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11-15-18 01:03:50 AM

Jul - Gaming - Twilight RO music lost to time? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 03-04-18 07:52:05 PM Link | Quote
I've scoured google for a few hours, and for the life of me I can't find that old tRO installation file, but I eventually made my way here, where all the old people came after the server shut down, it seems. I was going to spool up the ol' RO again, but I gotta say, it's not nearly as nostalgic to me without the tRO music. Anyone happen to have either the installation folder or the music files handy?

I'm pretty much banking on someone from the old tRO days still being around, which is a very slim chance, considering it's 2018 now.
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Posted on 03-06-18 07:29:59 PM (last edited by Stigandr at 03-06-18 07:30:53 PM) Link | Quote
Was hoping someone else would chime in.

Unfortunately I can't help much. I can point you to a few specific songs I remember.

The Lutie area used Paper Mario music, IIRC - I forget exactly what was in the Field, but the town used Shiver City I believe and I know for a fact the Toy Factory used Crystal Palace. Toy Factory 2 might have used Vs. Crystal King. Field was either Shiver Mountain or Snow Road, most likely, considering the pattern.

Prontera Culvert also used Paper Mario music, specifically Bowser's Castle.

Hugel used Root Town Sigma from one of the .hack games.

There's a few other songs I was hoping to track down myself - one of the Mt. Mjolnir songs, and the one used in Prontera - but Hugel was the only one I was able to find without past experience with the source. There was a bit more Paper Mario in there - the Kobold Village, I believe, used Goomba Village for example - and given the staff I'm certain there was a fair bit more .hack.

For the most part I prefer the official music, but Toy Factory feels completely different between the two and I vastly prefer the tRO approach.
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Posted on 03-07-18 12:03:23 AM Link | Quote
Twilight ro is my waifu man
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Jul - Gaming - Twilight RO music lost to time? New poll - New thread - New reply

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