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12-14-18 03:37:00 AM

Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Borderlands 2 New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 10-29-12 05:20:16 PM (last edited by Snakey125 at 10-29-12 05:22:32 PM) Link | Quote
From what is known, A few people dug up a few clips of unused vending machines for bandit guns and one other gun maker. I have the audio files for bandit vending machine in my dropbox.

If you have not heard, Some modders found a flag for a "BADASS MODE" in the save files.

The flag activates a Badass Mode that seems like it was supposed to function like Hardcore mode in Diablo, where death = permanent death, which is why the game goes into free-roam camera when you fail to revive, and your character goes away and the game creates a [graveyard.sav] (like the bones file in NetHack). Either Gearbox scrapped this to put into DLC for later, or they just abandoned the idea, because the code in the save file is probably incomplete because it spreads to other save files (probably because Badass characters weren't meant to mingle with normal characters) and because there's nothing to say that you're in badass mode and whatnot unless you look in the save file code, and there's no safeguards against it.


360? Yessum.
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Posted on 10-31-12 09:01:08 AM Link | Quote
I heard the other set of clips if from a Handsome Jack/Hyperion vendor... Also there are bits and pieces unused by various people from what I can tell.

Its all in this thread if you want to start compiling stuff. I'm still just trying to get a proper extract of the music since every tool seems only rip half the files.
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Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Borderlands 2 New poll - New thread - New reply

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