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12-12-17 09:59:57 AM

Jul - TCRF - Weird Discoveries New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 07-09-17 03:07:59 AM (last edited by Vera at 07-09-17 06:27:10 AM) Link | Quote
Originally posted by devin
Bottom left is Sônia Rosa ‎– A Bossa Rosa De Sônia.

Thanks. I just found it too, but I got sniped by the site backup.

Interesting to note that according to Discogs, there's only ever been one reissue of that record, and the CD came out when Elebits would have been in development.

e: In fact, several of those albums were reissued in 2006, all on the same label. It seems like someone sent Konami's art team to the record store and told them to pick out a bunch of reference material.

ee: Not sure how much of this was already known, but UI elements from the E3 demo are still in the retail version

Most of it is instructional and not terribly interesting, but hey. The above looks like a later version of the screen seen at E3 2006, possibly mocked up after the introduction of Orange Elebits, but never used. The loading screen with the controls and the ranking screen are both identical to the versions on the retail disc, none of which are seen during normal gameplay.

There's also what looks like an earlier version of the main menu icons.
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Posted on 07-31-17 11:32:03 AM (last edited by Vera at 07-31-17 12:25:30 PM) Link | Quote
There are a large number of unused voice lines in Blaster Master: Blasting Again. In fact, maybe only a sixth of it is actually used ingame. Most of it is instructional, like Elfie explaining your subweapons, or how to use switches. A lot of what it covers is presented in text only (although not verbatim and edited way down), or not at all. Lots of banter about locked doors and nonexistent keys. Eve was supposed to talk to you about Kaiser, as well.

Most interestingly, there are references to a "Titan Shield" used to protect the Sophia J-7 against electromagnetic radiation, and some section where Elfie actually accompanies Roddy into the caves, neither of which happen in the game. They also make reference to breakable walls, which do not appear in the game, eiher. I thought it was strange that you don't receive an upgrade after defeating the third boss, so perhaps the dry spell is because a lot of content for the fourth area was cut.

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Posted on 08-03-17 12:15:47 PM Link | Quote
I noticed on a Vinesauce stream that True Lies for Game Boy has a BSOD screen that lets you page through memory. Someone less lazy could try to get screenshots of it.

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Posted on 08-05-17 09:03:16 AM Link | Quote
I was looking through the files from Initial D Arcade Stage 6AA's folder (the game runs on RingEdge) and in the data/DEMO/bgmse folder there's a file called name_loop.wav that's the name entry/select music from Crazy Taxi (the drum loop).
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Posted on 09-06-17 08:42:35 PM Link | Quote
From the debug menu of River City Ransom: Underground, you can access a few retro palettes that I've never seen in-game before.

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Posted on 09-18-17 06:58:41 AM Link | Quote
Digging into my KEmulator (J2ME emulator) folder, I noticed that the idx and rms files produced by the J2ME version of Asphalt Nitro are called A6_v2.

Considering that the J2ME version of Asphalt Nitro is basically the J2ME version of Asphalt 6: Adrenaline with some features from Asphalt 8: Airborne such as barrel rolls/jump ramps (from which the Android game is based from, being marketed as a lightweight version of Asphalt 8), this doesn't sound surprising to me.
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Posted on 09-21-17 10:10:14 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by *67
From the debug menu of River City Ransom: Underground, you can access a few retro palettes that I've never seen in-game before.

That "NES palette" looks closer to an EGA palette to me. I'd be willing to bet that the green component of that brown color is pretty close to half of the red component.
Annoying fuzzball
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Posted on 09-22-17 02:18:24 AM (last edited by Foxhack at 09-22-17 02:18:58 AM) Link | Quote
Originally posted by LocalH
Originally posted by *67
From the debug menu of River City Ransom: Underground, you can access a few retro palettes that I've never seen in-game before.

That "NES palette" looks closer to an EGA palette to me. I'd be willing to bet that the green component of that brown color is pretty close to half of the red component.

You could be right.

(This is a Commander Keen title screen in EGA. The colors are very close to my eyes.)
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Posted on 09-22-17 08:11:12 PM Link | Quote
So after having looked at the Zelda 1 prerelease page and noticing a few things, I found from Chris Covell's site that there was also footage recorded during the development of Super Mario Bros. that was released by Nintendo as part of a 30th anniversary interview in 2015.

While watching that, I noticed that there are some sprite differences. First of all, they appeared to be using Mario's Donkey Kong palette at the time. Second of all, there are a few differing pixels in Super Mario's standing pose (in fact, there are even slight differences between the digitizer screen and the graph paper). Third of all, Small Mario's has a two pixel longer mustache than in the final. Biggest of all, however, is that there is one frame of Small Mario's walk cycle with an almost completely different design, which of course was reverted to be more like the same frame in Mario's Donkey Kong walk cycle.

Here's a good look at the version of Super Mario that is on paper. The top half of his head is not filled in, but if you look closely there is an outline that appears to match the final.

Here's a look at Small Mario's standing pose. The horrible head switching noise unfortunately makes it hard to discern the bottom part in this picture but it can also be seen in another frame of the video. It doesn't even seem like they used a time-base corrector when they digitized this footage, friggin amateurs.

Here's a better look at the part of the sprite that was obscured by head switching noise, but unfortunately the time code display covers the rest of the sprite. You can also start getting a good look at the interface on their digitizer. You can probably also notice some sprite differences as well.

Here you can get a pretty much complete image of the Super Mario standing pose on the digitizer. Notice his eye is a 2x2 solid block instead of the L shape that is in the final, and that you can barely see on the paper. See that Small Mario head at the bottom right of the frame?

It's a completely different design of that particular frame of his walk cycle than was used in both Donkey Kong and the final SMB (which are much more similar to each other).

Sometime in the near future I plan on making pixel-exact mockups of these sprites, unless someone else wants to
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Posted on 09-29-17 02:46:36 PM Link | Quote
I can't recall if I asked before, but what is the opinion on pre-release screenshots?
I mean, like the Final Fantasy Adventure manual (at least the Sunsoft release, which I have. But I feel like Sunsoft just took the original packaging and replace Square's name) I know has a few pre-release localizations.
I recall the first gameplay line was longer, and Dark Lord being called Darknight (I think the former was the final name).

Posted on 09-29-17 03:05:20 PM Link | Quote
What do you mean? Those go on the Prerelease page like any other, don't they?
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Posted on 10-01-17 05:17:39 PM Link | Quote
This has probably been discovered before, but wasn't mentioned on the Wiki. Inside the Fallout 4 executable, there's some residual data for an older version of the game in the form of icons and an XML file for the old Windows Game Explorer. The icons themselves are nothing special, they're actually just Skyrim's, which makes sense. The interesting part is that the XML file identifies the game as Institute, which would have been FO4's codename.
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Posted on 10-19-17 01:25:32 PM Link | Quote
Kiddy Kong is internally referred to as Dinky in DKC3. Makes sense-- on top of being his Japanese name, it was one of the six up for consideration in English during development.

Interestingly, it also looks like there are a few places where he's referred to as "DJ" (another of the proposed names).

Some other DKC3 finds: Klubba text in French at 0x37F67D. A chunk of this was overwritten with FFs in the Japanese ROM ("vos postes" to "vous avisez"):

hh!... C'est 15 pi}ces Krem. pour traverser..... Tous | vos postes, v'l| les. ouistitis! Vous choisissez,. morveux, vous m'filez le butin. ou j'vous mets sur la planche.... Sacrebleu! Elle est o‚. l'oseille? Pas d'oseille,. pas de pont, moussaillons!.... Saperlipopette, chimpanz~s. pouilleux! Je vous attends. foies jaunes, essayez un peu. de traverser le pont de Klubba. sans payer!... Faites sonner les doublons,. singes pel~s!.... Aarrgghh! Revoil| ces foutus. sacs | puces! Tribut non pay~,. malandrin pi~tin~, vu?... Sacrebleu! Ne vous avisez pas. de poser vos sales pognes sur. mon or, ou je vous d~coupe en. rondelles!..... C'est pas avec `a que je vais. vous laisser passer, nom de. nom!..... C'est tout? Bouffeurs de. bananes, maudits terriens!..... Vous allez vous en prendre. dans l'arri}re train si vous. ne m'en ramenez pas plus!..... Encore un coup comme `a et je. vous fais manger les algues. par la racine. Aarrgghh!.... Qu'est ce qui ne va pas? Nos. salles de bonus sont trop bien. cach~es pour des macaques. pouilleux de votre esp}ce!... Hhaa, hhaa, hhaa! Plut.t me. faire d~vorer par les requins. que de me faire rouler de la. sorte!..... Du vent, macaques puants!...... Ne revenez pas,. chiens maudits!..... Circulez, marins. d'eau douce!..... Revenez quand vous voulez. une vol~e. Ha ha!..... Affrontez mon courroux,. t.tes | poux!..... Que le diable vous emporte!...... Par ici, les amis! Je viens de. cirer le pont rien que pour. vous!.... Que les vents vous soient. favorables en cette belle. journ~e!.... K. Rool est une vraie crapule.. J'esp}re que gr{ce | vous ses. stratag}mes vont tomber |. l'eau..... Voici mes fr}res singes! Ce. baril vous appartient, faites-. en ce que vous voulez!.... Mes barils sont | vous, venez. les prendre quand `a vous. pla€t.....

What looks like leftover Cranky text from DKC2, also in French. 0x37AB20:

ke. m~riter mieux que de moisir. dans cet abri de fortune.... Quelle id~e de s'appeler. Dixie, franchement! De mon. temps, avoir un nom c'~tait. d~j| pas mal.... Une h~ro„ne de jeux vid~o,. pff! Je n'y crois pas! Un. h~ros, `a devrait .tre une. masse de muscles arm~e. jusqu'aux dents, pas quelqu'un. qui joue | la marelle!.. Essayez toujours, mais ce jeu. n'a vraiment aucun int~r.t |. c.t~ de DKC, qui n'~tait d~j|. pas une gloire!... Simplement parce que DKC s'est. bien vendu, il faut maintenant. que je me donne en spectacle. dans cette aventure d~bile!. Mais c'est bien la derni}re. fois!... Quel imb~cile ce Donkey! Moi,. dans mon jeune temps je. n'aurais jamais ~t~ captur~!.... Je n'ai pas deux. ~crans pour moi! Je suis sƒr. que K. Rool en a deux. . Pourquoi pas moi alors?... Il est encore temps de laisser. tomber avant que les gosses ne. s'aper`oivent que le meilleur. c'~tait Donkey!.... O‚ est donc pass~e Expresso?. Une araign~e empot~e et un. perroquet lourdaud, on aura. tout vu!... Regardez-moi toutes ces. cochonneries! Ils traitent ma. ma. on comme si c'~tait une. d~charge publique, aucun. respect pour leurs a€n~s!... Quelle plaie de rester enferm~. dans ce baril miteux,. j'aimerais mieux .tre assis. dehors comme la derni}re fois..... Cette fois-ci, K. Rool va vous. donner une racl~e, bande de. garnements! Je viens | la. rescousse, `a m'~vitera de. vous voir rougir de honte!... Tous pour un? Je n'ai jamais. entendu une telle {nerie! De. mon temps, j'~tais seul contre. tous!.. Ne serait-il pas plus logique. que Dixie soit une jolie. princesse que l'on viendrait. arracher des griffes des. m~c

And something in German at 0x3C7FDD, which was blanked out entirely in the Japanese version:

Junge¡H\tte ich dir Gr^nschnabeìgar nicht zugetraut¡.'ne ganze Horde Kremlingóganz allein fertig gemacht¬da lacht das stolze Opa-Herz¡.Schau mal in deinem Lageònach! Du k]nntest einånette ^berraschung erleben¡.Gl^ckwunsch, Rotes Team¡.Den Krokodilen habt ihòes aber gegeben, die habôihr ausgetrickst¡.Was wohl mit dem GelbeîTeam passiert ist? Braucheîwohl mehr Training, was¿.Was wohl mit dem RoteîTeam passiert ist? Braucheîwohl mehr Training, was¿.Gl^ckwunsch, Gelbes Team¡.H\tte ich gespielt¬h\tte ich ALLES gefunden¡.Da gibt es sicher noch eiî.....

I'm not sure how much of this is still present in the European ROM, since I don't have it on hand.
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Posted on 10-23-17 10:05:46 AM Link | Quote
I recently read a comment on YouTube about getting into the main files of the Transformers Armada game for Playstation 2. Turns out that comment was legit, and I've walked away with a few interesting bits:

First, in the archive is a folder named "PLAYER". This folder contains plain text files scripted in what looks like something akin to Quake 3 scripting. It has basic physics data for the 3 main playable Autobots (Hot Shot, Red Alert, and Optimus Prime), but also data for Decepticons, and for two other Autobots! The Autobots were meant to have Sparkplug and Smokescreen join their ranks possibly down the line in the game, while the player data for the Decepticons has Cyclonus, Demolishor (who does not appear in the game proper at all), Megatron, Scavenger and Starscream. These extra characters are all stat clones of Optimus, according to the files though.

It doesn't seem like any of these extra characters got anywhere, though, as in another folder, aptly titled "STRINGS" reveals that only Smokescreen and Scavenger have name strings present, with no descriptions unlike the other Autobots. They are also missing nearly every other essential file that I've been able to identify.
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Posted on 10-25-17 06:45:41 PM Link | Quote
Asphalt 8 is going to have a Despicable Me 3 car. Since I was told the car wouldn't be purchasable or usable outside an event, this seems like the old GT Academy-only cars back in GT5 and GT6 days...

(It's on my sandbox page, btw.)
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Posted on 11-12-17 06:56:13 PM Link | Quote
So I got an SNES Classic, and being me, I've already broken it.

If you leave it alone for a minute, it goes into a demo/attract mode, and I was adjusting my brightness on my TV (I didn't realize I had missed the mark so much.)

Well, it seems that so long as a game has a save point, even if it's one not already on the system, it'll attempt a demo of it, even if that demo is rapidly hitting up a few times, followed by A.

Just something odd.

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Posted on 11-29-17 01:39:08 AM Link | Quote
Interesting secret character in the Game Boy version of NBA Jam Tournament Edition:

Access: At the initial entry screen, highlight "R" and press B, highlight "P" and press Start, highlight "R" and press A.

This appears to be Torus Games' (who developed the Game Boy port of Tournament Edition) then-mascot, as evidenced by their logo used in the game's intro:

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Posted on 12-05-17 08:17:11 AM Link | Quote
So...remember that weird concept art in MegaMan Legacy Collection 2 that we had never seen before and was somehow grouped with other MM8 concept art?
Well...let's say there was a good reason we couldn't recognize that concept art... :3
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