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16/3/1: KvSG #479 is up!

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Posted on 12-18-08 11:18:44 PM Link | Quote
For those of you who don't know, iScribble is a fun little multiperson drawing/chatroom site. You get three layers to work on and a small amount of tools, most of them being unlocked until you contribute more. In an attempt to bring more activity here, I shall post the ones I've done here. Keep in mind most of these were made for fun/boredom and not skill, so don't expect anything too spectacular.


I drew: all of it
My first drawing on iScribble. There were other drawings on the canvas, but I didn't save them.

Business Suit Samus
I drew: all of it
A little doodle I did while talking about Brawl. Again, there were more images on the canvas, but I neglected to save them.

Fawful is Bored
I drew: all but the word "Indeed".
I was bored. From the same canvas as Samus.

I drew: Samus, Marth, Diddy
Drawings we made while hyping Brawl. Drew Samus from memory. No, I didn't put much any effort into Diddy.

Super Sonic
I drew: Dr. Robotnik
Me and a friend having silly fun.


Saturday Night MFGG
I drew: all of audience except rightmost Kirby
I should have mentioned that the people I draw with are all from MFGG. Someone drew my Magikoopa form for me off to the side when I arrived.

Kirby Collage
I drew: Heavy Mole, Nightmare(s), Dedede, Korby, Meta Knight, Paint Roller, Maiga
Me and fellow Kirby fan Press Start express our love for the series. Korby is from the Brawl Dojo parody site Super Smash Bros. Mojo!!.


Kirby 64
I drew: Waddle Dee, Adeleine
It was a very slow day. I can never seem to draw Adeleine right.

I'm going to post more later if anybody shows any interest.

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Posted on 12-18-08 11:23:44 PM Link | Quote
I wish I could draw with a mouse. :X

I remember you showing me some of these before, they're great.
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Posted on 12-18-08 11:29:24 PM Link | Quote
Ahahahah Korby and Dedede are the best

I would ask which board do you draw/if you could invite me... but whatever

Anyways those are awesome


16/3/1: KvSG #479 is up!

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Posted on 12-20-08 12:34:03 AM Link | Quote
@Reisen: Thanks. It takes lots of practice.
@Reimu: The room is a private room called let's go crazy and people are usually on it, but I don't draw much there nowadays. Mostly because it drains my productivity. It's private, though, so if any of you want to draw in there, just tell the people there that you're an acquaintance of me from another message board and that I said you could join.


I drew: Genis in camo
Me and the other iScribblers came up with the idea to draw our characters dressed as each other. At the time, I hadn't invented Pear, so I drew Genis in his Katz suit a lot, since he's funner to draw than any of my character's transformations. I identify with Genis so much anyway that I sometimes refer to him as myself while even watching anything with Tales of Symphonia, so I'll just refer to him as myself for the sake of the pictures. Anyway, I drew myself dressed as my friend Neopolis, an army Shy-Guy, and Toadster drew himself in a Katz suit. I don't feel like explaining the other people. You'll see enough of them in the future anyway.


I drew: all but Neopolis and the catgirl
I drew pretty much the entire ship first, and the two people added themselves in afterwards at my request. The catgirl is the character of a girl named Subby, by the way.

What is Love?
I drew: all but Neopolis
We were getting bored, so this idea came to us. Subby was afraid to draw, so she requested that I draw her for her. Only much later did I realize I colored her dress wrong.


I drew: all of it
The first time I ever drew my new angel boy character Pear in color. All previous drawings of him (all two) were little concept sketches in my notebook. At the time, he didn't have a name, so I just called him "character" and "angel boy".

Character Sleeping
I drew: all of it
A follow-up drawing I did to demonstrate his magical hood. You might recognize this drawing from my mood avatars.

I drew: Qix, Joust, Sidestepper, Space Invaders, Pooka
I had recently been to the giant wonderful arcade Disney Quest, so I drew inspiration from there.


Sleepover Party
I drew: Genis
A peaceful sleepover party... in the middle of a field. The teddy bear Genis is holding is the one I was given as a baby. I actually censored this image, because Sponge, sleeping in the tree, actually drew a pair of boobs in the dream bubble below the text.


Star Cat
I drew: all but Neopolis and his ship
Me and Neopolis having fun. I drew the Arwing from memory, so it's a bit inaccurate. After we finished the drawing, we edited Corneria into the Death Star and changed Genis into Darth Vader, editing the text as appropriate.


Subby Sunset
I drew: all of it
A run in with a very unpleasant plumber got me depressed for the night, so I tried to cope with my misery by drawing something extra cute. It didn't really work. Pear is playing with his toes.

These are all the drawings I made in February. Next time will be drawings from March.


16/3/1: KvSG #479 is up!

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Posted on 12-22-08 01:26:33 AM Link | Quote
A whole bunch of drawings, this time all from the month of March.


Paint Roller
I did: all but the apple and the background color mess
Subby was bored, so she made a big crazy mess. It reminded me of Paint Roller, so I drew that on top of it.

I did: all of it, I think


I did: Genis, Shinx, Hi, face
Once again we found ourselves bored, and this picture developed. I wish I really had all three plushies that I drew.


Snow Day
I did: Frigis
I came in late on this one, so I just drew in the only available spot, the top left corner.


I did: Genis
Again, I came in late on this one, but luckily they had saved me a spot. The girl with the green-spotted Toad hat is Fujiko, the person who pretty much introduced iScribble to MFGG. Sadly, her computer is acting weird and now she can't access iScribble for some reason. The brown hedgehog is BanjoSonic, a friend of Subby's, and the boy with the green headband is Mechant, an annoying boy with a strange grudge against me.

I did: Genis, Subby, background
Fujiko loves Michael Jackson's (earlier) music, so we did this. Only afterward did I realize I drew Genis quite large. XD

Bumper Cars
I did: Genis
The others liked mine the best.


I did: Genis, background
I really don't like camping, but I love marshmallows. Fujiko is trying to figure out how to prepare the super-dehydrated meat.

St. Patrick's Day Randomness
I did: Ribbon, Brawl enemies
We were discussing Brawl, and this is the result. Fujiko loves Lucas.


Gloam Valley
I did: all of it
I wanted others to join in, but nobody did.

Kirby and Brawl
I did: Meta Knight, Squeak, HR-H, Mr. Saturn Kirby, Dorroche
Me and Press Start talking about Kirby and Brawl again. "Fruity Knight", as we call it, is my brother's favorite costume to use.

I did: Bytans
I don't know why, but somehow I came up with the idea of meme-spouting Bytans. I drew one just before Press Start went to dinner, and when he came back the canvas had been filled. It was amusing.


I did: Pear & Blaziken
I imagine that Pear is playing Pearl Version on that DS. I don't know if Pear actually had his name at this point yet or not. The kid in green is Super Mario Master.

I did: Portal Snifit, :V
Silly random stuff.

Mario Powers and Bees
I did: Spring-Genis, Beedrill
The drawing started out as us drawing our characters (or in my case Genis) with different Mario powerups. I drew Beedrill after I learned Mechant hates bees/wasps.


I did: all of it sorta
Me and Subby were incredibly bored and did this together. After we finished, we laughed at our bizarre creation.

Count Sasuke and Mestasia
I did: all of it
Later that day, we were visited by the lovable troll Sasuke. (No, not like in Naruto. He was Sasuke before Naruto came about.) While he harassed the other members (including me), Mechant sucked up to him and tried to impress him. I drew this while the chat was going on and nobody seemed to notice. The strange fireball that is parodying O'Chunks is Mechant's character's pet god-powered fireball Le Feu.


Four Swords Adventures
I did: Genis, Mikau [as green Link], most of background
We were talking about our fun experiences with Four Swords Adventures and decided to draw it. That day we had two guests, the womanizing pervert Smoke (seen in purple, attracting two female MFGG members) and Mikau, who uses the Zora from Majora's Mask of the same name as his character. He asked me to draw him as the green Link with a pink fairy because he can't really draw very well.

I did: all of it
I was just introduced to it. It was annoying, but catchy, and I couldn't help but draw it. Mikau wanted to be drawn as well, so I happily obliged.

I did: cactus, sun
Cactus cactus cactus cactus cactus cactus. Cactus.


Phoenix Puff
I did: Lineart, some coloring
I was quite bored, so this drawing came to be. Mikau helped color because he likes Phoenix Wright.


Dr. Mario
I did: Pear, clipboard, yellow virus
I was feeling sick that day, and the others wanted to help out. Doctor Neopolis didn't do a very good job. We made a silly edit afterwards that showed the bottle overflowing with pills and Pear dead while wearing Egyptian headgear.


I did: Subby
Just us being silly. Subby had just recently giver herself a new hairstyle.


Ketchup King
I did: Ketchup King
Mayonaise bows to the might of the Ketchup King.

I did: Genis, background
We technically began this drawing the day before, but at that time only BanjoSonic had helped. We finished it the next day. It was drawn with Miror B.'s Retro Groove in mind.

I did: all of it
I was bored. Very bored. It's Showtime is the title of Dimentio's battle theme.

And that concludes all the drawings I made in March! Let me know what you think. :3

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Posted on 12-22-08 03:47:12 AM Link | Quote

I retitle this The Internet.

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Posted on 12-22-08 03:31:42 PM Link | Quote
Gahgghhh I really wish I could draw well sometimes. This would be one of those times. It seems like you have a lot of fun doing these things and they're really well done Peardian!
Still something.
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Posted on 12-25-08 05:52:23 AM Link | Quote
Well, my sister got a nice drawing tablet as a christmas present, so I might join you, if you want.

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Posted on 12-25-08 12:58:26 PM (last edited by Reisen U. Inaba at 12-25-08 12:59 PM) Link | Quote
Technically, I would also count as a friend from MFGG. A very lurking one.

Once I get a handle on using my mouse some more I'll join in.


16/3/1: KvSG #479 is up!

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Posted on 12-26-08 02:48:03 AM Link | Quote
That would be nice if you two would join us.


I did: all but the other characters
Me, Neopolis, and BanjoSonic were bored, so I put on a show for them.


Kirby 64
I did: HR-H, Dark Matter, Poppy Bro. Jr., N-Z, Magman, Acro & Flora, 02, Ripple Star, King Dedede, ground
More love for Kirby.

Bytans Again!
I did: Bytans, Nixon Yoshi, sombrero on Batman
The orange Yoshi is the character of member Yoshibert. Don't ask why Fujiko dressed in a tuxedo. She apparently looked good in it.

Whaler Moon
I did: it
A very bad joke.


No Limbs
I did: Pear, green guy [member Derrike G.] pyramid
Look, ma, no hands!

I did: it
Just a little Spiritomb from memory. Not much to say.


Elvis & Scarfy
I did: all of it
The Elvis doodle was inspired by talking about the Brawl remix of Mike's Theme. Dontcha wanna karaoke?

I did: it
A drawing of Mechant as his favorite character in Kirby's Dream Land 3. He hates Kirby's Dream Land 3.

He's Dead, Jim.
I did: Dr. McCoy
Member ZeldaMalon drew his Digimon-inspired character, then seemed to stop talking. After several minutes of trying to get him to respond, we concluded he had gone braindead. Yeah.

MFGG Beach Party
I did: Goonies, Sidestepper, hotdog bubble over Yoshi Egg, Pear and his hot dog
A somewhat crazy beach party with MFGG members. I have no idea why the kid in the corner is shooting water out of his hot dog at the radio.


The Ingres Palm
I did: palm tree, Adeleine
My drawing professor at the time (Mr. Mark Price) had told me that my drawings in his class reminded him of the style of the French artist Ingres and that I should look into his style. That tree is the result of me practicing the style. The rest of the drawing is just cute.


Butterfly Catboy
I did: it
Pear still didn't have his name at this point. This was part of a bigger picture with other members as bugs, but Subby went crazy and destroyed the rest.

I did: it
For everything else, there's AwesomeCard.

I did: Samus, Pictochat layout
The Brawl factor was added in afterward. Originally, I just wanted Samus in there, but BanjoSonic drew in Sonic. Sonic was larger than Samus, so he drew a Poison Mushroom. Yes, Neopolis and BanjoSonic live in Europe. Jay902 (blue haired kid in beach party) lives in America.


I did: all but BanjoSonirachi
Around this point, BanjoSonic fused his character with his favorite Pokémon Jirachi to make his new character BanjoSonirachi. The different colored Pikmin represent different members (of course). Blue is Pear, red is Mechant, and yellow is Gato (robot cat thing). The one purple Pikmin is Subby and the one white Pikmin is Fujiko.

Wario on Drugs
I did: Wario, the colors, old-style Subby, bunny with a pancake on its head, Ravan with a pancake on his head
The colors and stuff started after Subby went crazy and started messing up Wario's eyes. The Wario drawing was based on that one Brawl screenshot on the Dojo of Wario holding the Nintendog under his arm.


I did: toy mouse, Mario Party spaces, Reese's cup
The toy mouse is based on a real toy mouse I had for some reason. I don't know why I had it or where it went. It was cute though. The spaces are an obvious reference to Mario Party DS.

Haunted Mansion
I did: background, Pear and the Boo next to him
Showing our love of Luigi's Mansion. For some reason, Jay has a strange obsession with Claus from Mother 3.

I did: Subby-Sandy, jellyfish, kittyfish, Sasuke-Squidward, Sponge-Spongebob, flower things you see in the sky
It started with Sponge as Spongebob and branched out from there.


Sleeping Outside
I did: Pear
I came in late on this one and took the only available spot. I'm not sure why Homestar would be attacking us at night.

I did: all of it
I was very bored. I drew Subby's old hairstyle because I like it better.


Grand Star
I did: Grand Star, Screw Attack
Just random things. I generally have trouble drawing the Screw Attack for some reason.

Chalk Board
I did: cat & fish, Pear, Oregon Trail, Mimi, Muncher, kitty on eraser, Kabuto
This is really just the end state. Lots of things were drawn and erased since it started.

Mii Channel
I did: all but the two Miis below Ganondorf
I was hoping others would join in, but very few did. Ganondorf, Hitler, Blaziken, and Captain Falcon are all Miis we really have (with a small touchup on Hitler). I made my Pear Mii much later after this pic was made.


Orange Ocean
I did: all of it
I was bored, and was randomly inspired to make this. Fujiko watched.

I did: Genis, Pear
Know that kinda-cheap crinkly plastic stuff with glitter on it that some dolls have? That's what I imagine the Pear doll's wings to be made of.


Dance Party
I did: Genis, Fujiko, Pear, Mechant, Gato, disco ball
Another drawing in which I did most of the work because not many other people joined in. If you're wandering what the strange kid in the crown is doing, B.M. is (according to himself) shaking his arms so fast they are disintegrating. That's how he dances.

Fancy Restaurant
I did: Pear and the table he is sitting at, Gato and the table he is sitting at
An unhappy scene at a fancy restaurant. The thought bubbles originated as a joke with one over Pear's head that said "KILL THEM ALL" while he smiled innocently, but then everyone suddenly jumped on and added their own. B.M. is apparently thinking of himself exploding or something.


Rainy Day
I did: Pear
Subby originally had drawn herself large in the foreground where B.M. now stands, but completely erased herself the moment I started drawing Pear in the only empty space next to her. Stll, the picture came out quite nice. If you're wondering why Mechant is turning blue, it has something to do with him being made of fire or something.

Chalk Board
I did: some of the math, Team Magma, Fox only thing, Bytan, no u
Another chalk board picture. Like before, a lot of stuff was drawn and erased beforehand. The strange Fox is based on a doodle I drew on MFGG.

The Girl Next Door
I did: Subby-Ashley, 9-Volt
Drawn while there were over 10 members in the room at once. Not much else to say.

I did: it
It's Jigglypuff! I saved it separate because I messed with it for the next drawing.

I did: Jigglypuff & Derrike, Pear & the magnet
I like magnets.

Mayor Subby
I did: Subby
I can't quite remember what the story was behind this drawing, but it was tied to the conversation at the moment.

I did: fish, Mario
It started with Subby drawing herself calling out "fish" and just sorta went from there. Halfway through the pic, she changed her yell from "Fish!" to "Gato!".


I did: Yoshi
BanjoSonic was telling us how he turned on his DS and started up Yoshi's Island DS, only to be greeted with a frightful screech.


I did: Pear
Subby drew herself at her wedding with Gato. I think Pear would make a cute ring-bearer.

I did: Mike, peacock
Random stuff inspired by WarioWare. The peacock symbolizes vanity.


I did: most of it
A rather poor and lazy attempt to recreate the iScribble interface. Apparently it has been done many times before and much better, as a random rude guest informed us.

I did: the spies, Engineer
Neopolis loves Team Fortress 2. I drew this with him.

Rocket Thing
I did: all of it
I don't know what it is, but it's cute.

I did: all of it
I was very bored. Very, very bored.


I did: Pear, light on surface, smaller bubbles, color on Mechant and Subby
Subby left before the picture was finished and Mechant fell asleep or something, so I had to color them both. I had fun with the wings.


Captain Cool
I did: Cpt. Cool (the Mii), Grounder
Dedicated to the Mii my brother created, the same one we use for our Mario Kart Wii profile. I drew Grounder normally, but Subby in her boredom screwed up his eyes.


Lunch Time
I did: it
I drew this quickly before eating lunch. Not much else to say.

Rainbow Road
I did: the road itself, Pear, Subby
Drawn after reminiscing with BanjoSonic about Mario Kart 64. Jay joined in, but I don't think he quite understood how the style of the neon signs.

Next time I'll post all the drawings from May. Look forward to them.
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Posted on 12-27-08 06:45:35 AM Link | Quote
When are you online and are you Peardian on iScribble or some other username?

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Posted on 12-27-08 03:15:23 PM Link | Quote
Hahaha, the spy one is hilarious.

These are all great.


16/3/1: KvSG #479 is up!

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Posted on 12-27-08 05:43:15 PM (last edited by Peardian at 12-30-08 08:09 PM) Link | Quote
@Pandaren: Yup, my username there is Peardian, with my nickname being Peardian as well 99% of the time.
@Reisen: Thanks. :3


I did: Coffee poster, sun thing (member SolarSexy),Beach Ball Galaxy, Baby Daisy
Drawn while discussing Mario Kart Wii. The creepy Mii in the poster from Coco Mall is our Metroid Mii.


I did: Baby Pear, Baby Daisy
I don't care for Daisy, but I find Baby Daisy adorable.

I did: all but Mechant
I originally drew Subby in, but for whatever reason she demanded that I remove her. Mechant then came in and drew himself where she was.

Phantom Hourglass
I did: Linebeck, moon face
Me and another member were talking about Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass as we drew this. The moon face was drawn on for fun.

I did: bee Derrike on left, bomb fly, Pear
Another bug-themed drawing. The pictures with "I'm a bee" is a reference to an old drawing of Derrike on MFGG. The colorful thing in the corner is someone's attempt at Tippi.


I did: Weegee, SubBanjoPear
A silly fusion of Pear, BanjoSonic, and Subby, created out of boredom. I was formerly introduced to Weegee that day, so I drew it.

Mushroom is Shocked
I did: it
I was very bored. Partly based on a drawing I did for Ravan earlier that day.

Weegee Mother 3
I did: all of it
I was still very bored, and was still getting the Weegee out of my system.

Pokémon Cuteness
I did: all of it
And still, I was bored, so I drew some cute Pokémon.


Morph Ball
I did: Mimi, cake in box, Morph Ball
While discussing Super Paper Mario, I decided to have a little fun and started making a gigantic pixelly Morph Ball in hopes to stump them. Nobody there could guess even after I finished, but several people on MSN could identify it.

I did: background, planetoids, Pear
The first of many drawings inspired by the beautiful music in Super Mario Galaxy. Unfortunately, I didn't get a screencap before Mechant drew in his big splotchy messy glitter trail.

I did: Natu
Drawn in an attempted ancient western art style. Lizards were believed to represent evil, which is why images depicting creatures defeating lizards were meant to protect against evil. Learned this in my art history class.


I did: all but the proton and electron in the corner
I was in a very craggy mood, so I drew this. The strange drawing in the corner is one of Mechant's many science-based drawings.

I did: it
A golden statue dedicated to the member Duckboy who was permabanned that day. He could be rude at times, but was very funny. He will be missed.


The Underwhere
I did: Shaydes comic
Once again, another drawing based on Super Paper Mario. Special guest Lan drew the Mii.

I did: it
Sasuke was campaigning to be mod/admin/dictator, so I made this for him. Obviously, he did not get the position.

Daisy Circuit
I did: all of it
I was hoping more members would join in, but nobody did. At least Neopolis gave suggestions. Excluding the Geheh Mii as the Luigi Statue (Neo's suggestion), all the Miis are ones I have.


Super Paper Sammich
I did: Mimis, Whacka
I'm not quite sure why Mechant and Subby are in a giant sandwich, but that makes it a Subbymarchant sandwich. And of course, we were talking about Super Paper Mario.

I did: Stafy, Blooper tentacle, peanutbutterfish, Ikachan
A crazy collection of fish and other sea creatures. The peanutbutterandjellyfish was drawn after I drew my peanutbutterfish.

Ten Users
I did: the sign
Drawn while ten users were in the room, though it shortly grew to thirteen. The order of the heads is the order the names were in on the board's user list.

Future Selves
I did: Pear, Gato
After the party died down, the few of us left decided to draw the future versions of our characters. Pear ages slower than normal people, hence the physical age difference between him and Mechant. This is by no means canon. I have never worked at GameStop, nor do I really plan to. By this time, Gato had upgraded his design.

Past Selves
I did: Baby Pear, Baby Subby
Naturally, after future selves, we had to do past selves. I would have colored in Baby Pear, but I drew it on the bottom layer by accident.


Birthday Cuteness
I did: farthest side clouds, flowers, butterfly, blob thing
It was Subby's birthday, so we celebrated with pink and cuteness. One of the members who came in after the drawing was done made the cruder elements of the picture.

Birthday Cake
I did: the cake
Drawn for Subby on her birthday. She went crazy and erased the whole picture as I was coloring it. Luckily, I saved a picture of it just before.


Mega Man
I did: Pear Man, Gattool
Pear Man and Neo Man have a dramatic battle to the death! The strange walrus is Laser Cannon Walrus (or something).


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
I did: all of it
A drawing of both my PMD and PMD2 teams. Subby just got PMD and got a Skitty, so I drew her in, too.

I did: Slurpee
My brother came home from school and brought me a delicious Coca Cola Slurpee from 7-11. It was very good.


I did: clown, tally marks
I was getting quite bored, so I drew the clown from Kirby's Dream Land 3. I forget what the tally marks were for, but I was counting something. A special guest drew the furry panda thing.

Star Fox
I did: Arwing, ring
Me and Gato were reminiscing about the original Star Fox for the SNES. I drew using only the line tool. Not much else to say.

Bytans Return
I did: Bytans
The Bytans are much more varied this time because I got bored of drawing the same pose over and over.


I did: all of it
You all remember Fraxy, don't you? Of course. I drew the player taking on one of my earliest creations, the S.S. Catgirl.


Super Paper Mario
I did: all but the no Mario/no Paper/no items thing
More Super Paper Mario discussion. One of the members present at the time did not like SPM or Paper Mario in general.


I did: Chao, Dark Chao, Hero Chao, Pear Chao, MegaTailzChao (member)
Subby suggested that we draw our characters as Chao, so we did. Despite being the one to think of the theme, Subby waited til we all finished, then copied Mechant.

The Pit of 100 Trials
I did: background
A drawing we made while discussing the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, which Mechant was, at the time, currently working through. You can tell which enemy he had trouble with.


I did: Error, panda
BanjoSonic was having error troubles with WinAmp, and thus we got to talking about errors and voila. I wonder how many people will get the silly little pun with the panda.

I did: all but the Koopa guy sinking in the corner
Me and Neopolis were quite bored. Another member came in, but we were still bored. Gotta love the Angry Sun.

Show Me Your Mews
I did: Captain Falcon
We were still very bored.

Fairy Tales
I did: Captain Jack and the Beanstalk
I came back later in the day to find Press Start drawing with some other iScribble members on a public board. This is the first picture I participated in to be published, and is responsible for the segments craze that lead us to regular membership status. Because Subby colored my beanstalk, I got the least amount of participation percent in the picture (even less than her, who didn't draw anything else).

I did: Mariels
Subby doesn't like spiders.


Layton Tower
I did: Pear
I now realize I got the colors wrong. Oh well.


I did: Manaphy, Magnemite, right flower
Everyone is having a wonderful time.

Coke Fairy
I did: kitty, Ravan
The title comes from the the member named CokeIero, who Neopolis spammed him with his name. After he left out of annoyance, Neopolis pointed out that it translated in another language as "coke fairy", which resulted in the drawing on the far right.


Squid with a Racoon Tail
I did: all but Mechant
One day, my brother played the platformer-battle-royal fangame Super Mario War and decided to play as a blue Blooper. He got a Super Leaf and thought it was the greatest combination ever. So, I drew it. I then drew Pear with the Raccoon ability for fun.

Pillow Fight
I did: Pear and the pillow next to him, fighting pillows
A friendly pillow fight. Of course, Mechant decided he had to be on top. The silly pun drawing in the corner was drawn afterwards.

Look forward to all the drawings made in June next time.
Education is great, isn't it? Education is the best! ~Hands on learning!~
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Posted on 12-27-08 07:21:20 PM Link | Quote

I did: Mr saturn[someone else did the tree], the upper mario, cookie

I did: top center, rainbow fanciness, colored upper right comic


16/3/1: KvSG #479 is up!

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Posted on 12-27-08 08:50:55 PM Link | Quote
Hey, don't steal my topic. Get your own!


16/3/1: KvSG #479 is up!

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Posted on 12-31-08 01:40:48 AM (last edited by Gig at 12-31-08 10:36 PM) Link | Quote
Did I say July? I meant June.


I did: Awesome Toast, Mario Toast
Very silly fun. Mario Toast is a... something from MFGG. He shows up every now and then.


Babies in Time
I did: all but Neopolis and the stuff going on around him
More babies! This time, with a touch of Partners in Time. Will the babies be safe?


I did: toaster, chameleon
Drawn while talking about a particularly brilliant Pearls Before Swine strip (and the comic in general).

I did: spider web, Agido, Mokey Mokey, Souleater
Me and Gato just doodling about the Yu-Gi-Oh! cardgame. I don't really play anymore, but it's still amusing to discuss.


Precious Thing
I did: all of it
I drew this late at night while I was alone. I left it up overnight and it surprised everyone when they came in the room the next day. Based on... well, you know.


I did: ghost Pear
Subby went into a strange phase where she kept pretending to be a ghost and possess people. I based ghostly Pear's design on the Greapers from Super Mario RPG.

Ghosts Continued
I did: possessed Pear
Subby possessed me. This was the result.


I did: Smithy, Phanto, Raichu
Random sillyness again. I'm not sure how exactly the Pikashoes came about, but it was great fun to draw Raichu. Poor Raichu...

Butler Sponge
I did: it
We all decided that we wanted to do a butler/maid theme, but after I started, nobody joined in. Sponge was left all alone.

Feel the Magic
I did: background, Pear, Subby
Sadly, I have never played Feel the Magic. Still, it was fun to draw.


Strip Poker
I did: Pear, deck in center, Subby, table, room, dartboard, side of arcade cabinet
Believe it or not, Subby was the one to suggest this theme. Only afterward did Neopolis point out that Subby was the only female in the room. And, of course, she didn't actually participate. The publishing of this drawing revived the segments craze. The drawing got a silver star in the gallery.

Ravan the Maid
I did: all of it
After everyone had left and I played around with the Strip Poker drawing, I went to another room and drew this. It was a bit hard to find a reference for Merlee's Mansion.


I did: Subby
It's not just subtle, it's subbytle. Can you find the third line of text?

I did: Pearl, maybe Neopoletta
A silly drawing of the gender-reversed versions of our characters. They are, in order: B.Emma, Neopoletta, Mechelle, Robin (Jay), Subster, Fujikarl, Pearl. I added the magatama on Pearl after noticing the similarity to Maya from Phoenix Wright.

I did: Sableye
Mechant got help from a special guest to blur and autocircle the firelight. Jay certainly has an interesting idea of what a "scary monster" looks like.


I did: most of the background, tables, Pear, Subby
A fancy-shmancy restaurant that probably serves French food. Just don't go into the kitchen. This drawing was published, but got deleted later.

I did: all of the recognizable puzzle game pieces
Just try and beat this game. I don't even have a clue as to how gameplay would go. Subby helped by drawing the generic blocks.

I did: table, Pear, Subby, Pineapple Bomber, shark, bacon, lightning bolt
Doesn't it look delicious? Member Aurora finally came in and joined us, and since then has drawn with us regularly. Her character is the blue dog thing.

I did: Pearsponge, Gatosponge
Everyone loves Sponge! Pearsponge reminds me of Bobby from Bobby's World for some reason.


I did: lantern, screen, Katamari, King Sammer
A simple Japan theme. Obviously, that means Pokemon and flowery decorations.

I did: Eggplant man, Pyoro, Rocket Grunt, pi
A big collection of random things. No real theme.

Butter Building
I did: sky except for brightest cloud layer, Kiki, stars on tower
Another Kirby drawing. I love Kirby's Adventure.

I did: Pear jellyfish, fish
And now another underwater drawing. I asked Subby to blur the fish, since she had just gotten her regular membership and thus had access to the rest of the tools.

Jungle Fever
I did: plants, light rays, Bungee Piranha
A funfilled jungle adventure, aided by Mechant's new blurring tools. Amusingly, BanjoSonic got the most segments in the drawing despite only drawing himself.

New Toys
I did: Fraxy, bottle, Ghastly, Pear
A bunch of random drawings that let Mechant try out his new tools. I made the Fraxy ship drawing pixel-by-pixel, then had Mechant blur the laser and black background edges.

I did: Pear, Mr. Saturn, little saucer
At the time of this drawing, I had never played EarthBound. I recently started it, but I'm only just leaving Onett for Twoson.

Canada Dry's Adventure
I did: background, enemies, big star block
Member Canada Dry wanted to do a Kirby picture, so I helped him. I think I ended up doing most of the work. Press Start came in at the end and drew the Fire ability icon.

Cuckoo Condor
I did: all of it
This is the drawing that gave me my regular membership, being worth 64000+ segments, over half the requirement needed. It took me about three hours. It was unfortunately deleted, so I uploaded it as a picture onto iScribble and use it for the cover of my sketchpad there. If it looks a bit familiar, I did post it in its own topic here, but it got very little attention.


I did: all of it
A drawing to celebrate my rise to the status of regular member. The throne I'm sitting on is a reference to my Cuckoo Condor drawing.


I did: Lemmy Koopa
This is a volcano! The red Shy Guy in military gear is Neopolis's friend, Captain Flame Guy.

I did: evil Subby
Having nothing better to do, we drew a bunch of Subbies. It was a Friday, so I drew the dark Subby. Aurora drew most of the rest.

Kid Icarus
I did: Pear, Goddess Subbutena
For whatever reason, Subby tried to uninvite herself from the room she herself had created. It didn't work. She then decided she was immortal, and that she was thus a goddess. This inspired me to draw a Kid Icarus drawing, using the new character designs from Brawl.

Golden Smiley
I did: it
We decided to try something called a drawing game, where you get five minutes to draw in a little square according to a theme. The theme for this round was "smilies". Since I won, I got to pick the theme and judge for the next round.

I did: it
After the round I judged, I drew this. Personally, a bear going postal with a shotgun would scare me senseless.

Soccer Bro.
I did: it
At this point, I basically lost interest, and stopped putting in effort. I think the theme was Japan or something. After this, I just edited the same pic to match the theme, such as "zombies". It never won.


Bugs Attack
I did: giant fly, scorpion
More giant bugs are attacking! Mechant felt the need to flaunt his superiority over bugs in the corner because of fire.

I did: Cuckoo Condor, Cractus, larger Subbychant, Pear
After the giant spider attacked Subby, she went into another ghost mood. As you can see from the drawing in the corner, Jay is improving.

On the Moon
I did: background, Insanity Prawn Boy, Pear
I'm surprised that Pear is the only one wearing a helmet.

BanjoSonic Regular Membership Get!
I did: Kirby
A celebration of BanjoSonic's acquiring of regular membership.

Palm Tree Paradise
I did: background, Pear, Subby
Inspired by listening to the music from Wario Land 4 for the same level. Subby asked me to draw her character for her.

I did: background, most of the ships, smallest condor
It started with just a simple sketchy pyramid, and slowly turned into a massive starship battle over the base on planet Katina. Can you name all the ships?

Stormy Skies
I did: papers, SALE balloon, pirate ship, but not Kirby
As you can tell, we made a lot of drawings that day. This one was made by me, Gato, and Mechant. The paper on the left is a wanted poster for Grovyle.

Over Soll Meteos
I did: Over Soll, ship, Meteos aliens
Special guest Mimi came in and drew with us. I used my newly-gained tools to make fancy, slightly-less-symbollike versions of some Meteos aliens. I love Oleana~

Warning: Mild Nudity
Pear and Subby at the Hotsprings
I did: all of it
I linked to it because I guess it might be considered a bit NSFW. You can't see any naughty parts, but they are both fully naked. This took me about five hours. For those of you who are curious, I did actually draw their entire bodies, then blurred and such to make the water effect. Mechant watched while I some of it and kept talking about seeing Pear's penis, even after I had blurred and steamed it out of recognition.


Weebl's Stuff
I did: Salad Fingers, Insanity Prawn Boy, bunny, melon, lion, carrot in disguise, Catface
A drawing dedicated to the wonderful stuff done by Weebl. Can you name them all?

Warning: Mild Nudity
nakey weee
I did: it
Just a silly little doodle. Don't worry, you can't see anything, but I linked just in case.

Attack Carrier
I did: it
Probably my favorite in Star Fox/Star Fox 64. Now that I've seen the ripped model, it's not quite accurate design-wise.

Solar System
I did: Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Neptune Milky Way band, comet
A drawing by Mimi and me. I love astronomy stuff, so this was very fun to make.


I did: Mouthball (green creature)
I had just recently acquired the Spore Creature Creator and made Mouthball, the little green thing covered in pointy buglike mouths. You can see Jay is still improving.

Japanese School
I did: background, Pear
Fujiko thought up this theme, so we drew it. The background is the result of fusing all the typical Japanese schools I have seen in various anime clips. Mechant provided the Japanese phrases.


I did: background, Pear
Nothing like a relaxing heated massage in a fancy spa resort. Jay is bent on capturing the random Deoxys that Gato drew.

Jungle Rhythm
I did: background, Pear, Subby
Partially inspired by Mechant's repeated suggestion that we all dance naked around a campfire. He has since given up on said suggestion.

Coming For You
I did: all of it
After everyone left following the campfire drawing, I made this and left it for whoever came in the next morning.


I did: background, Pear
Just some cute little angels floating around in the heavens. Yeah.


I did: drawing by Pear, The Cat in the Hat, toy blocks
I came in pretty late on this one. The pile of colored toy blocks in the corner is from the painting of the Wario Land 4 level Toy Block Tower. The teacher is the one who drew the Mona Lisa, just to make the kids feel inferior.

Cutey Pear
I did: it
Isn't he just adorable?

I did: Pear
Me and Fujiko had nothing to draw, so we just made this.

Action Heroes
I did: Pear, colored Fujiko
It's always fun to make drawings with EXCESSIVE MASCULINITY. Pink angel wings become FLAMING BAT WINGS. Pink kitty brooch becomes RAGING TIGER SHIRT. I know nothing about real weapons, so I made up one.


Bayou Background
I did: all of it
The background of a Donkey Kong Country 2-themed drawing, as seen below. I saved it because I liked it so much.

Bayou Boogie
I did: all of it
We were talking about DKC2, and it inspired me to draw this. Subby was originally going to participate, but then asked me to draw her instead.


I did: Pear, sign
The pink, it burns your eyes! I don't know why we drew this.

I did: all of it
Because kitties are adorable!

Feverish Pear
I did: Pear
I was actually sick at the time, and had quite a fever. Mimi made the drawing on the right for me and wished that I got better.

I did: it
A drawing idea that I had wanted to do since I came back from Disney Quest months before, but never got to. I didn't actually get a hat when I went.


Yallothar Visits
I did: Pear-flower
Mimi's sister, iScribble username YALLOTHAR came to draw with us. She makes wonderful drawings, but erases most of them. She drew Pear and also wished that I felt better.

I did: all of it
A product of the peak of my fever. Subby actually looks quite good in Pear's outfit. Also, Subby's clothes are very uncomfortable.


Tropical Splash
I did: Oho Jee
Tropical Splash is a skin on the MFGG Message boards, based on Oho Oasis / Gwarhar Lagoon from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Some people say it's too bright, but I love it and have always used it. Gato drew the Ghastly.

Captain Syrup
I did: all of it
We were in a good ol' Wario Land mood. It might have coincided with the news that Captain Syrup would be appearing in Wario Land: Shake It!

Water Temple
I did: background, enemies
The dungeon everyone hates. If you're wondering as to why Mechant's pee is glowing yellow, he apparently urinates sulferic acid or something.

Neko Mimi
I did: it
Based on a silly pun. Get it?


Death Note
I did: Pear, P logo
Mechant has become obsessed with finding out where I live. The most he knows is Florida. He keeps saying things pretending like he knows which county I live in, but he's always way off. I, however, have already figured out what city he lives in and what middle school he goes to. I don't care, really, I just found out because I know it bugs him.

Hilltop Bliss
I did: all of it
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a screenshot of it before I cleared it, so I had to save the jpegged version from the gallery. The name comes from the Windows XP default wallpaper.


I did: Sluggy the Unshaven, Sluggies, Gooble, Gooey, Slime, Chuchu
A collage of various blobby gooey things. Those little simple blobs that you see in various colors are Mechant's.

Picasso Pear
I did: it
No explanation needed.

Canvas Curse Background
I did: all of it
The background to the next picture, based on Kirby Canvas Curse. I love the variety of art styles used in the levels.

Canvas Curse
I did: background, Pear, Kirby, stylus & paint
Not much else to say.


Fujiko 4 Prez
I did: all of it
Me and Fujiko were bored and alone, so I made this. Yes, she is Canadian.

Burning of the Textbooks
I did: all but Fujiko
Fujiko wanted to celebrate the end of her school year, and so we did. Note that I do not actually approve the destruction of school books or writing utensils.

Crossdressing with Fujiko
I did: Pear, Subby
As it turns out, just about everone looks good in Pear's outfit. Fujiko's... notsomuch. Subby wasn't actually present, but I anticipated her reaction.


I did: Pear
Yallothar made the amazing drawing of the fairy girl in the middle.


I did: Cractus, firefly, background
A drawing of the boss of Emerald Passage in Wario Land 4. It was actually Subby's idea.

Warning: weird and a bit creepy
Mechant Likes Girl Undies
I did: all of it
Based on a true story. Please don't ask.

Wow, that was a lot more than I thought. Next time will be July's!

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Posted on 12-31-08 04:13:30 PM Link | Quote
It can be told that your art is getting better with the month progression.

And as for Puzzles, I can recognize...
Tetris (obvious)
Wario's Woods (monster + wrong-color bomb)
Puyo whatever (don't remember)
Dr. Mario (pill)
Tetris Attack (triangle)
Banjo? ()
Japanese Kirby game (forgot name)
Meteos (The planet Meteo, Air element?)
Yoshi's Cookie (Mmm...)
What did I miss?
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Posted on 12-31-08 05:53:59 PM Link | Quote
As somebody who actually knows a thing or two about guns, I would say a minigun held like a handgun has to be one of the least probable and least practical weapons I have ever seen. Of course, I suppose it would take somebody with gratuitous amounts of strength to fire that thing without his arm flying around like a balloon with a hole in it, so I guess Macho Pear fits the bill more than anybody else.

Now, I've noticed an approximate 300% increase in suggestive images compared to last month, and I'm slightly curious as to why. Was there any particular reason, or was it just a random occurrence possibly caused by the apparent abundance of free time?

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Posted on 12-31-08 10:38:06 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by The Red Snifit
Of course, I suppose it would take somebody with gratuitous amounts of strength to fire that thing without his arm flying around like a balloon with a hole in it, so I guess Macho Pear fits the bill more than anybody else.

There's some statement about bringing reality-grounded concepts to things that aren't realistic, but I can't remember it.

Anyway, you had a bug in the HTML (opened I, closed B) so I fixed it for you.

iScribble would be fun to try out if I didn't completely suck at drawing.
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Posted on 01-01-09 08:32:02 AM Link | Quote
I was attempting to be funny. Of course, I tend to fail at that miserably over the Internet, so... Yeah.

I would try out iScribble if I had, say, a tablet. I can draw fairly well, just... Not with a mouse.
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