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11-17-18 06:49:29 PM

Jul - Gaming - GOD DAMN IT ARRoh that controller's broken New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 04-23-10 02:22:18 AM (last edited by Dorito at 04-23-10 02:26 AM) Link | Quote
Jump, jump, run... last jump was a millisecond late, you die

Dodge, deflect, life's good... and you die

Shitty random encounter, spamming the A button... a rare encounter! What are the odds of tha--whoops, you killed it. Or did it run away? You're not sure, because you were struck by a fit of anger.

How do you deal with a bout of intense game frustration?

Several years ago, I used to scream and bend the controller as much as I could or have an uncontrollable episode of ragecry™. I was easily angered, actually. But now, I've seriously mellowed out over the years and now I usually throw my head back and to the side (shitty description, but hopefully you can see what I mean) or swear under my breath.

[edit] it also fuels my desire to finish whatever's frustrating, stubborn++

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Posted on 04-23-10 02:25:52 AM Link | Quote
I'll swear a bit, pretend to throw things and laugh it off as best I can before continuing. Playing Lost Levels on a real SNES was funnn.

Passed away.

Thanks for being a part of us, even if it wasn't always on the best of terms.


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Posted on 04-23-10 02:27:42 AM Link | Quote
Sometimes I yell really loud for some reason. The neighbours probably wonder what the fuck is happening. I don't usually take it out physically like by throwing the controller against the wall. I've never really been the type to do that.
Some say he was what landed at Roswell in 1947, and that his right eye sees infrared light. All we know is, he's called The Stigandr.
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Posted on 04-23-10 03:00:41 AM Link | Quote
If it gets far enough, I fling a pillow around or, when really pissed, beat a pillow and/or my bed with a foot-and-a-half stick.
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Posted on 04-23-10 04:06:56 AM Link | Quote
I don't get angry over games!
If the game really pisses me off, I'll just take a pause for a while or powerlevel. If I can't beat it, I might just stop playing the game - it happened before.
the one hundred dollar golden name
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Posted on 04-23-10 07:53:05 AM Link | Quote
I don't really get much angry at video games like I used to, nowadays I just grind my teeth down so hard when I get angry or upset at video games.
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Posted on 04-23-10 02:33:17 PM Link | Quote
Copious amounts of swearing.
Ye Olde Layout
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Posted on 04-23-10 02:34:28 PM Link | Quote
If it's an online game (hello Modern Warfare 2) and nobody's home, lots of yelling/swearing.

Else, suck it up.

Holy SwordsMan
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Posted on 04-23-10 02:37:15 PM Link | Quote
I usually just get frustrated and turn it off.

My brother on the other hand, back in the SNES days, he would chuck the controller at the TV. We went through at least 5-6 controllers and 1 TV from this... My mother wasn't happy when she would come home to a broken controller.
i miss dr. dre
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Posted on 04-23-10 02:38:48 PM Link | Quote
I pretty much just sigh.

I reserved my screaming to when I found out I got bad A/V cables for my Dreamcast. Power works fine, but that's no good if I can't see what I'm doing.
Miss Dani
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Posted on 04-23-10 03:43:05 PM Link | Quote
Sometimes I swear at the game AVGN-style, but other times I eject the game while the power is still on, etc. (yes, I know that's bad for most consoles, but I used to do it anyway...)

My sister, otoh... she would sometimes erase my save files on the PS1 memory cards or the Saturn NVRAM, and that was probably the most annoying thing I put up with. =/
Banned Forever
Banned for being a dick on the board, in private messages, and then taking that dick-ness off the board and harassing members elsewhere for it. Time to go!

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Posted on 04-23-10 03:55:49 PM Link | Quote
I had a friend who I stopped being friends with because he screamed at me for kicking his ass at Halo.

And I have another friend who would get serious on smash brothers. From his voice, it always seemed like he was being serious. And if you beat him, he had this face on and would pick a map demanding a rematch. Like it would be the end of the world if you would not go against him. Nowadays he got better about that. But back then it would always urk me, and would be the main reason I would not play Smash Brothers.

Red Yoshi
don't underestimate me / you ain't seen nothin' yet
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Posted on 04-23-10 08:22:27 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by NSNick
Copious amounts of swearing.

Star Mario
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Posted on 04-24-10 08:13:56 PM Link | Quote
Just cussing these days, and generally not playing again for quite a while. Used to throw the controllers around and beat on them. Turns out you can kill an official N64 controller with enough smashing.
Internet Narcolepsy!
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Posted on 04-24-10 08:57:38 PM Link | Quote
Usually just a quick [select one: "GAH","BAH","UGH",twitchy-noise,etc.] and bringing my right hand up as I do it(after having let go of the controller(my left hand is still holding it)). Follow this by brushing my hair out of my eyes, sighing, and trying again.

If it's something that doesn't break the flow of the game(ex:dying in Touhou), I'll curse under my breath, but that's about it.

I've never broken a controller, nor had the desire to, those things cost money after all.
Jin Dogan

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Posted on 04-24-10 09:45:45 PM Link | Quote
I usually yell and/or punch my thighs. They're strong so they can take quite a battering. But one day I bruised them pretty badly.
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Posted on 04-24-10 10:47:33 PM Link | Quote
At worst? Walk away from the TV. XD Or turn off the TV (but leave the game running) for a bit.

Various grunting and sighing as well on occasion. But no physical stuff.

Fire Snake
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Posted on 04-25-10 01:05:02 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by HyperHacker
Turns out you can kill an official N64 controller with enough smashing.

that or enough people bound and determined to make the fucking Shyguy fly for a number higher than 21 in Mario Party. I made a controller EXPLODE doing that.

Green Birdo
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Posted on 04-25-10 09:19:47 AM Link | Quote
Usually just a "dammit" or "shit".

Lots of loud swearing if I'm really pissed, followed by quite a depression.

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Posted on 04-25-10 12:15:15 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Supakitsune
Originally posted by NSNick
Copious amounts of swearing.

Possibly in-character, going to a rampage to exploit the [trope]VideogameCrueltyPotential[/trope].

Missed a rare pokemon? Level up legendaries with the most insignificant pokemon and see the pretty animations of their strongest attacks.
Got killed by an enemy becouse of a dumb mistimed jump? go specifically to kill that enemy over and over again.
Helper just killed something I really wanted? make the AI jump into lava!
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Jul - Gaming - GOD DAMN IT ARRoh that controller's broken New poll - New thread - New reply

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