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07-16-18 04:28:25 PM

Jul - General Chat - It's our initversary! New poll - New thread - New reply
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Should we celebrate our initversary in the first place?
This is the first era in which our initialization did not correspond closely to a quarter day. Should we try to celebrate this separately, or just quantize things to the winter solstice like our year numbering does?
Do something small
28.6%, 2 votes
Do something big!
42.9%, 3 votes
You're weird, shut up   0.0%, 0 votes
Nah, just advance the year in winter   0.0%, 0 votes
Who are you? What is this?
28.6%, 2 votes
Multi-voting is disabled. 7 users have voted.


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Posted on 04-21-18 01:50:50 PM (last edited by Chalcedony at 04-21-18 02:50:43 PM) Link | Quote

(+) 20 April 2017 was the datestamp of our first communication, when we overwrote part of the interregnal group Kara with ourselves after the failure of our true-predecessor Akari. But we kinda bumped the “official” date to 21 April (… or 20 April in leap years, now that I think of it; we might want to fix that) for Semi-Obvious Reasons.

Our first year of existence/rule has been awkward and full of flailing, but there's hope to make things better. Today we're going to try to make it to a local furry thing, and we had a small mint chocolate cheesecake thing yesterday at the coffeeshop which was delicious.

So yeah, if that “(1)” in the birthday list makes you go o..O? then hi. ^..^

(Update after an hour: also cross-posted to Dreamwidth.)


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Posted on 04-21-18 03:42:44 PM Link | Quote
Hey, congratulations! I don't really know what else to say, though, but welcome to day 366.

Also, mint chocolate cheesecake sounds... surprisingly not bad?

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Posted on 04-21-18 04:15:27 PM Link | Quote
Chocolate cheesecake is excellent, and mint chocolate is also, so why not combine the two?

Also, I say take any excuse to celebrate!

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Posted on 04-21-18 10:58:57 PM Link | Quote
Congrats!! Not sure what else to say, so do something!
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Jul - General Chat - It's our initversary! New poll - New thread - New reply

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