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12-18-18 06:07:35 PM

Jul - Computers and Technology - Preferred brand of recordable media New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 05-15-10 12:17:23 AM Link | Quote
This includes stuff like CD-R(W)s and DVD±R(W)s... I've been using Memorex for as long as I can remember, and have never had a single coaster. I've also tried Imation CD-Rs, Verbatim CD-Rs, and Fujifilm DVD-Rs, but have never gotten any coasters with any of those brands. I guess I just got lucky with my recordable media, if I've never gotten a coaster before...

For floppy disks (yes, I still have a need for floppy disks), I often buy Imation 10-packs of floppy disks from Staples. At least I know I can still buy new floppy disks, but they can be hard to come by...
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Posted on 05-15-10 01:12:23 AM Link | Quote
I just use endless DVD-Rs from whatever old brand I can buy that's the cheapest, works fine enough for me.
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Posted on 05-15-10 01:15:53 AM (last edited by Bagel at 05-16-10 02:06 PM) Link | Quote
I prefer an actual external hard disk. Much larger capacity, less damage potential.

But otherwise I do sometimes need to burn an image or something, and I have generic random-brand CD-Rs and DVD-Rs for that reason. I've had a lot of "coasters" over the years but never got one from a Macintosh, all the failed burns I've had were either PEBKAC or the fact that I was using a cheap disc burning drive or something (Sony drives especially are just awful. Never burned a single disc successfully on two different drives in two different machines.)

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Posted on 05-15-10 01:36:09 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Metal_Man88
I just use endless DVD-Rs from whatever old brand I can buy that's the cheapest, works fine enough for me.


I'll normally have the movie, video, etc. on the hard drive until I get around to making a DVD of it. Then I usually toss the original on the hard drive unless I decide not to make a duplicate DVD.

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Posted on 05-15-10 01:42:48 AM Link | Quote
Also the cheapest available brand for me I don't really have brand loyalty for stuff like CDs and DVDs.

I used to get a lot of coasters from the high school computers, but the AP computers teacher used them shiny side out for displays on the bulletin boards and whatnot
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Posted on 05-15-10 03:23:05 AM Link | Quote
Verbatim and my USB media. Don't have an external drive (lacking data to copy to). Getting one might be good as backup, although smaller important stuff is backupped bia e-mail as well - but currently not even remotely neccessary.

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Posted on 05-15-10 09:43:49 AM Link | Quote
Verbatim or TDK.

Memorex fails after hard use.
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Posted on 05-15-10 10:30:50 AM Link | Quote
I've never been loyal to one brand. I used to get TDK, Memorex, etc. back in the day. These days music is either on my computer, or on my USB drive.

I never use my iPod because 2GB isn't enough for the amount of music that I want to put on it.

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Posted on 05-16-10 12:23:51 AM Link | Quote
I just use whatever is available that's not the absolute cheapest brand. I've gotten some really cheap DVD-Rs once and almost none of them burned right, so I just stay with reasonable brands... not sure how much benefit an expensive CD/DVD recordable brand would be.
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