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11-19-17 05:34:13 AM

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Posted on 11-12-17 04:47:15 PM (last edited by divingkataetheweirdo at 11-12-17 04:47:56 PM) Link | Quote
Real life is catching up to me very fast. There's been quite a bit added as of late, but here are some of the more notable additions to the site. The site already has 11,000 articles and is bound to have plenty more.

Super Mario Odyssey - No one has hacked into this game or even found more than one regional difference. Definitely an article to improve upon.

Sonic Forces - This game has many signs it was rushed and so it seems apt for an article to made for it. Expect more to be here soon.

Overgrowth - Humongous shout-outs to Constance for putting in the work for this article. It's got some unfinished sections, but it seems to be progressing quite well. There's still the debug and level editor stuff to do, which is quite extensive. Its predecessor, Lugaru, is in need of an article.

Dropsy - Some unused graphics here have been uncovered.

The Spirit Engine - This article doesn't have much love, which is a shame honestly. Someone want to help Aquellex out?

Cuphead - Plenty of things have been found so far, not the least of which being the debug menu.

PlayStation 2 games - Punk7890 has been digging through no small number of PS2 games for debug menus for some time now. It's surprising just how many of these were only found.

Adobe Flash games - Firefox now blocks Flash embeds by default, giving more reason to hurry up. Needless to say, Smoke has.

Atari 8-bit family games - Here are some old games. This isn't a popular category at all, so it took a while for something to be added here. A couple of these have been known for some time, but others are new like Dimension X.

Kuro-chan is adding several RPG titles for various Japanese computers. Athena is doing all sorts of titles, mainly geared toward niche audiences.

As for games to add...

Armored Core series - Yes, we are missing the whole series here.

Azure Dreams - The PlayStation game still needs to be added

Syphon Filter series - An article for the first game was made a long time ago, but deleted due to a lack of quality, images, and verifiability.

Colony Wars - No community here for looking into this title or its sequel.

Monster Rancher series - Aside from a battle card game on the GB, there's nothing for the series here.

There are countless more games from the 5th generation onward to add. To list them all would be an exhaustive task.
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Jul - TCRF - The Semi-Official TCRF Progress Topic New poll - New thread - New reply

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