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05-27-18 06:52:38 AM

Jul - Gaming - what games have a special place in your heart? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 02-05-18 10:33:54 PM Link | Quote
Here are a few from when I was a kid, roughly in chronological order. In writing this list, I realized that they are mostly special to me for experiences I had associated with the game rather than the game itself.
  • A Link to the Past - This is probably the first game I ever played. The sense of having a big huge world to explore was amazing. One of my oldest memories is my older brother and I sitting in a sandbox pretending that it was the Dark World while building some of the locations in the game.

  • Cosmic Osmo and the Worlds Beyond the Mackerel - This is one of the first computer games I ever played. My family only had a Mac growing up, so my options were much more limited. It's an aimless point-and-click adventure game, but there's an awful lot of things to see and do. I remember it as being one of the few games I played with my parents.

  • Marathon - My older brother got a demo of this game onto our family computer somehow. Our parents didn't want us playing violent video games, so he hid it in a secret folder, and we would only play it when our parents weren't looking. You could play the game with two players, and you got to pick your color. He would shoot at me if I picked his favorite color, though. I didn't play the game proper until many years later.

  • Ocarina of Time - This was the first fully 3D game I played, and the wonder at the sense of exploration was back again. I spent a very long time running around and exploring the starting area, and I remember being too scared to fight the Business Scrub I found in the lost woods.

  • Pokemon Blue - I was caught up in the Pokemon craze when it first began. I played the card game, I watched the cartoon, I collected those recalled Burger King toys, and, of course, I played the game too. Hearing about glitches and rumors about secret Pokemon was one of my first encounters with the internet.

  • Mario Tennis (GBC) - This is the first game I remember playing where you could pick your character's gender, and I happened to pick female. I remember playing this game on the dim GBC screen during long trips. My neighbor and I would play in my back yard pretending to be characters from the game.
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Posted on 02-06-18 08:54:05 AM Link | Quote
What I can think of right now:

*Dungeon Keeper - I don't remember getting past the level that has you attacked from 4 sides in a 9-room dungeon (somewhere around the ice levels but not using the ice graphics itself) as a kid. Mostly I liked level 4 (first one with gems, also the hero fort is pretty cool) and the ice level that's mostly 4 sections with question marks on. I still adore how they made the ice/snow graphics look in that game. I didn't like the screen you'd sometimes get with all the doors that you could hear torture stuff from when you clicked on them, despite being a fan of the torture room itself.

*Toffifee Fantasy Forest - A DOS platform game that I think I played quite a bit when I was young. I don't think I saw the last two levels all that often but do have some snippets of memories of the dragons from levels 3 and 4. Still plays lovely.

*I remember faffing around a lot in The Incredible Machine. (only because Tarale mentioned that) Don't remember much besides maybe a liking for dynamite?

*We had one of the early Need for Speed games (I think III?), and I remember playing that quite a bit. At some point someone showed my brothers cheats to play as all sorts of random models so we raced as logs, rubber duckies and T-rexes as well (The latter were from a hollywood-themed map, but I don't know where the others were from.)

*Future Cop L.A.P.D. - It's probably one of my favourite games ever? I played it when I was less than 10 from someone else's CD full of games that CD was probably not meant to have. Then I forgot what the thing was called until I eventually found a copy somewhere.

*GTA Vice City - I played this from an age that I think everyone would agree was too young. Years ago I found out I got considerable past of my music taste from there, and that "Cum On Feel The Noize" was NOT by the in-game hair metal group spoof but was something people actually released at the time. I spent quite a lot of time just slaughtering people in various ways in there as a kid. Also I couldn't do the R.C. Helicopter bomb mission at the time and my brother'd have to do it for me.

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Posted on 02-06-18 10:09:03 AM (last edited by Rambly at 02-06-18 10:09:14 AM) Link | Quote
Originally posted by Dustminion
Zelda Classic: I have fond memories of this, mostly because I met some really cool people through it. I still dabble in this from time to time. I just wish I were more motivated to actually, well, make something with it.
god, same, but i have issues with the community these days and i met some really, uh, not-as-great people through it and i actually have a lot of not-great memories. but the shitty memories don't take away from the bad ones and the people i met there have overall been a positive influence on my life (i wouldn't be living in colorado if it wasn't for people i met on PureZC), and while ZC quests tend to be heavily derivative of each other and i've been really feeling that more lately i still have fond memories of playing the really good ones + making my own (making IHM1+2 was a joy and i'm kinda proud of them, even if it did get frustrating)

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Posted on 02-06-18 07:20:31 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Shadic
I'll go with some slightly less-common games first...

Mario Golf / Tennis (GBC) - I don't know what it was about these games, but I fell in love with them as a kid. Hard. The RPG elements, the story, everything. I really had a lot of fun with them. I love the feeling of progression in the titles, the minigames, and everything else. I love that you can port your character over to the (more popular) N64 games as well.

A common critique of the game was "buhhh... where's mah Mario!?", but honestly, I didn't care. The single player more was far more fun for me anyways. I also love how they continued the story over to the GBA games for both. (Though they screwed up with Tennis - you can't bring your character over to the GCN game!)

The lack of Mario was a good thing, and the focus on build-your-own-character is what made those games truly shine. The GBA games weren't bad but paled in comparison.

I'm not going to list all of mine, because I like drawing things out and having time to think about things.

But the most obvious one is Link's Awakening. My first main video game ever, and one that has still managed to surprise me years later; as a child, it was a really fun world to explore, even if I didn't understand it. It was fun to break open and dig into, too, using a Game Genie to see what crazy effects I could cause. Later, I learned more about the story and how it twists and turns what could be called "right" and "wrong", and the motivations of the different characters.

And then recently, too, learning about the music and its construction and foundations in the world.

It is a much deeper game than most in the series.

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Posted on 02-07-18 11:11:55 PM Link | Quote
There are a lot of games that have a special place in my heart:

Super Metroid: This game was quite an enjoyable one for me because of it being able to be played again after beating it for the sole purpose of beating your best time. There's a lot of hidden areas and secrets in Zebes and getting a route down to save time. Being able to sequence break was almost necessary to get your best time down.

Goldeneye: Yeah, it hasn't aged well but it still holds a lot to me because of a great multiplayer and single-player mode. 007 mode was hilarious because you could adjust the game's difficulty to be really easy or just about impossible. Perfect Dark too was a lot of fun.

The Legend of Zelda: Just about every game in the series has a good game, and the one that was held dearest to me was oddly, Link's Awakening. It was the first Zelda game to not feature Zelda at all, instead Marin was the one. Moreover, it was the first game to not have the cliche "save the princess" as its story. The game was also creative in not just the story department, but in the dungeon department too. I had a lot of fun with this game because of how easily it was to sequence break the original due to a glitch.

Super Mario All-Stars: Four games remade in one cartridge, and featuring a game that was (then) never released outside of Japan? As frustrating as the Lost Levels were, it was great to experience it and in 16-bit greatness. Being able to save your progress in Super Mario Bros. 3 was a welcome addition too.

Super Mario World 1 and 2: Both are excellent games, and being able to beat 2 for the first time was something.
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Posted on 02-20-18 02:45:13 PM Link | Quote
Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Preeeeeeetty sure this is the very first game I ever played. This, or the TMNT arcade game.

Final Fantasy (NES): The very first RPG I ever played, and it got me into the genre like crazy. Despite the difficulty and the bugs, it's probably my favorite NES game? (Sorry SMB3 and Zelda 1) It has amazing music, great world and dungeon design, and just feels so good to see your party improve. I constantly fight the urge to replay it because I need to beat other things. I'll also say that I think it has the best battle theme in the entire series, FIGHT ME.

Oracle of Seasons: Before getting this game, any game we'd gotten- whether for our birthdays or Christmas- was more or less shared by the whole family. It made sense, since the NES, Genesis, and N64 games we got were console games. But I got Oracle of Seasons for Christmas, along with a GBA. And it was mine. It was the very first game I owned that ultimately belonged to me.

Dragon Quest 4 (DS): This is the first DQ game I ever got and beat, and it's what has sparked my love for the series and for me to pretty much go through the entire series.


Final Fantasy 6: Probably the best FF game ever made. The story, the characters... everything about it grips me every time. It starts off right into the action, and constantly just gives you more questions rather than answers. The world is deep and varied, and constantly introduces new elements to you. Each main character has their own individual desires and backstories, and as you learn more, it just keeps you wanting to learn even more.

Breath of the Wild: This sorta feels like cheating since it only came out less than a year ago? But like, it invoked incredibly strong memories of Zelda 1 from my childhood when I was playing it, and I had been waiting so long for it to come out. I immediately fell in love with the game and it really feels like the first time a huge 3D open world setting HAS BEEN REALLY GOOD. I was legit having fun getting lost and seeing what surprises lay around every corner. I love post-apocalyptic settings, and it was refreshing to see one where it wasn't all radioactive or super gloomy, but rather nature had just reclaimed the land. Also unpopular opinion but Daruk is the best champion


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Posted on 03-03-18 02:00:09 AM Link | Quote
Super Mario Bros. 3 - My first video game. Everything about it is so charming and unique, especially graphically. The short levels may not be perfectly-tuned challenges like in modern Mario games, but they feel rewarding to run through. Sometimes I have dreams where I reach a new world in the game, with a new map and new levels.

Kirby's Adventure - My first Kirby game. The graphics are beautiful for an NES game. In fact, this is one of the games that got me interested in sprite art. Ice Cream Island is one of my favorite video game locations. I never pass up an opportunity to buy/play it again.

Yoshi's Island - Definitely one of my favorite games of all time, if not my most favorite. Everything from the art style to the music is masterfully crafted. Like with Kirby's Adventure, I never pass up an opportunity to play it again. If I had to choose only one game to play before I died, it would be this one.

Kirby Super Star - My brother and I spent dozens of hours playing this, even after completing the game. It's one of the best couch co-op experiences on the Super Nintendo, and I'm glad that the newer Kirby games are following in its path. To me, this is the definitive Kirby experience.

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Posted on 03-03-18 10:48:48 AM Link | Quote
Sonic Adventure 1, Advance 1-3 and Battle were my childhood.

Final Fantasy IX is a stunningly beautiful game and while I have a soft spot for VIII, I cannot deny that IX is the best one.

Pokémon Crystal and NiGHTS into Dreams were also my favorite games as a kid.

Sonic Robo Blast 2 was also my first online community, started playing in v1.09.4.
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Posted on 03-03-18 03:46:56 PM Link | Quote
The TrackMania series was the very first community I ever got involved in and I remember spending countless hours editing tracks and racing with other people, etc.

Originally posted by lion
Sonic Robo Blast 2 was also my first online community, started playing in v1.09.4.
Months ago I would've agreed with this, but after what's happened trying to think about it in this kind of light makes me feel a little ... upset, I guess.
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Posted on 04-03-18 09:13:22 AM Link | Quote
Pokemon White was the first Pokemon game I'd ever finished (not the first I'd played though, that goes to Gold), and it brings back lots of good memories of stuff that I did on Flipnote Hatena and Hatena Haiku. I unfortunately lost all my Pokemon from my first White playthrough though

There's also Balloono from OMGPOP when that was a thing. I'm not exactly sure why I'm so fond of it though considering I don't think I even played it that much.
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Posted on 04-03-18 11:09:30 AM Link | Quote
Super Mario World, played it a bit on SNES then my first GBA game.

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Posted on 04-03-18 11:51:09 AM Link | Quote
though I had a fairly long gaming history before it, Super Mario Galaxy marked the first time I had ever been in awe of a game. the music, art, mechanics and general theme of the game all came together perfectly to create some really jaw-dropping moments.

I guess before that the game that most affected me was Kirby Super Star, it's just such a cute and good looking game. I remember not being able to clear The Arena back then, no matter how many times I tried, but when I played it again about a year ago I blew through it in one go lol. I was really bad at games as a kid.

And of course I discovered the TGM series over a decade ago and haven't stopped playing since. In addition to being insanely well-designed and fun games on their own, they were also my introduction to arcade gaming.

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Posted on 04-03-18 10:14:55 PM Link | Quote
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter is one of the first games I remember playing. I knew nothing about Street Fighter or fighting games at the time but liked that you could play as Spider-Man and Captain America.

Super Smash Bros. Melee is the other fighting game that really got me into video games and convinced me to buy a Gamecube.

Ocarina of Time was the first single player game that I beat. I was blown away when a friend first showed it to me.

I love RPGs, and I can probably thank Golden Sun for that.

Final Fantasy IX was the first game I streamed on Twitch.

Sonic Adventure for starting my love of Sega.

Last but certainly not least A Link to the Past is the best overall gaming experience I've ever had. No game is perfect, but it comes the closest for me.

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Posted on 04-04-18 10:46:06 AM Link | Quote
Final Fantasy Tactics, for obvious reasons. It was one of the first RPGs I really dove in to and tried to master.

Gran Turismo was also a game I spent hours upon hours playing. I don't remember if there were any cheat codes for it but I decided that was a game I didn't want to cheat at. I raced over and over again to earn credits to upgrade my cars, eventually buying better ones. I can still remember the first few cars I got. I started with the Mazda Miata, then moved on to a Mitsubishi 3000 GT (which was called the Japanese name of GTO due to issues with Mitsubishi), then I earned enough to get a Dodge Viper which I thought was the holy grail and fastest car. I came to realize that both the 3000 GT and the Toyota Supra could be upgraded and were a lot faster than the Viper. I did all the license tests and most of the big races. I even got back into the genre on PS3 when Gran Turismo 3 came out. I got a steering wheel and pedal set and dumped another hundred hours or so into the game. I had planned one year to do the 24 hour of Le Mans race in real time as part of the Extra Life 24 hours of gaming charity event. However, you had to do certain things to unlock the full 24 hour race and I didn't have enough time before the event so I ended up not doing it.

Everquest This game was what got my brother and I into MMORPGs. We were dedicated to raiding and progression and actually got to be part of the 3rd top guild on our server at the time. It was a game my brother and I bonded over so it will always be special to me. We eventually moved on to Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft but Everquest was the instigator for it all.

Super Metroid was one of the first challenging games that pushed me to play harder. Looking back now, it wasn't a really tough game, but I was 8 or 9 years old when it released and really forced me to up my game so to speak. It had great puzzle challenges, awesome music, and gorgeous 16-bit graphics.

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Posted on 04-05-18 09:51:28 PM (last edited by Chalcedony at 04-05-18 11:02:47 PM) Link | Quote
(+) Iji, definitely. The whole way your style of play subtly changes the environment, the way the plot comes together with the log books, the design of the combat, the voice acting and the music… it's all quite something—and it has a special place as one of the first things Akari (our predecessor) did was go through a no-damage-taken, no-enemy-kills run, which was quite tricky to do. (Resonance Reflector rules per 1.6, where reflected-shot kills aren't counted.) We're tempted to do the same thing at some point, especially since the 1.7 update just came out last year, using a new version of Game Maker.

Aside from that… not sure. Akari had a love affair with Minecraft while playing on a friend's FTB Infinity server, but while we also have enjoyed it quite a lot sometimes, it doesn't have the same specialness to us. She also played a lot of 3DS games that we want to try at some point, but we haven't yet.

DATA WING (link to our Dreamwidth post about it) might count, come to think of it.

I do kind of hope that now that they're doing a Spyro remaster, we'll eventually be able to consider those ones special. Since, y'know, dragons. ^..^ But of course we can't do that yet, because they're not out yet! Sooooon. >..>


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Posted on 04-09-18 10:06:12 PM Link | Quote
In approximate order from old to new:

Tetris(GB) My first entry into the Tetris series. Mom and I would play the hell out of this. I remember the days when she could beat B-Type 9-5.

Super Mario 64 Of course. One of my favourite Mario games, even if I could never beat 3rd Bowser back then.

Pokémon G/S/C Specifically, Crystal was the first one I got, and definitely the one I remember most fondly. Yellow was good too, but I think I like that one more for nostalgia purposes.

Bejeweled That other classic puzzle game series I enjoy. Mostly the 2nd game, though I also enjoy 3 and even Twist. Another game my mom also enjoyed.

Mario Party 1 While I did play the second game a few times, the first game is the one I remember most from the N64 era.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Another one of those games where while it hasn't aged well and I don't play it much nowadays, was still a really freaking fun game with a bit of variety to it. We'd rent this all the time. Man, I should go back to the Chao Garden soon...

Goldeneye and Agent Under Fire Two games my dad and I loved to play together.

In terms of newer games...

Team Fortress 2 My first PC FPS game. Would main mostly Spy and Engie. Ran very poorly on my PC.

Minecraft Loved messing around on singleplayer and finding stuff to do on servers. Never was much into modding back then, though.

Texmaster First entry into TGM, if you can call it that. Brings me back to my absolute noobishness at the game and my shitty YouTube videos.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U I love all the games in the series and Melee is still probably my favourite, but my best memory of Wii U was having a sleepover at a friends place for his birthday and I brought the game with me, and it was some of the most fun I've had with the series.

Oneshot Without a doubt one of the best games I've played within the past few years.

Star Mario
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Posted on 05-02-18 01:31:52 PM Link | Quote
Pokemon Silver, so good. Lugia is best mon.

Bubsy, terrible game, but when I was a kid it was a platformer starring a cat, so I loved it.

Super Mario RPG might be the best game ever made.

And Double Dash is still the best Mario Kart. Diddy Kong Racing is a close second. (It's close enough dammit!)

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Posted on 05-03-18 07:41:28 AM Link | Quote
How could I forget Double Dash? It was the first Gamecube Game I owned, even before Melee.
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