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02-17-18 02:50:28 PM

Jul - Gaming - what games have a special place in your heart? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 02-05-18 10:33:54 PM Link | Quote
Here are a few from when I was a kid, roughly in chronological order. In writing this list, I realized that they are mostly special to me for experiences I had associated with the game rather than the game itself.
  • A Link to the Past - This is probably the first game I ever played. The sense of having a big huge world to explore was amazing. One of my oldest memories is my older brother and I sitting in a sandbox pretending that it was the Dark World while building some of the locations in the game.

  • Cosmic Osmo and the Worlds Beyond the Mackerel - This is one of the first computer games I ever played. My family only had a Mac growing up, so my options were much more limited. It's an aimless point-and-click adventure game, but there's an awful lot of things to see and do. I remember it as being one of the few games I played with my parents.

  • Marathon - My older brother got a demo of this game onto our family computer somehow. Our parents didn't want us playing violent video games, so he hid it in a secret folder, and we would only play it when our parents weren't looking. You could play the game with two players, and you got to pick your color. He would shoot at me if I picked his favorite color, though. I didn't play the game proper until many years later.

  • Ocarina of Time - This was the first fully 3D game I played, and the wonder at the sense of exploration was back again. I spent a very long time running around and exploring the starting area, and I remember being too scared to fight the Business Scrub I found in the lost woods.

  • Pokemon Blue - I was caught up in the Pokemon craze when it first began. I played the card game, I watched the cartoon, I collected those recalled Burger King toys, and, of course, I played the game too. Hearing about glitches and rumors about secret Pokemon was one of my first encounters with the internet.

  • Mario Tennis (GBC) - This is the first game I remember playing where you could pick your character's gender, and I happened to pick female. I remember playing this game on the dim GBC screen during long trips. My neighbor and I would play in my back yard pretending to be characters from the game.
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Posted on 02-06-18 08:54:05 AM Link | Quote
What I can think of right now:

*Dungeon Keeper - I don't remember getting past the level that has you attacked from 4 sides in a 9-room dungeon (somewhere around the ice levels but not using the ice graphics itself) as a kid. Mostly I liked level 4 (first one with gems, also the hero fort is pretty cool) and the ice level that's mostly 4 sections with question marks on. I still adore how they made the ice/snow graphics look in that game. I didn't like the screen you'd sometimes get with all the doors that you could hear torture stuff from when you clicked on them, despite being a fan of the torture room itself.

*Toffifee Fantasy Forest - A DOS platform game that I think I played quite a bit when I was young. I don't think I saw the last two levels all that often but do have some snippets of memories of the dragons from levels 3 and 4. Still plays lovely.

*I remember faffing around a lot in The Incredible Machine. (only because Tarale mentioned that) Don't remember much besides maybe a liking for dynamite?

*We had one of the early Need for Speed games (I think III?), and I remember playing that quite a bit. At some point someone showed my brothers cheats to play as all sorts of random models so we raced as logs, rubber duckies and T-rexes as well (The latter were from a hollywood-themed map, but I don't know where the others were from.)

*Future Cop L.A.P.D. - It's probably one of my favourite games ever? I played it when I was less than 10 from someone else's CD full of games that CD was probably not meant to have. Then I forgot what the thing was called until I eventually found a copy somewhere.

*GTA Vice City - I played this from an age that I think everyone would agree was too young. Years ago I found out I got considerable past of my music taste from there, and that "Cum On Feel The Noize" was NOT by the in-game hair metal group spoof but was something people actually released at the time. I spent quite a lot of time just slaughtering people in various ways in there as a kid. Also I couldn't do the R.C. Helicopter bomb mission at the time and my brother'd have to do it for me.

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Posted on 02-06-18 10:09:03 AM (last edited by Rambly at 02-06-18 10:09:14 AM) Link | Quote
Originally posted by Dustminion
Zelda Classic: I have fond memories of this, mostly because I met some really cool people through it. I still dabble in this from time to time. I just wish I were more motivated to actually, well, make something with it.
god, same, but i have issues with the community these days and i met some really, uh, not-as-great people through it and i actually have a lot of not-great memories. but the shitty memories don't take away from the bad ones and the people i met there have overall been a positive influence on my life (i wouldn't be living in colorado if it wasn't for people i met on PureZC), and while ZC quests tend to be heavily derivative of each other and i've been really feeling that more lately i still have fond memories of playing the really good ones + making my own (making IHM1+2 was a joy and i'm kinda proud of them, even if it did get frustrating)

Posted on 02-06-18 07:20:31 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Shadic
I'll go with some slightly less-common games first...

Mario Golf / Tennis (GBC) - I don't know what it was about these games, but I fell in love with them as a kid. Hard. The RPG elements, the story, everything. I really had a lot of fun with them. I love the feeling of progression in the titles, the minigames, and everything else. I love that you can port your character over to the (more popular) N64 games as well.

A common critique of the game was "buhhh... where's mah Mario!?", but honestly, I didn't care. The single player more was far more fun for me anyways. I also love how they continued the story over to the GBA games for both. (Though they screwed up with Tennis - you can't bring your character over to the GCN game!)

The lack of Mario was a good thing, and the focus on build-your-own-character is what made those games truly shine. The GBA games weren't bad but paled in comparison.

I'm not going to list all of mine, because I like drawing things out and having time to think about things.

But the most obvious one is Link's Awakening. My first main video game ever, and one that has still managed to surprise me years later; as a child, it was a really fun world to explore, even if I didn't understand it. It was fun to break open and dig into, too, using a Game Genie to see what crazy effects I could cause. Later, I learned more about the story and how it twists and turns what could be called "right" and "wrong", and the motivations of the different characters.

And then recently, too, learning about the music and its construction and foundations in the world.

It is a much deeper game than most in the series.

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Posted on 02-07-18 11:11:55 PM Link | Quote
There are a lot of games that have a special place in my heart:

Super Metroid: This game was quite an enjoyable one for me because of it being able to be played again after beating it for the sole purpose of beating your best time. There's a lot of hidden areas and secrets in Zebes and getting a route down to save time. Being able to sequence break was almost necessary to get your best time down.

Goldeneye: Yeah, it hasn't aged well but it still holds a lot to me because of a great multiplayer and single-player mode. 007 mode was hilarious because you could adjust the game's difficulty to be really easy or just about impossible. Perfect Dark too was a lot of fun.

The Legend of Zelda: Just about every game in the series has a good game, and the one that was held dearest to me was oddly, Link's Awakening. It was the first Zelda game to not feature Zelda at all, instead Marin was the one. Moreover, it was the first game to not have the cliche "save the princess" as its story. The game was also creative in not just the story department, but in the dungeon department too. I had a lot of fun with this game because of how easily it was to sequence break the original due to a glitch.

Super Mario All-Stars: Four games remade in one cartridge, and featuring a game that was (then) never released outside of Japan? As frustrating as the Lost Levels were, it was great to experience it and in 16-bit greatness. Being able to save your progress in Super Mario Bros. 3 was a welcome addition too.

Super Mario World 1 and 2: Both are excellent games, and being able to beat 2 for the first time was something.
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Jul - Gaming - what games have a special place in your heart? New poll - New thread - New reply

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