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10-20-18 02:12:36 AM

Jul - Craziness Domain - Spring Cleanin' New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 04-24-09 02:18:07 PM Link | Quote
Mabey now is the time to move the files from my old computer to here. Hmmmm...
i miss dr. dre
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Posted on 04-24-09 02:31:44 PM Link | Quote
I was in the process of doing that.

But it's hard to fit about 80GB of files on a 65GB partition
Part boy, part car; Boycar, Protector and King of Chilladelphia
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Posted on 04-24-09 02:39:55 PM Link | Quote
I'll probably clean up my computer. Organize stuff.
I've already got my music done. It's great having an iPod music ripper which sorts it all for you. :3
"A horrible person". That's what it says. "A horrible person."

We weren't even testing for that.

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Posted on 04-24-09 05:21:59 PM Link | Quote
I hate it when stuff is cleaned up. It causes me to be unable to find my stuff.

In a mess, it's much easier for me to find what I want.

Blue Yoshi
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Posted on 04-24-09 07:51:51 PM (last edited by Supakitsune at 04-24-09 08:20 PM) Link | Quote
My hard drives status:
Drive C (label: Touma) - 111.75GB, of which 10.62GB is in use.
This is the system drive that came with my PC. 110GB isn't too bad for an entry-level PC from 2004, methinks...
I'm planning to partition it and install Windows 7, soon.
Drive D (label: Index) - 931.51GB, of which 61.96GB is in use.
My external drive. Lots of free space~

As for spring cleaning, physical or otherwise:

Super Luigi

727 []

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Posted on 04-24-09 10:05:27 PM Link | Quote
I recently cleaned up my desktop. I reduced the number of icons from about 120 to 70 .

It still needs some work .
Trudging Scribe
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Posted on 04-24-09 11:43:30 PM Link | Quote
I don't think I need to clean anything up. I don't have a lot crap on this PC, unlike my old ones.
is pancake~
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Posted on 04-25-09 01:34:39 AM Link | Quote
I really need to get Chris to get his stuff off of my computer. When his was broken, he used mine, and now it's really cluttered. D: Less than 3 gigs of empty space.

As for house cleaning, I've been doing a bit pretty much every day since the first week of April. That's about to change, though... :|
Missing: One avatar. Will be restored at some point.
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Posted on 04-25-09 02:16:16 AM Link | Quote
I think work could use some spring cleaning. I believe that the word "defrag" is unknown to the IT team.

And while it's great that they do clean the computers via the anti-virus scan every night... can it be at 12:30 AM (when nobody's there) and not 11:30 PM (when I'm there and my PC slows to a crawl)?

Green Birdo
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Posted on 04-25-09 03:39:29 AM Link | Quote
1.5TB hard disk + 80GB SSD

My files are decently in order, finally. Before it used to be scattered around because I had a different hard drive/partition setup but now it's all in /home/paul more or less organized in to folders for music, videos, documents, programs, etc. There's a few strays here and there.
-The Chaos within trumps the Chaos without-
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Posted on 04-25-09 04:40:03 AM Link | Quote
I prefer to save eight copies of different times of the same file everywhere, then every time I need it waste time flipping through them.

Yeah, my filing scheme sucks.
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Posted on 04-25-09 04:33:45 PM Link | Quote
On my file server I have 5 250gb drives, 1 320gb drive, and 1 750gb hard drive. All together they're about 78% full. Before I can add another I have to get an extra SATA controller and a splitter for the power connector.
Banned (again) for basically trolling and stirring up shit (again)

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Posted on 04-29-09 05:09:42 AM Link | Quote
And of course...places on the Internet are mentioning the same thing.

But in the more data-destroying type of way.
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Posted on 04-29-09 05:40:34 AM Link | Quote
I need to clean not just my hard drive, but in real life. My computer has bugs and so does my kitchen, I'm about ready to freak the heck out. I not only cannot stand bugs, but in my KITCHEN? The boys need to learn a lesson in cleaning up...whatever the heck it is they've left lying around
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Jul - Craziness Domain - Spring Cleanin' New poll - New thread - New reply

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