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12-13-18 04:22:31 PM

Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Naruto PS2 Games Unused/Removed Stuff New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 10-01-18 04:11:51 PM (last edited by NC2007 at 10-01-18 05:09:19 PM) Link | Quote
Hello , I'm new here , a acquaintance of mine recommended this site to show some of the things that i finded on Naruto Games on PS2 ...

Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles :

This game have have so much content cut out on the US version , by fact that US Dub of the anime was late ...
Itachi, Kisame, and Tsunade were "cutted" from the game in both cutscenes and gameplay. Aslong with some missions that appear Gaara Half-Shukaku and the Best part of the game... the Final Boss Battle against Orochimaru , so here it go: (These videos right here were from last year , when i used to record with aTube ignore the lil' lag)

Playing as Orochimaru BOSS on "removed"final Boss Battle map :
Playing as Kisame Hoshigaki :
Playing as Gaara Half Shukaku :
Entering on Hero Memorial/Training Field Map :
Entering on Hospital Room map :
Entering on Ninja Academy Terrace map :

Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles 2 / Konoha Spirits! :

By the fact that are some jutsus that just COM could normally do is already interesting .. then i make em' usable (like : Neji byakungan , Sasuke fireball jutsu , Sakura Healing jutsu, using kunai on Survival)
Then i finded so unused content ... like two Cutscenes from Chapter 2 on Karin Store [from previous game], Konohamaru beta,Kakashi Training, annnnd Sasuke Curse Mark texures!.. I made this child dream happen' .. I'm sure there are several people interested in this game aswell ... so here it go:
Cutscene #1 :
Cutscene #2 :
Konohamaru :
Kakashi Training :
Sasuke Curse Mark textures :

Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 :

This game has the same trouble as Chronicles 1 ... but this time the game Dead Line was after the movie US release ... Movie : 06/06/2007 , Game 06/12/2007
they cut out Dotō Kazahana and another two maps!
Playing as Dotō Kazahana :
Playing on Removed map #1 :
Playing on Removed map #2 :

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja 5 :
I don't modded this game as much as the others , i just finded the code to play as Sasuke on Free Roam

That's all guys :] , Hope you enjoy it!

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Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Naruto PS2 Games Unused/Removed Stuff New poll - New thread - New reply

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