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05-20-18 04:47:09 PM

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Moon Bunny! :3
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Posted on 02-18-18 10:40:23 PM (last edited by Lunaria at 02-18-18 10:41:00 PM) Link | Quote
Summit C's last screen is the one I consider just badly designed. I did it without any of the assists, never turned them on. I think the remark by the old lady suggests that it was intentionally designed to be such a big bump in difficulty (because it sure as hell is one)! But that doesn't really change that it's just kind of, EH.

I like assist mode as an accessibility feature, but it kinda leaves something to be desired when it comes to tweaking the difficulty of the game. A proper easy mode would have been nice to have too I'd imagine, it wouldn't even be that hard to tie it into the game, just have it be an easier version of the A side without strawberries and hearts. And once you get to the summit on easy then you should probably be ready for normal if you want to do that I'd imagine.

I'm not too beat up about it though, it's a precision platformer that is rather difficult and it advertises itself as such. ~w~

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Posted on 02-20-18 02:47:32 PM Link | Quote
Removing the strawberries and hearts kind of defeats the purpose of this game and its accessibility mode, so I would absolutely leave those in, but add more Summit-like checkpoints to stages where you have some breathing room and a place to try each move in sequence.

The hardest sections of this game are where you need to chain several precise movements together without any opportunity to break and recover, and adding more of those in a theoretical easy mode would make things a lot nicer without having to break the entire game apart.

Moon Bunny! :3
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Posted on 02-22-18 05:37:06 PM Link | Quote
Mark talked about the game partially in his latest video:

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Posted on 03-20-18 05:45:14 PM Link | Quote
I picked it up on Sunday & spent 7.5 hours across two sittings to get to the peak that day. I may have overdone it a bit cause i have some little unwelcome Gamer Blisters but I was so invested in seeing it through to the end as quickly as possible.

I also didn't understand that you could save & quit, and return to the same spot until I got to the postgame 🤷
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Posted on 03-21-18 10:55:30 PM (last edited by SC at 03-22-18 12:13:08 AM) Link | Quote
Finally got around to playing this game and WOW is it an experience. Finished the a-sides earlier today and unlocked almost all of the b-sides. Currently slowly and sluggishly making my way through Chapter 8A, as of posting. Hopefully I won't die too much before I finish it.

But yeah, this game is gonna be one of those games that will forever be a part of my crystal heart. ❤
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