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12-13-18 02:55:08 PM

Jul - Entertainment - Memorable lyrics New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 11-19-18 02:16:03 AM (last edited by hydra-calm at 11-19-18 02:28:25 AM) Link | Quote
Since my train of thought is going this way from a post in another thread... Are there any lyrics in music you like that stand out or have special significance of some kind to you?

For me, let's see what comes to mind right now...

-Pretty much everything in Moss Icon - Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly, but "A cross of swords and a wreath of dead buildings in a pit archive" is a nice line by itself.
-ATDI - Invalid Litter Dept: "And the paramedics had fallen into the wound, like a rehired scab in a barehanded plan, an anesthetic penance beneath the hail of contraband". There are many, many other ATDI lyrics I could put here, but Invalid Litter Dept. is probably the best.
-Rapoon - Tin of Drum has some of the best use of speech samples I've ever heard. "Cirrocumulus, cirrostratus..." (obviously quite a bit more going on here than the lyrics themselves, so probably not strictly something I should include here)
-I'm pretty into most of the first part of Born Slippy .NUXX.
-Codeine - Jr: "Dumb at twelve, with a delinquent mind... The sky turned yellow-blue, like a week-old bruise/ These days things loom above me; my head is empty, my tongue and lips are swollen"
-Baby Ford - Poem for Wigan. Strange inclusion, maybe, but "I think there's something wrong with the world, really..." finds its way back into my head pretty often.

There are a lot more I'm forgetting, and a lot more I'd be more into on another day. Slovenly in particular probably has quite a few -- oh well.. I have some phantom memory of bringing this up before too, so apologies if there's a thread or reply buried somewhere already.

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Posted on 11-19-18 05:10:25 AM Link | Quote
He's got a brand new car
Looks like a Jaguar
It's got leather seats
It's got a CD player (x14)

But I don't wanna talk about it anymore

I think we're gonna make it
I think we're gonna save it yeah
So don't you try and fake it

(Buck Rogers x2)

We're starting over again
Grow ourselves new skin
Get a house in Devon
Drink cider from a lemon (x14)

But I don't wanna talk about it anymore

I think we're gonna make it
I think we're gonna save it yeah
So don't you try and fake it

(the first few verses of Feeder - Buck Rogers)
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Posted on 11-19-18 05:38:00 AM Link | Quote
Things that I can think of right now:

The Life And Times - Coat Of Arms
"The messages you leave on my cellphone
remind me why I drank the ocean."

For some reason I associate that song with dissociation.

King Gizzard And The Wizard Lizard - Inner Cell:

"From under the skin
The flesh has rotten
Poison has spread
Through words unsaid
Anemic rule
Now here we say
Our time has come
Transcending us
Above the one
To become death
For now he sits
Inside the fire
That we will keep
Him in the spire
Have found resolve
And our own crimes
To be comitted
In cold blood
Like he did his."

It's quite evocative on its own, but King Gizzard also sing the entire thing in a certain metrum.
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Posted on 11-19-18 08:20:57 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Alok, Bruno Martini, Zeeba - Hear Me Now
Leave excuses aside
Speak out your mind
Don't let in slide
You're not always right

Things aren't easy
So just you believe me now
Don't learn the hard way
Just let me show you how

All the lights will guide the way
If you get to hear me now
All the fears will fade away
If you get to hear me now
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Posted on 11-19-18 12:01:13 PM Link | Quote
The first pre-chorus plus chorus from Muna's "Around U" felt so evocative to me:

All senses say, nothing has changed
The soft lines from the streetlights fall the same on my face

But something massive happened here
I can feel it in the atmosphere
Something false that once was true
I no longer revolve around you

There's also ... well, the entirety of "Change" by Banks, which captures that emotionally-abusive relationship dynamic incredibly well in lyrics and music and their interaction, but I can pick out the third verse as especially relatable to my own relationship with my mother (spoilertagged for heaviness of content):

...honestly, a lot of the songs I've been listening to lately have had very riddle-ish lyrics? Like, I know what I get from them, but you almost need the entire song to be able to guess what it's about and then from that figure out what specific lines mean.
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Jul - Entertainment - Memorable lyrics New poll - New thread - New reply

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