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08-19-18 01:18:50 PM

Jul - Craziness Domain - How low do you go? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Before healing up in games, that is.
You know. HP?
3.2%, 1 vote
6.5%, 2 votes
12.9%, 4 votes
38.7%, 12 votes
35.5%, 11 votes
< 10%
3.2%, 1 vote
Multi-voting is disabled. 31 users have voted.


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Posted on 06-08-09 12:02:03 AM Link | Quote
Do you like to keep topped up, ready for that ambush that could hit at any time?

Do you generally relax and not worry if it sinks a bit, but try to keep it good regardless?

Or do you throw caution out the window and only stay as healthy as you have to to not die?

This is another one of those bizarre polls.

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Posted on 06-08-09 12:04:41 AM Link | Quote
Depends on what I'm facing really... like bosses that do >50% I'll heal right away.

Usually not until I'm low, like 25-10%. Pheonix downs the whole way for FF6 though. >.>
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Posted on 06-08-09 12:04:59 AM Link | Quote
Oh man... this is a tough one.

I went with 10-25% but it depends on the game. If there's a boss who can potentially kill off half your party with an attack, you better believe I'll be spamming heals like crazy until the danger passes.

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Posted on 06-08-09 12:05:54 AM (last edited by Higsby at 06-08-09 12:19 AM) Link | Quote
I usually heal after my health drops below the half way point because in most of the games that I've played it's not uncommon for a party member to lose over half of their health in one turn (especially in Cross Edge ).

Level: 244

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Posted on 06-08-09 12:07:47 AM Link | Quote
I tend to not worry about it unless I'm actually at the brink of death.

Health bar red? Big deal.

(One exception is Zelda games. Arrrgh.)
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Posted on 06-08-09 12:15:19 AM (last edited by Dr. Sophie at 06-08-09 12:16 AM) Link | Quote
25-50%, I guess.. highly depends on what kind of healing spells are available, though. (As in, how much do they heal, MP/SP/whatever consumption etc.)
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Posted on 06-08-09 12:19:38 AM Link | Quote
It depends on the genre, really.

In RPGs, I generally try to keep everybody's health above 50% at all times. In FPSs, I always get all the health I can get, but I usually don't go out of my way to avoid fights and look for health until I'm below 25%. In nearly every other game with a life meter, I don't really care until I get to the "A pea shooter would kill me!" stage, but this is usually because I can't do a whole lot about my health in the given situation.

Of course, I suspect this was really asking about RPGs, so I'll just vote 50-25%.

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Posted on 06-08-09 01:09:52 AM Link | Quote
My vote is based on recent playing. Since I was the designated healer in Tales of Symphonia this time, I got to sit around all the time doing nothing much else. So whenever someone got hurt, I would instantly throw a first aid their direction. And with me having two level 2 speed cast items on I was firing 2-second First Aids.

In general though, probably around 50% is when I start healing.


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Posted on 06-08-09 01:29:14 AM Link | Quote
I've been known to charge in with only a sliver of health remaining because I know I can always do some damage and maybe survive. Unless it's an RPG we're talking about, because then I try to keep myself up above 70% or even at full if I can help it.
Kirby Mario
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Posted on 06-08-09 01:47:38 AM Link | Quote
On any game, I usually try to keep it above 50%. Most of the time, I have enough HP to live though most of whatever I'm up against.

On some games where full-heals are easy to find/use, I keep everyone at 100%.

Fire Snake
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Posted on 06-08-09 03:09:39 AM Link | Quote
I voted 75-50%, but I think really I only CONSCIOUSLY heal up when I realize I'm about to die (be it the buzzing sound or the blatantly obvious fact that my ass just got handed to me)... the rest of the time it just "happens" through natural progression through the game...enemies dropping health items etc., I tend not to pay it a good deal of regard especially as my strength gauge generally increases throughout the game. RPGs even I tend to just let things go until I end up noticing it. The sole exception would be Pokemon, i find myself (almost obsessively) healing after every little thing when I'm done with a certain task, probably just for the sake of having my characters in tip-top condition but regardless...that sort of breaks my votes since I could do something as simple as go in to a battle, take no damage but use one attack and then go heal the whole party at the Pokemon center. But I guess that's not really the norm so I didn't take it in to account.
Dan Hibiki
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Posted on 06-08-09 04:06:56 AM Link | Quote
When I'm solo leveling as a Paladin, I'll pop a flash heal every now and then to keep me topped off.
When raid healing as my shaman, I never let anyone go below 75% just in case something unforeseen happens. When I'm doing daily quests and shit though, I'm always able to pop an instant heal with a heal over time, so it's not a hassle or anything to keep myself at full health.

Yay WoW.
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Posted on 06-08-09 07:47:24 AM Link | Quote
It really depends on my knowledge of the game.

If I know the enemy is pretty nasty, I'll heal often and not go low on HP.

In some games, though, I'll go bellow 10% without much problems.
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Posted on 06-08-09 07:56:17 AM Link | Quote
I'm a gambling man. I like to wait until I am pretty low before healing up. Don't want to let my MP go to waste.
Trudging Scribe
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Posted on 06-08-09 10:16:14 AM Link | Quote
I would say 75% to 50%. If I have a healer in my party, I would heal whenever in the menu screen. If I'm fighting a boss, I'll wait to see how close the boss is to being dead before I'll heal.
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Posted on 06-08-09 12:58:00 PM Link | Quote
Yeah, 50-25%.
Unless it's just before a boss battle, then I make sure I'm fully healed.
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Posted on 06-08-09 02:08:30 PM Link | Quote
really depends on the games, in most RPGs I wont start to care until it hits that ~33% mark, because it always seems like there is convenient healing somewhere. In platformers, healing is all over the place, usually, so I just heal whenever it is possible, and try to stay at 100%

when I used to play RO, I'd always stay at 100% because it had so many things that could 1hko you in woe otherwise.
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Posted on 06-08-09 02:29:33 PM Link | Quote
Any game, I always try to keep myself at 100%, just because there might be a rogue behind you... or a SURPRISEBUTTSEXTIME boss behind the next corner.
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Posted on 06-08-09 02:40:10 PM Link | Quote
I myself don't heal at specific percents instead I just heal as soon as I can get max amount of HP for my money/sp.

For example, I only use a skill that would heal 50 when I can heal that full 50, and most often as soon as I can.

Little less on items though, I hate using items.
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Posted on 06-08-09 02:43:01 PM Link | Quote
Area/enemy dependent.

If I know I can get away with not healing for a time, I'll more than likely do it, especially if the healer in the party has some other function that's beneficial to the party outside of healing. If they have nothing more than that, I'll probably heal every turn.

Otherwise I guess it's probably below the 25% line.
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Jul - Craziness Domain - How low do you go? New poll - New thread - New reply

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