's own bundled games and documenting various tidbits that weren't on the site previously. Probably the most noteworthy thus far is the hidden debug stuff in Gearheads.

Arcade games - Early Konami games are being looked into by GoldS, which so far include, but are not limited to, Astro Invader, Scramble, Super Cobra, and The End. There's also the games made by Chris and Tim Stamper before they founded Ultimate Play The Game, with the earliest credit found so far being Vortex.

Electronic Chess games - AttackedByGlitch's first big batch of edits this year. So far it's mostly just dev credits, but there are also debug/diagnostic screens hidden in these.

Super Mario Odyssey - Back and better than ever. So far, the tools for digging into Switch games have been made, but they're not publicly available to my knowledge. Still, a few lucky people do have the tools and there's quite a bit found here thus far.

Pac-in-Time (DOS), Taiyou no Yuusha: Firebird - Two games that have been on the CTE page for a long, long time (especially the former).

Panzer Dragoon Saga - As the Saturn is one of the more overlooked consoles on the site, it's no surprise it took so long to get the page up. Here it is though. It could use some work to get the debug menu better documented at least.

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (DOS) - Here's a title that's been underlooked. So far, all that's here are version differences.

Felix the Cat (NES) - Here's a slight surprise, the Japanese text for the cutscenes is intact. Even the loading routine is there.

Monster Rancher series - The first few main titles have been peeked into and there's more to be found. Do note that the games tend to be slightly difficult to hack.

MySims games - We recently got a bunch of articles for these, but much of the information is copied straight from the MySims Wikia. Possibly because the original authors of those don't know how to hack into these. It'd be nice to see if there's actual content to be found within these games' data.
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