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12-10-18 06:01:10 AM

Jul - Craziness Domain - Weirdest. Dream. Ever. New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 04-26-09 01:48:30 PM Link | Quote
I'm just gonna copy paste this dreamlog thingy I made on another place, because well... This needs to be shared with the world.

" don't remember the start but for some reason I had to drive a car on a highway to get away from someone. As I'm driving trying to drive past a car the camera (Yes, it was third person of the car) zooms in on the cars rear and I hear myself screaming from inside the car "THIS DREAM HAS BAD CAMERA PLACEMENT" yeah, that's right I speak about being in a dream.

I then park the car inside of some alleyway dead end thing, walk out of it take out my huge munchkin book (the game, look it up) rip out a page splits it in two and use it as a book mark for the FIRST AND LAST PAGE. I then hand the book over to C.C from Code Geass (She was fucking hot btw) and then I find out what was chasing me in the car scene, 4 guys dressed as Agent Smith from Matrix.

So they park their car and get out whilst I pick up C.C and throw her into my car, I then try to open the door to the car and get in but it doesn't work. I then remember that the door opening button was the left analog stick on the controller, so I open the door sit down and start the engine. Except it doesn't start and just makes those noises at me (You know when engines doesn't start) so I'm frantically trying to start it as one of the agent smith ripoffs get to my window, whaat do I do? I crack jokes and speak naturally to him. AND HE JUST RESPONDS WITH "Hey your car doesn't seem to work, that's totally fine I can wait" so he waits for me to start the engine, and well.... It doesn't. So he STEPS INTO THE CAR AND SITS IN MY LAP and tries to start the engine, he gets it working steps out says "There you go" and I drive away like hell, he then gets all mad at me and follows me in his car on a mad goose chase.

So I park the car in a hotel located the start of FFX, except not underwater, but the start of FFX wasn't underwater, and it's located before the start of FFX AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON EITHER. So for some reason loads of stuff happen here that I ionly have a vague memory off, something with a game and girls and eating and then I need to check the time to see when I wake up. Seriously, so I check the time conclude that I have time left and go on a wild chase after girls to get LAID, this doesn't work so I put on some warm clothes for exploring some haunted house see a guy put his finger up his nose, he starts screaming loudly and I wake up by the sound of my alarm clock."

Can someone tell me that I'm not totally insane?
"A horrible person". That's what it says. "A horrible person."

We weren't even testing for that.

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Posted on 04-26-09 03:33:33 PM Link | Quote
What the hell.

This is certainly one of the weirder dreams. A type of dream I rarely if ever get.
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Posted on 04-27-09 01:04:15 PM Link | Quote
Wow. That is a weird dream.
Can't say I've ever had anything as vivid as that.
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Jul - Craziness Domain - Weirdest. Dream. Ever. New poll - New thread - New reply

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