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01-17-18 10:40:38 AM

Jul - Craziness Domain - A great proliferation of tabs New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 08-12-17 10:27:21 AM Link | Quote
It seems the more devices I have, the more perpetual tabs I collect. Just stuff I looked up once and mean to do something with… and then don't do anything with…

Currently 16 on my phone, 35 on my iPad.

There's none on my computer BECAUSE CHROME LOST THEM ALL AFTER AN OS UPDATE. This was distressing at first…

How many tabs do you have open? Is it getting out of hand for you, too?

Moon Bunny! :3
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Posted on 08-12-17 10:29:38 AM Link | Quote
Usually over a hundred on palemoon. :V
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Posted on 08-12-17 10:31:43 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Lunaria
Usually over a hundred on palemoon. :V


I'm having trouble finding things on the iPad with just 35!
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Posted on 08-12-17 10:32:46 AM Link | Quote
I used to have the problems with having hundreds of tabs open and refusing to let go of them.

About two years ago though I started using an exception to auto-close tabs after sometime. Currently I'm using Dustman set to auto-close inactive tabs after two hours. This saves me from running off the chart and if I know there's something important I don't want to lose I can just pin it until I'm done with it. It's great not to have to worry about RAM usage as well.

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
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Posted on 08-12-17 10:52:09 AM Link | Quote
my phone often gets up to about 80 or 90 tabs open, but at that point i go in and close all the ones i don't want anymore, going back down to about seven or eight

happens about once a month

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Posted on 08-12-17 11:59:16 AM Link | Quote

i love tabs, but i hate having too many open.

don't get me wrong--when i am getting really into work & need a lot of tabs open, i'll open them. in such situations, i may amass up to 25 or so, but never more than that.

otherwise, i try to only have tabs relevant to a task at hand open, closing anything irrelevant. so in this case, right now, my task is catching up on Jul, for which i only need Jul open. i also further reduce my tab count through the utilization of apps & non-browser clients.

as you can see above, i am chatting on Facebook Messenger as well as IRC. so i can chat with my friends w/o contributing to the clutter of my browser.

why the minimalism?

in Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, we learn about the こんまり (KonMari) method of organizing. Kondo-sensei advises us to gather all of our belongings and confront them one-by-one, keeping only the ones that spark joy, or ときめく (tokimeku). In her words:
Originally posted by Marie Kondo
I was obsessed with what I could throw away. One day, I had a kind of nervous breakdown and fainted. I was unconscious for two hours. When I came to, I heard a mysterious voice, like some god of tidying telling me to look at my things more closely. And I realized my mistake: I was only looking for things to throw out. What I should be doing is finding the things I want to keep. Identifying the things that make you happy: that is the work of tidying.

i like to think of my browser and desktop as a part of my home, one that is also in need of the life-changing magic. in essence, the desktop is my virtual home--one in which i lounge, listen to music, put up wallpaper, furnish the walls (widgets), have friends over, read books, read the news, etc.

the result of applying the life-changing magic is the creation of a virtual environment that brings tremendous joy. i love having only one tab open!

thank you for reading.

Posted on 08-12-17 02:57:11 PM Link | Quote
I tend to accumulate tabs for things I was looking into, but after a while I just use the "Close all tabs to the right" option to nuke anything I don't think I need any more. Accumulating tabs never quite bothered me or felt like overload unless I had so many I couldn't even see the icons.

One tab just seems too little (I have to keep email open at the least)
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Posted on 08-13-17 02:33:07 AM Link | Quote
I wish I had sofi's discipline, but I only seem to pull that off at work. I wasn't doing so badly at home until recently though. Now my tabs function as a to-do list and reference book (and I'm not doing all the to-dos, and I keep forgetting the stuff I read).

Used to be better at Inbox Zero too, but some stuff keeps happening lately and that's also slipping. Not as badly, because it's easy to delete emails from my phone when I'm stuck with the baby, but there are a few to-dos in there too.
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Posted on 08-13-17 03:46:15 AM (last edited by Dorito at 08-13-17 03:49:11 AM) Link | Quote
if you have a shit ton of monitors then you can apply the same principle!!!

main browsing window on main monitor, 2 discords on side portrait monitor, twitter/facebook/rocket league stats on top monitor, and mIRC on top left monitor

gotta stay fresh and #woke

i'm also keeping my work email inbox at under 20 emails as a list of action items, because i don't want to be the 1000+ unreads that plagues all my colleagues


note the bottom left monitor; the power keeps dying on my monitor, maybe due to a loose cable somewhere, and I'm too lazy to fix it so I'll deal with 4
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Posted on 08-16-17 03:44:30 PM Link | Quote
In my computer, around 2-5 while I'm browsing, with one having a video or song playing. If I'm watching an LP or something of the sort, I usually keep the channel's/playlist's page in a separate tab as well for easy access. I try to be careful with how many tabs I have open because my GFX card has a few issues with high VRAM usage from time to time.

In my phone, mostly 1-4 tabs, always trying to keep less than 7-10 open.

I end up being moderately organized with the tabs I have open all things considered.

Posted on 08-17-17 08:12:03 PM Link | Quote
I used to be really great at inbox zero, but these days I just find it too overwhelming to bother. I usually let them pile up until I get 100 and then nuke them all at once.

Part of it is just that I have a lot of ancient "to dos" that I should probably just nuke.

gg photobucket
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Posted on 08-18-17 05:25:24 PM Link | Quote
Though most of the time I really only have about 4 tabs open, I have a tendency to open up to 30 tabs when I'm looking for something (in particular on wikis)...

..which is why I have a Firefox extension that allows me to unload them from memory, but keep it in the list of tabs. When I was using FF 38 ESR this extension worked perfectly, but now that I upgraded to a more recent version, unloaded tabs become blank when restarting. What a shame, since it takes away the ability to leave "to do" tabs.

I should be looking at a replacement for it

Posted on 08-18-17 06:21:13 PM Link | Quote
You could probably find something similar that outright closed tabs instead and put them into a special bookmark folder or something; not quite the same, but fairly close...
Zero One
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That a hero'll come and save us all,
As we call the ones we left below,
We all dream of the day we rise above
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Posted on 08-19-17 03:51:16 PM Link | Quote
I have 46 tabs open in Vivaldi, split across 3 windows, and 6 or 7 on my phone. Thankfully, The Great Suspender means I don't have memory issues. Of course, that's also true from having 32GB of RAM for Vivaldi to consume...
M'Lord, there's a knife in your head!
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Posted on 08-27-17 12:54:38 AM Link | Quote
I still to this day avoid using tabs as much as I can, only because whenever I close a window, I always take all the tabs with it, regardless of any hundreds of warnings it will outright state to me.

Having a shitton of windows, however, is a whole different story...
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Jul - Craziness Domain - A great proliferation of tabs New poll - New thread - New reply

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