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11-19-17 10:57:24 PM

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Posted on 11-11-17 12:32:19 PM Link | Quote
Give me some examples of NES games that are generally thought of as bad games. Can be USA, Europe, or Japan.

This is for research, but didn't feel it was worth posting on the Gaming forum.


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Posted on 11-15-17 07:32:25 AM (last edited by Lunaria at 11-15-17 07:35:47 AM) Link | Quote
Deadly Towers.

Though, fun fact, once you actually get past the complete garbage early game and start getting some power ups, it's a lot more manageable. The game also features some interesting ideas too, I don't remember if all of the dungeons (aka towers) did this, but I know at least some had a "dark side" alternate world to them and stuff.

Oh, I should note, the music is probably the worst part of the game, not because the tracks are always "bad", but because of how they loop every screen and because of how short they are.

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Posted on 11-18-17 08:08:43 PM Link | Quote
Oh man.

Bart vs. The Space Mutants

Just... did they even playtest the second level or were the testers so practiced in timing and performing some very awkward jumps during the platforming over wet concrete section, I might have had better luck making it to the thrid level.

I can finish stinking Donkey Kong Country in under an hour and yet I can barely crack this crap.
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