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11-15-18 07:26:40 AM

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Posted on 09-15-18 04:10:37 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Xenesis
choc-chip & bacon cookies

I mean, I like salt, too, but. why
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Posted on 09-15-18 06:04:29 PM (last edited by BoringPerson at 09-15-18 06:08:12 PM) Link | Quote
They've also got dark chocolate with bacon bits. I like dark chocolate, and I guess bacon's okay, but... nah. I'm not a fan of salty dark chocolate in general.

But for sweet-salty stuff, you can't beat tamarind candy IMO. It's tamarind, sugar, and salt, and as you'd expect (if you're familiar with tamarind) it's sour, sweet, and salty. ~yummy~
(edit: Even if you don't know what a tamarind is, you might know of the Rindo Berry from Pokemon, which is based on the tamarind.)

I'm not usually a poster of new threads, but OP's button inspired me to post an idea I've had for a while in the Gaming subforum.
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Posted on 09-15-18 11:57:03 PM (last edited by Tarale at 09-15-18 11:58:24 PM) Link | Quote
I've had some bacon and chocolate chip things before. It's alright, I guess. The bacon pieces are usually very small and they go very crisp, so they function a little bit like sea salt crystals in the recipe. It works best with dark chocolate. It does that whole salty-sweet thing.

It's definitely not my favourite kind of salty-sweet though (my FAVOURITE is salted caramel).

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Posted on 09-16-18 05:10:12 AM Link | Quote
Blehhhhh I don't really like salty-sweet. My roommate is obsessed with salted caramel and he's always trying to get me to eat random salted caramel things he's bought. I looooove caramel, so it's not the caramel I'm objecting to.

I do like sweet and savory though!!!!! I love orange chicken. I love barbecue, natch. I like vaguely sweet sauces on meat in general, I think.
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Posted on 09-16-18 09:57:27 PM Link | Quote
I enjoy salted caramel, but the thought of something like bacon in sweets just makes me recoil. Candied tamarind is ace too -- I need to find a source of that here.

Moon Bunny! :3
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Posted on 09-18-18 08:41:45 AM Link | Quote
Admittedly I have never tried it, but beacon in something sweet don't sound very great to me to be honest.
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