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06-24-18 12:24:42 AM

Jul - Craziness Domain - What type of net line should I get? New poll - New thread - New reply
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What line speed should I get?
Keep in mind: affordability
1.5mbps ($25/mon)   0.0%, 0 votes
3.0mbps ($30/mon)   0.0%, 0 votes
6.0mbps ($35/mon)
90.9%, 10 votes
10.0mbps ($55/mon)   0.0%, 0 votes
18.0mbps ($65/mon)
9.1%, 1 vote
Multi-voting is disabled. 11 users have voted.

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Posted on 04-25-09 07:14:10 AM (last edited by Sakura at 04-25-09 07:14 AM) Link | Quote
I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with what I should do for changing out this wireless I have in favor of U-Verse from AT&T. Keep in mind I'd like to have at least U200, which is ~200 channels of cable shooting into my 1080p that I bought at the start of the month.

Here's what I'm looking at right now:

$49.95 a month for internet that PEAKS at 3.0mbps (for about 10 megs of a download) but stays steady at about 768kbps (60K/s). No cable. The cable of U200 will cost 64 bucks a month.

The 10 and 18 meg lines boast 1.5mbps for upload. The ones below it are only 1.0mbps. I could probably afford any of the lines in question but it becomes a question of want vs. need at this point. I know the 6 meg line works very well in this area, my father has it and was receiving speeds of ~500-600K/sec. Downloaded 250 megs in about 5 or 6 minutes. That kind of speed is unfathomable on this line right now. It's also a problem that this connection has had numerous problems with reliability (mostly because of the ISP).

So I would wonder what's worth my time. Vote. I may just go with the majority suggestion. I'd like to do at least 6 megs.
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Posted on 04-25-09 11:12:01 AM (last edited by Girlydragon at 04-25-09 11:12 AM) Link | Quote
From what you're saying it sounds like 6 is the way to go, but that 1,5mbps upload sounds sexy.

So yeah, go with 6 if you only do the downloading, but if you like torrenting/uploading/sharing/seeding then go with 10mbps, that extra 0,5mbps upload will be a godsend.

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Posted on 04-25-09 11:46:10 AM Link | Quote
6Mbit sounds nice.
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Posted on 04-25-09 12:56:03 PM Link | Quote
Yeah, 6Mbit is a nice speed. Same thing I've got here.
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Posted on 04-25-09 02:35:15 PM Link | Quote
Too much of a price jump after 6 so I'd go with the majority opinion and go that route.

But I pulled up that U200 package lineup... CHRIST. I'd be more than satisfied with that channel lineup. Soooooo much sports too and I'm sure the higher packages have even more.
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Jul - Craziness Domain - What type of net line should I get? New poll - New thread - New reply

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