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12-10-18 07:44:55 PM

Jul - Gaming - Game Boy Advance appreciation thread New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 10-28-18 06:07:16 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Narumi
I liked the original GBA the best because of how easy it was to hold and how well it fits in pockets. Another thing the GBA had was a soundfont that, when used right, it made some awesome tunes.

The GBA didn't really have a sound font (or any complex sound hardware at all); you might be thinking of certain developers that had their own music drivers and soundfonts, but as far as I'm aware there's nothing built into the system itself, beyond the original Game Boy sound hardware.

GC link cable inanity

I have no idea why they made those things take up so much room as opposed to being a standard link port. It makes even less sense since if you end up jolting or jerking the GBA away, you probably want the cable to pop off easily, lest you end up with it getting yanked out of your hands, or worse, yanking the console off of wherever it's sitting.

Red Koopa
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Posted on 10-28-18 10:17:40 AM Link | Quote
GBA has Golden Sun. Enough said.

Collecting Dust and Games
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Posted on 10-28-18 02:07:12 PM Link | Quote
The GBA SP, I always thought of that thing as a Service Pack. ^^

I had my original GBA, which I bought on April 2nd, 2001 as an Japanese import, modded with an Afterburner Frontlight Kit. I had an SP in 2003, and mostly adored it's super portableness and rechargable battery, but then went back to my original GBA, if I wasn't using a DS or DS lite.

But last year, I replaced it with a clear orange / black GBA with backlight mod. Didn't look back since.
Paired with an Everdrive X5 for it, it's a great portable little systems with lot's of great games. But I still tend to use my original cartridges whenever possible.

Anyone remember Pogoshell? And it's integratet NSF and MOD player?
As I didn't have a Discman or one of those expensive mp3 players, I listened to a lot of music on my GBA. As I had one of those old GBA flashcarts which had to be flashed trough the GBA with a GBA - USB cable.
I don't remember the flashcarts name, and I don't have it anymore after it broke, but I should still have that cable. I wonder if there are any drivers for modern OSes to read and write saves directly to GBA...

That may be a workaround for my inability to print e-reader dotcodes.

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Posted on 10-28-18 02:48:01 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Xkeeper
GC link cable inanity

Originally posted by Xkeeper
I forgot the absolute worst part of the SP which was the bizarre, fucked up adapter you had to use for headphones, that basically nobody had. So nobody ever did.

This is a picture of my third party headphone and Gamecube adapters.

Headphones, charging, and Gamecube linking all at once!
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Posted on 11-06-18 05:19:53 PM Link | Quote
Now that I dig into it...I don't think I've actually streamed too many things GBA outside of this:


Star Mario
Placeholder Ikachan until :effort: is found
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Posted on 11-06-18 11:21:51 PM Link | Quote
I decided to bite the bullet and buy a handheld at our local indie video game store Sunday, and I ended up buying an original Game Boy Advance. Wasn't able to find Ruby/Sapphire though, but on the upshot all I need is a Gamecube link cable.

After literally 15 years come later this month, I would finally own the tech needed to visit the island in Animal Crossing. Also opens up to other fun stuff, I suppose. Now, to move my shit from Illinois to California...

Collecting Dust and Games
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Posted on 11-11-18 05:57:44 PM (last edited by Kawaii-e at 11-11-18 05:58:10 PM) Link | Quote

Just was at a LAn-Party with lot's of consoles and almost no computers.
And I once again played a lot of Advance. Once again finished Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World, now to find all the other exists and dragon coins.
I started anew as I found some colour correctin patches for the SMA series.

We wanted to finally play Kirby and the Amazing Mirror with four players, but one cartridge went the way of the dodo and played a round of Mario Bros. Battle instead. Was still lot's of fun, but until we get 4 players together again... next year.

After going trough some GSF archives, I stumbled over some cool music. Also going trough the random rom-files on my flash cart revealed some strange stuff, like Ottifanten Pinball. The title screen music is just a live recording of one of the creators songs.

But I still couldn't scan some power up cards for SMA4, as all people care are the e-levels
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Jul - Gaming - Game Boy Advance appreciation thread New poll - New thread - New reply

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