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06-19-18 11:30:54 AM

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Posted on 02-14-18 11:14:23 PM Link | Quote
Do you ever have bouts of perfectionism get to you? Like when trying to get a project done or trying to get the best look but fail miserably at it?

I sometimes have bouts of perfectionism where I'm working on a game or fan project, then being burnt out from it as a result. It even sometimes applies to my appearance, where I'm not happy with it until I think it's perfect.

Do you ever have this happen?
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Posted on 02-14-18 11:32:37 PM Link | Quote
yeaaaa this is me! a lot of times with art i will be creating something, decide i dont like it, then delete it and start over. i was just thinking about how i did this with my project velkacis too because i have recreated so many pages. i get really fixated on certain things and pour hours of work into it only to wake up the next morning and be like WAIT I HAVE A BETTER IDEA!
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Posted on 02-15-18 05:03:11 AM Link | Quote
I used to struggle with perfectionism more, but it doesn't fly in the workplace, and it holds back improvement with stuff like drawing, so I'm getting better at just letting stuff go.
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Posted on 02-15-18 06:36:30 AM Link | Quote
Whenever I'm imagining an idea for a project, perfectionism tends to get in the way. Once I start having a sense of how much effort something is going to take, or as I try to actually create the project, then usually perfectionism tends to be left aside in favor of actually doing something, although more oftenly than not, the end result will end up bad enough that I'll want to redo it anyway (or at least improve it).

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Posted on 02-15-18 01:59:27 PM Link | Quote
i'm such a ridiculous perfectionist that it causes me to never finish anything creative, and even if i do finish things i almost never show anyone out of embarrassment

the only way i've ever been able to finish anything is letting go of perfection, but that's hard when you always have a clear idea of what something "should" be in your head...

the last major project i did that i actually finished and released to the public was a dumb Zelda Classic quest and it took me two years to finish. not because it's long or complicated (it started out as a challenge to finish something in a month), but because i'd stop working on it for months because i'd be upset that the dungeons weren't turning out as well as i wanted... also, i kept updating it not just for bugfixes but because i would keep tweaking a bunch of random stuff nobody cares about for years after it was released

i think i'm finally "done" with it which is unusual because i never feel like i'm done with anything

i've been less of a perfectionist about my appearance lately, though, now that i'm at a point where i can actually fix what's wrong with it. i'm happy just to look acceptably decent. :x

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Posted on 02-15-18 02:04:03 PM Link | Quote
I certainly never released anything through my decade of ROM hacking because of excessive perfectionism and being unable to finish anything because I'd restart it from scratch every few months x.x

I've managed to release more game projects recently because I've bene trying to adopt an ethos of "it's done, it is what it is, shove it out there" and move that instinct to restart from scratch instead to be "how are we going to do this better the next time"

It doesn't always work, though...

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Posted on 02-21-18 02:04:03 AM Link | Quote
I have trouble with ZC, ROM Hacking, and to an extent, RPG Maker games because I want it to be as perfect as possible to my vision. it's a lot difficult to translate from my brain to the actual project because of it being different from what I expected it to be.
Robbie Rage

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Posted on 03-03-18 03:44:51 PM Link | Quote
I do have a small perfectionist streak when it comes to most things creative, especially with writing pieces. I usually tend to spend way too long adding details to a setting or a character to make sure it comes out right.

I work on a small podcast with some friends, who thankfully help keep me in check and remind me that it doesn't have to be 100% perfect all the time to be worthwhile.

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Posted on 03-03-18 03:53:21 PM Link | Quote
yeah, i do

it actually is worst with schoolwork. it's not as bad with projects anymore, doing photography challenged me to think on my feet and be flexible, reactive to my environment.
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