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07-18-18 05:07:31 PM

Jul - NO! GO TO STAR! - All textures from SM64 Castle Grounds New poll - New thread - Thread closed
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Posted on 03-18-09 12:03:33 PM Link
Castle Grounds is where you will be at the beginning of the game right? (Maybe called Peach Castle)

But erm if you don't know what I mean:

So, I need to have ALL textures from this level! Why? Im going to create a map for Counter-Strike. So I need the textures from this level . I tried to find the textures from the level, (ive downloaded the castle .rom) but when I click "edit textures" at the top, it only shows other textures. I need all textures divisible by 16.

So like:
64x128 ETC.

Example you have the white wall of the castle. Then it can have example 16x32 pixels. But the wall needs to fit so it looks like 1 wall of course if you put al those blocks in one line

How do I obtain all (I mean ALL) the textures from this level? THX.


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Posted on 03-18-09 01:06:25 PM (last edited by thatisnotedible at 03-18-09 01:07 PM) Link
When you click the "Edit Textures" I think that you should be able to find every texture in the castle grounds except for the sky and the grass on the hills. Just keep looking.

Just by glancing, here are some of the textures:

#643 = Bottom of ooat
#645 = Castle stones
#646 = Ground coming up from moat
#648 = Grass on ground
#649 = Grass with flowers

and many others. Just look around by those numbers for the rest. If you can't find some of them, look through the rest of the textures and you should find them.
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Posted on 03-18-09 03:19:59 PM Link
Sorry man, this really should be asked in the TT64 help topic, because it's yet another question that relates to TT64.
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Jul - NO! GO TO STAR! - All textures from SM64 Castle Grounds New poll - New thread - Thread closed

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