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10-23-18 01:24:23 AM

Jul - Projects and Creations - a jul fork New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 04-26-18 08:34:41 PM Link | Quote

essentially this is kind of a continuation of boardc; most of the features which were there have been recoded/ported over & cleaned up

this is something I've been working on and off (but mostly off) since late dec 2016, though because of a roll back, most of the existing work was done early on and in the past four months

varous notes:
- PHP 5.5 is required since password_hash is used. this time I'm also sure the code is compatible with PHP 7.1.
- to install it, you copy the files to a folder, then access any file to be directed to the installer. this generates the config file. as usual, you should follow the instructions closely.
- by default, the options are configured to run the board in debug mode (always show query list & error list, regardless of powerlevel). You should disable all of those if you aren't running a testboard.
- after installing, the first user registered is automatically root admin'd. if the advanced options aren't changed, the deleted user account is created automatically after registering.


new/new-ish features:
- file upload support (attachments and avatars)
- post revisions and soft deletion of posts (permanent deletion is still an option, but it is disabled by default)
- PM threads with folders
- various extra mod/admin features (pending users, IP bans management, board backups, forum bans,...)
- somewhat improved SQL query debugger and real error list at the bottom of the page
- announcements are real threads
- many more schemes/thread layout options, ported from the i2/i3 era
- other minor changes/extra featurs, too many to list

core changes:
- uses PDO rather than mysql_* functions, and this is taken advantage of (prepared queries, fetch flags,...)
- gets rid of the reliance on register_globals and magic_quotes
- files properly secured (I hope) and it shouldn't throw a single notice, even on E_ALL
- ditches the manual header printing for AB2-like pageheader()/pagefooter() functions
- streamlining of forms. for example, _GET arguments aren't converted to _POST after previewing
- no $tccell
- merges posts and posts_text as this isn't 2002 anymore (and old revisions go to posts_old)
- reorganized schemes structure. all the theme data (including images) is in folders inside /schemes

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Posted on 04-26-18 08:41:29 PM Link | Quote
It's a shame it's a total fork with a bunch of changed things, some of those changes might be nice to have here
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Posted on 04-27-18 05:42:33 AM Link | Quote
heh, I originally didn't intend to make many changes... and then one of the first things I did was merging posts and posts_text. and things progressively diverged even more

I could probably port back some of the features; it depends on what changes you're referring to.

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Posted on 10-02-18 03:56:35 PM Link | Quote
It's a nice idea and all, maybe giving it a name and its own repository (since GitHub won't add fork searching), would be a good idea given how much it differentiates itself from the normal Jul board software?
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