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11-15-18 07:29:43 AM

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Posted on 09-04-18 11:47:38 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Xkeeper
Originally posted by Xkeeper
I still have some backlog that I eventually intended to get through, but I don't know if they're available on CR or anything and I'm too lazy to check:

- that one series with the angels or something? I want to say the words started with HR but I forget
- celestial method (someone may have recommended me this)
- ???

I feel like I'm forgetting some other stuff.

haibane renmei and re:creators were the two I was missing.

Unfortunately, at least the latter one isn't easily accessible, so I guess I need to go find some magnet links.

I still haven't actually looked at any of these, and I've fallen way behind on CCS Clear Card (I wonder if it's finished by now? It feels like it's been months)

I need to make a list of this stuff.
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Posted on 09-08-18 02:35:38 PM Link | Quote
I know I already have, but I'm going to strongly recommend Haibane again -- it's one of the best-written shows I've ever watched.

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Posted on 09-20-18 12:06:00 AM Link | Quote
I just finished watching Digimon Tri... holy crap, it was so baaaad. I am no anime snob, I have a hard time even noticing a lot of the crap some people criticise in shows. But like, holy fuck, the animation is soooo baaaaaad in a lot of scenes. Not to mention the compositions and cuts are just awful. A lot of scenes breaks continuity or logic in horrible ways, it might be a stylistic choice, but I doubt it; I just don't see what they would get out of it.

And don't get me freaking started on the narrative itself. They wanted to make a sequel to the first digimon anime as well as 02, and this is what they came up with? The main antagonist just literally wants to destroy the world for no fucking reason. There is a bunch of plot threads that go literally nowhere and achieves nothing. All characters from 02 are conveniently swept under the rug and never shown on-screen in a pretty darn throw away manner. Okay, I get it you want to make a show that focuses on the OG gang, but it's possible to do that without putting every other character on the bus.

I was so hyped about this, and it started pretty good with some interesting opening ideas, but then it's just all downhill from there. Sure let's thrown in a fucking romance gag in a scene where one of the characters is contemplating suicide. Probably the worst example of bad timing to throw in a joke, but there are so many of them.

Like, I get it, OG digimon wasn't all that great, but if you're making a new show for it today that is supposed to be a follow up to it, to the, presumably, older and more mature audience? You got to at least freaking try.

This is one of those scenarios where the dub might just be way better, because they could just change a lot of the dumb dialogue at least. (watched it subbed btw).

God, it just makes me so sad. I have been a pretty big digimon fan for so many years. The most recent show was a complete re-brand with a focus on smartphones and stuff (and cutting out all old monster designs), and it really didn't click with me. I kinda held out the hope for Digimon tri, because this was at least aimed at me, I'm the target audience. But no, it's just kind of bad, and I'm unsure if they'll ever produce anything more digimon that I could actually appreciate.

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Posted on 09-20-18 12:26:58 AM Link | Quote
Finished Lupin III Part V. Folks it's good
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