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12-10-18 10:15:44 PM

Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Mario RPG Unused Enemy New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 04-03-17 11:42:09 PM Link | Quote
On the page for Super Mario RPG, in the unused enemy section, there's an entry for an unused enemy that has a few animations, but no graphics for it. I believe that I've found a pre-released screenshot of that enemy, which might be worth referencing on the page. Below is a screenshot that I found in a series of magazine scans that I had downloaded some time ago. It appears to match the layout of the enemy.


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Posted on 04-04-17 08:33:24 PM Link | Quote
Nice find. Shame its graphics appear to have been deleted, though I will admit it does look a little strange. Like a cacti monster, almost.


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Posted on 04-04-17 09:26:16 PM Link | Quote
That definitely looks like it could be it! I compared the image to the tile layout (using Mallow and the bushes for scale) and it fits perfectly. Judging by the design, it looks like the spikes would have extended upwards during the third animation, and would have stuck out its mouth (nose? tongue? pacifier?) during the fourth animation.

Judging by the immobile plant design and the round plant shown on the edge of the screenshot (cactus?), I am going to guess that this thing was eventually replaced by Artichoker.
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Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Mario RPG Unused Enemy New poll - New thread - New reply

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