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12-17-18 03:13:23 PM

Jul - SM64 Hacking (Archive) - Introduce yourself here. DON'T ACT LIKE AN IDIOT IN THIS FORUM OR YOU WILL BE DESTROYED! New poll - New thread - New reply
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Random nobody
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Since: 08-03-13

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Posted on 08-03-13 05:40:33 PM Link | Quote
Hello! I saw this forum section regrading SM64 hacking so got here so i may get further support if i find myself in trouble with SM64 modding. I don't know how much active is this, but trying doesn't hurt.
Dr. Cooldude
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Since: 10-11-13

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Posted on 10-11-13 12:05:38 PM Link | Quote
Hello, I'm Younes Zakaria (aka. "Dr. Cooldude"). I'm a software developer by day and an insomniac by night.
Random nobody
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Posted on 12-31-13 01:18:32 PM Link | Quote
Hey guys!

My Name is FrittenFriseur, or just Basti.

I'm doing Let's Plays @ Youtube and I wan't want to make a Super Mario 64 - Hack.
If you have any questions, just ask me
The best way is Facebook


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Posted on 01-03-14 09:50:53 PM (last edited by shyguyhex at 01-23-14 02:32:44 AM) Link | Quote

I just recently took interest in hacking this game and making gameshark codes with cheat engine and nemu's debugger. It's been really fun and addicting learning mips among other things, and since I have no one to talk to about this kind of stuff, here I am I guess haha.
Level: 4

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Since: 04-14-14

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Posted on 04-14-14 09:18:14 AM (last edited by yoshiandgames at 04-14-14 09:19:17 AM) Link | Quote
Hello there, my name is yoshiandgames. I came here to learn more about Mario 64 and tools such as Toads Tools 64. I joined to ask questions when I get problems with Toads Tool 64 and things like that.
Random nobody
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Posted on 04-15-14 07:13:12 PM Link | Quote
Hey everyone! I'm Cubified, a noob SM64 hacker. I decided to get into hacking when I saw hacks like Super Mario Star Road, and I want to learn more about doing it myself.
Minger Janger
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Since: 06-02-14

From: Michigan

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Posted on 06-02-14 01:45:17 PM (last edited by Minger Janger at 06-02-14 01:50:54 PM) Link | Quote
What is up, everyone! You guys can call me Minger Janger, MJ, Nolo, or whatever sticks. I am one of the many whose goal is to make a ROM hack of SM64 with little to no knowledge about it (just a summer project I decided to do). I have a bit of experience in Autodesk and C++. Unfortunately neither of those translate to ROM hacking exceptionally well. I will be taking programming/misc. courses in the fall; I would like to pursue a career as a developer or electrical engineer.

My goal for the next couple weeks is to download and experiment with all the required resources/tools for SM64 ROM hacking, read through as many tutorial/help threads as I can. Right now these things are like a foreign language to me, and I guess starting is the toughest part for anybody. After that the plan is to make a very small hack so I can gain learn through experience, which should take a few months. If I am still interested, I will begin a full SM64 hack. I am pretty excited about the courses I have planned, even though that won't come until much further down the line.

For those of you still here, I guess I could say a bit about myself. I'm 19, pretty chill, respectful, funny (at least irl), and a bit lazy sometimes. I can ride a unicycle, play piano/trombone, and I am learning to play the guitar this summer as well. I'm not sure what else to say, really. If you have any questions about me, or have any advice as to where to begin my endeavors (or advice in general), I would absolutely love to hear it!

Thanks for reading my ramblings in addition to my relevant words! I will try to be active in these forums as much as I can (as long as I have something interesting to say, at least). Have an awesome day!
Random nobody
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Posted on 07-17-14 09:38:07 AM Link | Quote
Hello Sm64 Hackers.I am SpazTron64 and im very interested in sm64 hacking.I remember making my own Prince of Persia hacks but i failed.Then a few months ago ive seen all Messiaen's videos and they were very interesting,especially the fire mario hack and super debug.Hoping that i one day make something like that,i joined this forum.

In my school im mostly known as the Computer Genius but i have little to no hacking skills with video games.

Happy Hacking >
Level: 5

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Since: 02-01-15

From: Stalker....

Since last post: 3.9 years
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Posted on 02-01-15 07:05:43 AM Link | Quote
Hello everyone! Electrosquid392 is my username, and hackin' is my game! Anyways, How ya'll doin'? I like to hack games like Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, and... basically (almost) every classic Mario Game. I joined this forum because i thought it would be pretty cool if i joined, hehe. But anyways, here's an EARLY question:

What is the "Someone stole my hat!" thing for? Just curious.....

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
Level: 63

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Since: 02-22-10

Pronouns: whatever you want
From: here

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Posted on 02-01-15 03:32:56 PM Link | Quote
That's Ikachan, a squid who's just kind of a thing here. He's saying someone stole his hat because he wears a Christmas cap around holiday season, and afterwards it goes poof!
Level: 7

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Since: 03-14-15

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Posted on 03-14-15 06:05:38 PM Link | Quote
Hi there. I'm Church Manner and I make a cappella music on YouTube. I don't have much interest in hacking other than to help me with my music.
Level: 10

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Since: 03-12-15

Since last post: 3.7 years
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Posted on 03-17-15 01:31:30 PM Link | Quote
Hello Everyone, I am RedToad!

*Gotta Get Those Coins*

I am here to research how to make almost every ROM hack a multiplayer hack. This has been requested numerous times but no one seems to know how to do it. So I will be using Shelux's code and modifying the most popular ROM hacks and making them multiplayer. Don't worry I will leave credit where credit is due.

Wish me luck! Captain toad is on a mission for true SM64 Multiplayer!
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Jul - SM64 Hacking (Archive) - Introduce yourself here. DON'T ACT LIKE AN IDIOT IN THIS FORUM OR YOU WILL BE DESTROYED! New poll - New thread - New reply

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