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11-21-18 05:21:51 AM

Jul - General Chat - What are your goals in 2018? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 02-10-18 02:05:35 AM Link | Quote
Since there's no thread on life goals for this year, I'll make one myself.

I'm looking at losing weight, going to a doctor or two for physical checkups and trying to manage my mental issues as some of my goals for this year.
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Posted on 02-10-18 02:49:32 AM Link | Quote
I don't really have a lot, because my life is… crazy at the moment, but I want to get back to my weight before I was pregnant.

I also need to sort out some scary legal shit, and I'm working on that. I'll try to contact a lawyer on Monday if I can.

Other than that, I guess I am hoping to get back to a place where I'm a person again and not just a mother. Like, where I can pursue my interests and stuff. But as I have little control over that, I'm not entirely sure it's a goal.

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Posted on 02-10-18 06:35:31 AM Link | Quote
Getting a job hopefully (still). V.v
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Posted on 02-10-18 06:41:00 AM Link | Quote
Big three for me:

- Get my hobby OS project sufficiently well built to have a port of LibreSSL (at least libcrypto, though libssl and libtls would be rad).
- Renew my Cisco certifications, certify with Nutanix and maybe VMware, so I can get the promotion I'm eyeing at work.
- Find romance. This is somehow more difficult than the "write OS from scratch and port TLS to it" one.
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Posted on 02-10-18 07:38:58 AM Link | Quote
- Learn more programming languages (failed miserably at it last year). Things I have in mind: node.js / MongoDB / C++ (I still have a book about it that I haven't read).
- Study more to be able to go to a good college around here.
- Work on some projects, mainly, the DdGO! explanation page thing and RHSL, but other things as well.

and overall taking this year to relax a bit more, maybe play/buy some more games as well

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Posted on 02-10-18 08:14:13 AM Link | Quote
big goals
    - come out as trans to my parents. this is The Big One. i've recently resolved to do this before the end of February, so, yikes. there is a very strong chance i will even do it next phone call i have with them!! i'm super nervous but trying to push through it

    - start presenting female in public & private full-time, including voice. in public, i've mostly been presenting in this weird "technically male but very androgynous" state. but i've been dipping my toes in the waters of "going out dressed as a girl" for a while now, and it seems to have gone over okay? a lot of strangers, even when i'm not trying that hard, have started addressing me as ma'am or me and my gf as "you girls" (), so i'm pretty confident now. this is almost certainly going to happen this year; it's a matter of "when", not "if".

    - eat healthier in general and get active more. partly because i wanna lose weight, but also partly because i shockingly feel a lot better in general when i do these things. i haven't really been taking care of myself properly for the last few years cuz i was in a super bad place. i'm hoping that now that i've worked on my mental health some, my physical health will be easier to manage

    - get a job. the faraway dream would be to make enough money pursuing creative hobbies that it could be my livelihood and something i devote myself to. a nice, slightly more realistic dream (but only slightly) would be to do random web design work for local businesses, or get a transcription job. the reality is probably that i'm going to have to settle for a demoralizing, shitty food service job. still, having money at all will be nice because it means i don't have to feel bad about not really contributing much, and i can get stuff i need/really want more often

littler goals
    - music: i'd like to continue writing and maybe even recording music i've written, especially the gigantic backlog of songs i've written but there's no recordings of... the dream is working up the courage to show people stuff, maybe compile an album on bandcamp, but that's harddddd omg. also i wanna keep practicing/playing piano, that was a fun thing

    - writing: i'd really like to write more; both non-fiction medium type pieces, and fiction... there's a lot of observations that tend to cohere in my head that i kinda wanna share with people, and i've also thought about doing some weird mixed-media web designy writing -- that's something i might use for. also thought about nanowrimo, but i feel like nanowrimo encourages more novelly things and i prefer writing short stories and stuff with less heavy narratives

    - cooking, cleaning, general life stuff: wanna cook more, wanna get good at it, wanna actually keep my room clean and my clothes folded and etc like it's been the past week or two

    - finishing games ever: of literally every goal on this list i think this is the least likely
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Posted on 02-14-18 03:16:06 PM Link | Quote
Bigger goals are:
1: Lose some weight. I've been hovering around ~230 for the past couple years, which isn't bad by any means, but it could be better, and getting down to 200 would do wonders for my self-image.
2. Get some money in the bank/pay off my credit card. It sure would be nice to put a chunk of debt behind me and actually be able to make use of my savings account.
3. Move out? This is unlikely, but it'd be cool. There's a thousand logistics I'd have to work out first (plus accomplish #2 beforehand) but it's something to work towards.
4. Get my mental health on track. This one speaks for itself, I think?

Smaller goals:
1. I'd like to try writing my own music, it's always something that rattles around in my brain, and it'll never get done unless I try it, right?
2. Play more video games. Or at least, different ones. Expand my horizons a bit, maybe actually finish a handful of them..

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Posted on 02-14-18 03:29:12 PM Link | Quote
I am a simple person.

- Write in my journal regularly.
- Try to figure out my thoughts on some things. This ties into the above.
- Make more things.
- Make my website better.
- Beat depression.
- Survive.


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Posted on 02-14-18 03:35:29 PM (last edited by Halian at 02-14-18 03:42:06 PM) Link | Quote
- Learn more programming languages.
- Actually learn C.
- Lose ⅔ of my body weight. (Ideally this involves browbeating the insurance company into paying for bariatric surgery.)
- Get a job.
- Find a job.
- Move out.
- Unfuck my mental health.
- Get Āirumāli (one of my conlangs) into a usable state for most writing.
- Start work on another conlang.
- Severely flesh out Āirumāli's conworld, the Safir Alliance.
- Get less shitty parts (read: i5~i7, 1070+, more RAM, bigger SSD, bigger HDD(s)) for Stillstorm (my desktop).
- Replace Ashrain (2007 MacBook Pro) with a new laptop.
- Play more video games.
- Get a car.
- Get my full license.
- Not die.
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Posted on 02-14-18 03:39:20 PM Link | Quote
i don't have very many specific goals.. mostly i would like to get a job and pick up learning to drive again. im 24 years old and these are both kind of important things to have at my age. ^^; right now im trying to take it slow and not overexert myself with a whole lot of goals til i get the basics down.
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Posted on 02-14-18 04:52:27 PM (last edited by BatElite at 02-14-18 05:02:30 PM) Link | Quote
I suppose I could try the following

-Find some long-term goal/path for life
-Reply a bit sooner to threads
-Hell, reply to them in general
-Be a little kinder/more trusting of myself

-As Xk, do more journal writing
-Make things more consistently
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Posted on 04-02-18 04:42:33 PM Link | Quote
Only one I can really think of is that I want to try and cut off a group of shitty people who I've known for... Well, too long. I was really close to cutting myself off from them like, last year I think, but I kinda screwed up somewhere along the way.

Probably some other stuff too, but I can't think of much of anything else right now.
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Posted on 04-03-18 07:03:23 AM Link | Quote
- Lose weight is a big one... and it's been there for literally every year so far :V
- Get my full drivers licence. I'm hopefully only a few weeks away from managing that. After that:
- Buy a car. I've got enough saved up from my job to get a brand new Ford Fiesta on a good deal with a year's free insurance. With that car, I should shave 2 hours off of my work day, so I'm hopefully going to put that time towards
- Make a game. I keep having tons of ideas, but lack the follow-through to actually get one done. I need to work on massively reducing the scope of my concepts. Hopefully, if I can prove I can get one done, other, larger projects may fall into place.
- Pass my probation at work. I'll actually find this one out tomorrow, but I'm pretty confident I've nailed it. I may not be the greatest games programmer in the world, but I'm damn good at automating websites with Selenium.
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Posted on 04-03-18 08:58:31 PM Link | Quote
- Successfully finish this last year at the "college", and hopefully get a job afterwards
- Get a car. The only car we have (dad's car) is one I can't legally drive yet.
- Continue to draw at least something every weekday.
- Work on the WL ROM Map/disasm thing (it's been put on hold for now)
- Make more fun PHP things
- Make that proper verification post at SR

there's probably more but I'm kind of sleepy atm

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Posted on 04-08-18 02:46:51 PM (last edited by Gabu at 04-08-18 02:47:39 PM) Link | Quote
Originally posted by Xkeeper
I am a simple person.

- Beat depression.
- Survive.

I'm simpler, and yet this list feels difficult.

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Posted on 04-08-18 10:29:32 PM Link | Quote
I wanna read more and write more, and write about what I read, even if it's stuff I'll only ever keep to myself. Maybe make music again too, but writing first.
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Posted on 04-09-18 03:19:29 PM Link | Quote
My big goal for the year is to finish my degree--which is looking even more likely and if I'm super lucky, to actually escape from Michigan.

Apart from that I want to practice my art. I've been at about the same mediocre skill level for the past decade or so and I'd really like to break out of that rut.

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Posted on 04-10-18 11:30:46 AM (last edited by Darkhero at 04-10-18 11:43:12 AM) Link | Quote
My main goal is to be more positive. Been working on it for a while and I've been making progress.
- Get a part time job. Done, although it's left me with less free time for other things
- Stream more consistently. With job + coursework and the past couple winters being hard on my health, I've put this off until May
- Beat more games and finish the ones I started (see above)
- Read more
- Take up a new hobby or learn something new computer/technology related
- Be more active on the online
- Start contributing/making something (not sure what yet, maybe a journal would be a good start)
- Be less self-conscious about myself
- Survive

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Posted on 04-19-18 03:10:26 PM Link | Quote
Nothing too fancy:

- Get in better shape
- Finally finish one of my many projects...
- Become conversational in Japanese (this should be easy considering the progress I've already made but see above )
- Get all the golden strawberries in Celeste oh gods
- Nag Nicole until she beats Celeste
- Travel somewhere nice, or at least go to the beach...
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Posted on 05-02-18 09:09:49 PM Link | Quote
Well, I'm making progress on the legal shit. I'm getting nowhere with the weight shit. I'm not sure on the whole, being a person outside of motherhood shit.
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